2 (RLt)

“Comfortable on the bike for the first time”

“Both the original (R2) saddle on my turbo and the lighter (RLt) road cycling saddle are excellent and I am comfortable on the bike for the first time – thanks.”
Dr J.D, Auchterarder, Perthshire, UK

“Amazingly comfortable, especially on the longer rides”

“Hi John, found the saddle RLt amazingly comfortable especially on the longer rides where the ergonomic design really provides all the support I need without compromising on quality and weight.
A very good saddle at the right price in a competetive market. Cheers”
K.Y, Swindon, Wiltshire

“I simply could not believe the amazing lack of any pressure on my perineum after the ride…… every bike-shop should sell your saddles!”

“I love it! I do mainly road cycling but am still not acclimatized to winters in Canada so for the next 4-5 months I will be biking on my trainer.
So far the longest ride that I have done on the new saddle has been about 90 min and I simply could not believe the amazing lack of any pressure on my perineum after the ride. I just get off the bike and forget that I have been sitting on what should have been a very uncomfortable bike saddle. So, yes, so far it looks like it may be the best seat that I have ever had (even better than the previous large version of the Rido), though the true measure will be next spring when I start doing 4-5 hour rides again. ( I have some pictures that I am attaching to this email). Keep up the good work. I wish you accomplish great success with your new product – I know that every bike-shop should sell your saddles!”
N.D, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“Overall it has relieved the pressure and I am not sore after riding”

“I am enjoying my new Rido RLt saddle. I am not enjoying the full benefits yet as I am still tinkering. The progression I have gone through is this. I had a Fizik Antares saddle and wanted a little pressure off the sensitive parts. I basically do some climbing and mainly group rides and flat training rides. I tried a Selle Amp saddle and found that it did relieve pressure but concentrated two points on my butt and didn’t think it would serve will for century rides. I then tried a Cobb saddle which I really liked however I had already the Rido so I am trying to get the same comfort from it. I had Cobb himself analyze my riding position and he made a few suggestions. I then went to the Rido and had to redo some of those suggestions. I am still tinkering for the best position and will let you know when I get there.
Overall it has relieved the pressure and I am not sore after riding. Look forward to make the saddle more mine with some more adjustments. It seems I am a tad higher than I want to be, but that gave me relief from some frontal knee pain. I seem to not have the right adjustment on the level part as well but trying to get the height part right first.
I have recommended the saddle to friends though.”
S.B, Los Ageles, California, USA

“Superb almost from the start”

“To let you know that I found the RLt superb almost from the start. I say almost as it took a bit of getting used to due to having a completely different feel and being quite solid. However, within a couple of weeks or so I found it resilient and a problem of pain down one leg which I had been getting for the last 2 yrs had virtually gone and have continued to be free from since.
Totally happy with the product and have no hesitation in recommending to anyone who finds conventional road bike saddles numbingly uncomfortable or who suffer nerve origin pain whilst cycling.”
J.B, Larbert, Stirlingshire, UK

“A different beast but no crotch numbness”

“I’ve got one of each type of saddle. I got the R2 first for my Trek 7700 hybrid bike. I was having a lot of prostrate trouble and had tried several different makes, including two Brooks saddles. The R2 was (is) excellent on this bike, and it’s all I use. Prostate problems have gone away.

On the strength of my R2 experience , I bought an RLt for my LOOK carbon road bike. The RLt is a different beast. At first sight , it looks extremely similar to a lot of the other road saddles in my local bike shop. The ride is nothing like that of the R2. The saddle is much narrower and there is definitely a fair bit of contact with the perineal area – it does not lift you up like the R2. I have a relaxed, fairly upright riding position, but if I used tri bars or a more conventional crouched/aggressive riding position, or went down on the drops more, I would be putting a fair bit of weight on my perineum for sure. That said, I haven’t used the RLt a great deal but when I have used it there has been no crotch numbness and my sit bones are definitely tender – that is what’s taking the weight, which is good. I need to road test it more.

Will get more road time on the RLt, but may end up replacing it with the cheaper, heavier and uglier R2.”
C.J, Landre, Ceredigion, Wales, UK

“The RLt is spot-on – 2 small adjustments and it fitted perfectly! The R2 though is not working for me for some reason – I have worked my way through almost all combinations of saddle height, angle and for/back position but its just not comfortable and I’m close to giving up. I have tried the RLt on my everyday-bike instead of the R2 and its much more comfortable even without cushioned bike pants so maybe I should just stick to that model?”
M.S, Hellerup, Copenhagen, Denmark

Thank you! It (RLt) seems very good, quite hard but but good on a long ride.”
R.L, Errol, Perthshire, UK

“Would I change anything? No!”

“Please find attached pictures of my MODA Rubato with the RIDO RLt. I’m fairly new to road riding, cycling for fitness (too many running injuries!) with a view to some Sportives soon. I purchased the RIDO RLt after reading all the facts on your website and because the saddles I had already tried were really painful after about 1 1/2hrs – it was really spoiling my rides. It being British, to go on a British bike, was also a reason.

“After a few tweaks I think I’ve got it set perfectly. I’m just back from a 3hr ride and not only could I forget about the saddle but also had no numbness – fantastic! My sit bones are placed in what must be just about the perfect position.

“It’s comfortable, no numbness, I like the colour, I like the design. Would I change anything? No! A very happy cyclist – thanks!”
M.O-C, Lingfield, Surrey, UK

Everyone should have one of these fitted to their bike”

“Would like to say that your saddle (RLt) is awesome did my first long ride last night and the support and feedback it gave me was amazing. I cruised up the hills thanks to the extra support it gave allowing me to push against something. No numb bum at all , everyone should have one of these fitted to their bike.
I could not care less that my saddle bag don’t fit, small price to pay for great comfort and responsive saddle ….. Thanks.”
J.G, Basildon, Essex, UK

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“The Rido Lt saddle has transformed my biking experience”

“The Rido Lt saddle has transformed my biking experience! I suffer from sciatica and have always found riding uncomfortable if not painful, and have tried just about every saddle going having been lent several by people who swear there’s nothing better. To make matters worse I took up triathlon a couple of years ago and trying to run off the bike when one of your legs is numb can be really difficult.
Since discovering the Rido Lt: it’s a whole new experience. The pain is gone, no more numb leg, and you can really feel the change in sit position as you move around the handlebars. Thank you Rido!”
D.B, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK

“A distinct improvement over the one I had been using”

“Just to quick note to say that I test drove the new saddle yesterday over 60km, and it was a distinct improvement over the one I had been using. It needs a bit of fine tuning to get it absolutely right. We’re off up to Burgundy for a few days to stay with friends, so I can give it a test over some proper hills.
Jackie is very pleased with her new saddle too.”
Alan, Marseillan, Languedoc, France (on an RLt)


“Since purchasing my Rido R2 saddle in earlier this year my cycling experience has improved 100 per cent. I originally bought this saddle because of the promised comfort factor for the perineal area and the difference the R2 makes in this respect is phenomenal. However, at the time, I was suffering from severe upper back and neck pain (caused by an injury sustained around a year earlier) which cycling was aggravating. Right from the first ride using the saddle, the improvement was immediate. This was a real advantage as I was considering giving up cycling because it was so painful. Now I can ride pain free for as long as I like (or as long as my lungs and legs will keep up)! I would never use any other saddle and recommend it highly, particularly to anyone suffering with back pain.

“My saddle is a real luxury after what I was used to, no back or neck pain and no chafing. Marvellous product – made the last 30 miles sheer pleasure (notwithstanding we were out riding in 30 degrees, mostly uphill thanks to Alan!)”
Jackie on an R2 (Alan’s wife)

“To date I’ve cycled about 500 miles on my saddle. During this time it’s been on my road bike an Airborne Zeppelin. I am absolutely delighted with the saddle’s comfort and performance, so much so that I intend fitting it to my Rob Mather Tourer. My only concern is it’s white colour. However it remains unmarked at the moment.
My wife and I have cycled worldwide on independent cycling expeditions and thereby rely on comfy and reliable perches. The attached pic was taken facing a painter’s palette of Bluebells on the route of the Etape Caledonia in Perthshire. Safe cycling.”
R.McC, Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland, UK

“Rido Lt really works and has turned a veteran rider back into a veteran racer again”

“I read the advertising blurb on RIDO website, read the feedback from customers and noted how many medics had responded. Decided to purchase the Rido Lt in black & white to match my high end carbon road bike. No point in owning an expensive bike, or any other come to that, if after 30 miles you can’t carry on because of a sore bottom.
Test rode it for 10 miles, no problems, so carried on. 44 miles later decided I best ride home before I was reported missing. RIDO Lt really works and has turned a veteran rider back into a veteran racer again.”
L.V, Louth, Lincolnshire, UK

“In my opinion, saddle comfort is a relative issue. I expect a bit of discomfort after a day’s cycling, especially since I don’t cycle every day. However, I put the Rido RLt through it’s first test last Sunday on a 101Km Audax. Compared to the saddle it replaced (Selle Italia XR), it was similarly firm but more comfortable, and there seemed to be more options for finding new positions on it to vary the pressure on the backside. I was also wearing one pair of cycle shorts beneath leggings.
Overall, I’m pleased, it’s not a panacea for sore backsides, but a step in the right direction. It’s probably worth mentioning that my touring bike has a well run in Brooks B17, and after a long day I even find that less than comfortable, although it’s comfortable for the first few hours. ”
G.C, Barbican, London, UK

“Sadly, my Rido and my posterior have but(t) briefly met twixt sizing and positioning whilst I build my Fondriest TF3.
Being an old geezer, in my very late 50’s, and having cycled since days of yore when pneumatic tyres were stuff of fancy I long to get some miles in and can’t wait ‘til Spring (is this a valid excuse to un-pack the turbo trainer?) to acquaint ones derriere and accoutrements with the professed virtues of said Rido.
Got some pic’s albeit not very flattering, may be even heart-wrenching to some, to see such a beautiful, practicable and functional work of art as the Rido atop my unfinished labour of love.
Gad, Sir, she looks a damn corker on the steed. What?
PS: was always a Selle Italia Flite Titanium man for years before you came along.
PPS: I reckon you should get your beauty into the Design Museum pronto…..
a) you’ve got a great product!
b) your saddles are definitely worth every penny (even to look at!)”
J.G, Bloomsbury, London, UK

“Keep up the good work. The Rlt is great!
M.G, Eiksmarka, Norway

“Certainly more comfortable than my original sports saddle”

“Very pleased with my new Rido (RLt) saddle. Now done about 300 miles on it and it’s certainly more comfortable than my original sport saddle.”
S.D, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, UK

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