Customer feedback

RIDO saddles have revolutionised many thousands of people’s enjoyment of cycling. Many have ordered and re-ordered several RIDO saddles to fit their entire collection of bikes (including the rest of the family’s bikes!) and we often receive e-mails and letters from them about their experiences. Some are really quite moving, particularly in those cases where people were about ready to completely give up on their love of cycling because of the discomfort it caused or the medical condition all their previous saddles were exacerbating….. and then they’re ‘rescued’ by RIDO’s unique pressure relief qualities…. for real!

There are serious time-triallers, road racers, triathletes, long distance pack tourers, off-road bikers, leisure cyclists, tandem riders, commuters, men and women of all ages, shapes and sizes…… RIDO suits them all, and the word continues to spread unabated.

Here’s an extensive selection of what people have had to say. All are genuine, 100% unedited and unsolicited comments that have come in predominantly by email and some by the occasional personal letter (there’s a few cycling blog comments too). Only the names have been reduced to initials for privacy purposes. Scan over the pages index below – all the comments were posted as and when they came in, so the most recent are on the latter pages. There’s an awful lot of them but at least you’ll get a feel for just what our saddles can deliver.

RIDO R1 – The ‘Original’ model, phased out in favour of the R2

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RIDO R2 – Our most popular saddle for all kinds of cycling disciplines

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RIDO Lt  and  LtX  – Highly effective solutions for performance cyclists

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