Pressure mapping – where the pressure isn’t!

One of our Australian customers recently had a Pressure Mapped Bike Fit conducted. These were the results, in their own words:

“As part of my return to the bike i went off and got a bike fit that included “pressure mapping.” The pressure mapping focused on the contact points (pedals, handle bars and saddle) to show where my load was carried when i was on my bike.

“For me the “pressure mapping” was significant as I really needed to know that I was not loading up the wrong areas again when I started to get out and ride again. Attached is a snap-shot/screen grab of my pressure mapping. Very clearly it shows that my weight is carried on the sit bones and no load was being carried in the perineal area.

“The yellow on the right shows most load on the down stroke on that side. The colours changed from side to side as my pedaling motion shifted. This bike fit was done with me having the RLt on my Kuota.”

Read: Full pressure map reading

“The guys that did my pressure mapping bike fit are one of the big bike brands who have in recent years put a lot of effort into its saddle design and the bike fit process. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that the bike fit guy was really impressed by the performance of the RLt and how it clearly made me carry my weight on my sit bones and little pressure carried elsewhere.

“He had never seen an RLt prior and was unaware of the RIDO brand. I mentioned to the guy that I had a number of other bikes at home in the shed and asked what saddle of the big brands he would recommend for me to look at. The guy looked at me and said: “I can’t recommend any of the (big bike brand) saddles and say that they are any better than what you are already riding.

“If I was you I’d fit all my bikes out with the one you’ve already got”

“This was a wonderful piece of feedback and I really could not have been happier to have the RLt on my Kuota. The mental comfort that I now have after the pressure mapping exercise can’t be put into words.”

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