Unique construction (R2)

The R2 saddle’s construction is a unique monocoque sculpture TM, a patented technological manufacturing revolution in itself, specially developed to fulfil the design’s requisite combination of localised flexibility. This  adds even further to the comfort factor of the saddle.

Other ‘regular’ saddles tend to comprise a solid core base upholstered with foam or gel pockets where once the padding is squashed down the rider is simply impacting on a solid again.

The RIDO saddle, on the other hand, comprises a specially designed skeleton moulded together with an upper ‘skin’. Together these not only offer localised flexibility in key areas across the sitting surface but a vital degree of ‘give’ throughout the length of the saddle – like an integral suspension.

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The result is a firm, tough saddle, no larger than today’s conventional sports saddles (for dimensions, see R2 Details PDF file at the bottom of the previous page) that is affordable to everyone and, most of all, provides a new and unrivalled level of improved rider comfort with a completely free pedalling action.