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Elevated sit bone contact to give
reduced pressure on the perineum

Lifts and redistributes the downward pressure of your weight away from that
sensitive perineal area (’crotch’) and onto the (inner) sit bones.

Variations in rider-saddle contact points

Delivers a variety of sitting positions as you ride, avoiding concentrated
pressure on just one spot adding to enduring comfort over longer distances.

Tilt-adjust pressure between your
perineum and sit bones

Choose as to how much pressure, if any, you want to bear down on that
sensitive area of your anatomy by slightly adjusting the saddle’s angle of tilt.

Bump absorption construction

Unique dual-density construction comprising a rigid skeleton and a softer
cross-linked skin provides inherent ‘give’ throughout the saddle.

Base-of-spine pressure relief

Reduces strain or pressure on the base of the spine, subtly inducing the increased use of your core muscles.
Shown to alleviate discomfort associated with lower back and coccyx problems.

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