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‘RIDO’ – name origin: ‘RIDEAU’ / (rė`dō´) /
our brand pronunciation (rī`dō) as in ‘Ride-o’

n. A slightly elevated piece of ground or a small ridge or mound of earth.
Sources: 1. The Free Dictionary.com ; 2. McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Geology & Minerology ; 3. Merriam-Webster Dictionary


After a lengthy absence and a few (!) more pounds of body weight, riding a bicycle wasn’t quite as was remembered. A worrying numbness and almost bruise-like feel in the ‘delicate areas’ never encountered in those lightweight, carefree days of youth. Cycling endurance, it now seemed, wasn‘t so much a matter of personal fitness than of one’s personal pain threshold.

Refusing to believe that this saddle discomfort was an unavoidable fact of life, the ‘RIDO solution’ was eventually conceived and, long story short, the first RIDO saddle became a production reality in 2004.


The first RIDO saddle, dubbed the ‘R1’, was a single piece moulding of two cross-linked materials resulting in a patented ‘Dual Density’ monocoque construction free of any of the usual foam or cover materials found on all other saddles. A combination of a ‘PP’ rigid skeleton and a ‘Kraton’ skin provided an integral ‘give’ in the saddle for a degree of natural shock absorption.The non-slip nature of the surface was designed to deliver a more sure location on the saddle as you ride whilst the saddle’s V-shaped radiussed sitting sections delivered lift off the perineum (crotch) and necessary variation in sit-bone/saddle contact points.

The nose consequently became just a means of keeping you on the saddle and of steering the bicycle rather than an uncomfortable pressure point beneath the rider’s weight: a design principle that continues to extend through all RIDO saddles.

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