Try this quick test

While you’re riding your bike, not all of your weight is bearing down on the saddle. Some of the strain, of course, is taken up by your opposing downward force on the pedals (and, to a far lesser degree, by your arms as you grip the handlebars).

Next time you’re on your bike, try taking your feet off both the pedals at the same time. You can do this whilst coasting along or just GENTLY lean against a wall if stationary. Now see how long you can keep this up. Chances are you’ll really feel the pressure of the saddle on your perineum (crotch) and will find it difficult to maintain this position for any length of time.


“Now if this strain was manipulated away from your perineum, just imagine what a difference this would make.”

The RIDO saddle does just this! Its unique and patented design, featuring a very specific combination of radial, contoured and straight planes derived from countless rider studies and trials, effectively…….

(a) “lifts and redistributes the downward pressure of your weight away from that sensitive perineal area and onto the (inner) sit bones”


(b) “whilst at the same time delivering a variety of sitting positions and rider-saddle contact points, increased pedalling power and long lasting comfort”


The shape of conventional saddles (with or without centre grooves, channels, recesses etc) leave you with no option other than to support the downward force of your body weight on your body’s perineal area. With the RIDO saddle this is not the case.

We call this Pressure Shift Geometry TM (PSG TM) and you notice it the instant you sit on the RIDO saddle no matter what your size or gender! You immediately feel how the pressure points are all completely different from what you’re used to with other saddles and this is entirely due to the saddle’s topography redistributing the downward pressure of your body weight…. like magic!

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