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Notwithstanding its diminutive proportions, the R2’s ‘chunkiness’, width and weight meant it was always only ever going to be thought of as a leisure saddle (even though through many ‘down-on-the-drops cyclists loved it!). The serious road riders wanted something markedly slimmer, firmer, lighter weight and generally more stylish and ‘sexy’…. but with the same comfort benefits associated with the R2, of course.With the launch of the ‘RLt’ in 2012, they weren’t to be disappointed. Just like with the R2, pressure mapping of the RLt showed there to be zero impact on the perineum – see ‘Where the pressure isn’t’

Whilst the all-important ‘Pressure Shift Geometry’ of the R1 and R2 editions was precisely maintained, the weighty and less relevant dual density construction of those models was replaced with a more conventional, rigid, one-piece nylon-based shell. Minimal high-density cushioned upholstery was applied all over and hollow Crn-Ti rails favoured in place of the solid Cr-Mo.


Lighter, thinner, faster. It had to be done: the RLt’s ultimate extended development – the LtX (‘Light eXtreme’).It’s never the amount of padding that gives the comfort in a saddle. It’s always the shape: ultimately it this that manages the pressure distribution of the rider’s weight. And this special edition addition to the RIDO stable proves this principle perfectly.Absolutely no padding: just a reduced-slip micro-fibre membrane across pertinent areas of the sitting area. And if it wasn’t for the premium presentation packaging, this saddle really would deliver via First Class Letter Post…. and fit through your letterbox.

Total saddle understanding distilled to its true essence. Delivered!

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