(a)  Lift off the perineum

“Lifts and redistributes the downward pressure of your weight away from that sensitive perineal area and onto the (inner) sit bones…”

(b)  Contact variations

“… whilst at the same time delivering a variety of sitting positions and rider-saddle contact points, increased pedaling power and long lasting comfort”


You have the choice as to how much pressure, if any, you want to bear down on that sensitive area of your anatomy simply by slightly adjusting the saddle’s angle of tilt. We call this Pressure Shift Geometry, abbreviated to PSG. ( Try this quick test! )

The R2’s patented design also has the effect of reducing strain or pressure on the base of the spine, subtly inducing the increased use of your core muscles. This has shown to alleviate discomfort associated with lower back and coccyx problems for men and women cyclists.


Of diminutive sports saddle proportions, the inherent ‘give’ in this saddle’s unique dual-density construction, coupled with wider dimension and cushion pads, makes this the ideal all round choice for the recreational, leisure, commuter or pack-tour cyclist, stationary indoor trainers and those returning to cycling after a long absence.

R2 saddle black / PCF edition

Weight: 420g
Overall dimensions: 270mm long x 195mm wide


Flex-free, firm-feel composite construction for zero energy loss. Light-weight, slim and elegant design ideally complements today’s high-end, performance cycles. Specially created for road racing, time trialling and triathlon, whilst maintaining RIDO’s unique signature of reduced pressure on the perineum and excellent rider-saddle location.

Lt in black / yellow / white & LtX carbon

Weight: 230g / 112g
Overall dimensions: 283mm long x 138mm wide


‘R2’ saddle BENEFITS

In essence the RIDO ‘R2’ saddle is the answer for cyclists who suffer varying degrees of perineal or crotch pain, who can’t get comfortable on their existing saddle, who can’t finish those centuries because their back hurts, and who simply cannot find a saddle that fulfils their comfort needs.

It’s a saddle that’s designed to solve a specific problem and in so doing remedy many consequential cycling issues relating to performance, enjoyment and health.


Maybe you’ve just taken up cycling again for the first time in several years and discouragingly find that you can’t go any more than five minutes without some form of perineal numbness and discomfort. The RIDO saddle is your answer and will keep you from consigning that bike back to the garage.
It will feel strange for the first five minutes and then after that it will be your legs and stamina that restrict how long you can ride for, not saddle discomfort. And it doesn’t stop there: if you’ve been suffering with coccyx or back discomfort whilst cycling, the R2 has been shown to be an excellent remedy by reducing strain or pressure on the base of the spine, subtly inducing the increased use of your core muscles.


Perhaps you’re worried about rising PSA levels or you’ve just recovered from prostate problems and your physician has advised you against protracted time spent on a bicycle. Don’t worry: RIDO will get you safely riding again as, unlike other saddles, there’s virtually no pressure on those delicate areas at all – of interest: PCF edition R2 saddle.


Are you a recreational, commuter or pack-tour cyclist who’s endurance is constantly being hampered by a lack of saddle comfort? Are you constantly conscious of your saddle as you ride, always trying to get comfortable? RIDO converts say that the longer you ride , the less you’re aware you’re even on a saddle. This even extends to when you dismount at the end your ride….. none of the usual after effects.


And for indoor stationary trainers and spinning bikes RIDO really comes into its own. There’s no lateral movement with these machines so the downward pressure of your body weight is focused even more than normal onto your saddle and those delicate areas of your anato


‘RLt’ saddle BENEFITS

The ‘RLt’ saddle is designed for time triallers, road racers, competition riders and triathletes… essentially those who are looking for more performance whilst at the same time wanting reduced perineal pressure.

Unlike the R2, the RLt is very firm, but this is necessary in order to reduce loss of energy when cycling whilst maintaining its distinctive, all-too-important shape under serious riding conditions.


You are a serious aero-position road rider, time trialler, competition rider or triathlete who is beginning to tire of residual perineal numbness and saddle soreness recovery periods after arduous rides. The RLt is your remedy.


Likewise, you don’t like the way you tend to slip back and forth on your existing saddle when applying more force to the pedals, such as when going up inclines. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how the RLt negates this problem.


Are you already a convert to the R2 but are now wanting a firmer, lighter weight, slimmer, performance-orientated saddle whilst still enjoying the benefits of reduced perineal discomfort? Look no further!


Whilst the RIDO R2 might be the model to opt for initially, the RLt will get you safely riding again whilst retaining the performance capabilities you so crave!


Perineal discomfort actually restricts your use of your core and hip flexor muscles. You’re so distracted, whether it be consciously and unconsciously, that you just can’t relax and open up those hips, applying full power to the pedals. Any cyclist would all benefit from the R2 and RLt’s unique attributes.

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