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Although a long time in the making, once perfected, the moulding process of manufacture enabled the ‘R1’ to be readily produced in any number of colour combinations. This extended to even a ‘Glow-in-the-Dark’ version.

However, the ‘R1’ signature colour scheme of black with yellow trim was, not surprisingly, by far the most popular seller whilst blue/yellow and ‘the glow’ versions were kept in the offering for those with more individual tastes.

RIDO ‘R1’ vital statistics:
Length: 275 mm
Width: 197 mm
Weight: 365 g
Rails: Sprung steel


The introductory price of the first saddles was ridiculously small: just £10! Whilst the most elegantly simple product solutions are invariably the hardest to innovate, the prize can often be a low production cost and the ‘R1’ was no exception. Here was a saddle that could potentially transform people’s cycling enjoyment at a price that didn’t hinder giving it a try.

The cycling press picked up on it and even two of the UK’s biggest television shopping channels wanted in on the action: allocated stocks of several hundred units per show were selling out in just five minutes.

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