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The countless customer feedback was taken on board:

Add some cushioning, even if it really isn’t needed.
First touch resistance needed overcoming. Many people just couldn’t get their heads around the fact that this saddle really could be comfortable without any signs of padding – (after a short ride, of course, they were convinced, but how often do you get to try before you buy?)

Tone down the extent of the grippy surface and make it a bit easier to slide on and off the saddle when mounting/dis-mounting.

Round off the sharp outer corners which a few people found tended to dig into their outer ‘glutes’ a bit too much.

Get rid of the clashing yellow detail – black should mean ‘all black’

Add CrMo rails for more rigidity. The sprung steel rails were in some cases having a tendency to bow after extensive use.

Make it look less like a plastic toy and more like a saddle.

The result was the RIDO ‘R2’, first introduced in late 2009 and continues to be our best seller today.


Aside from its unique comfort properties, the R2 offers endless options to readily produce mix and match colour schemes, a feature that has been found particularly popular in the South-East Asia markets.The two padded sections were made to be easily removable and in so doing, an after-market in product personalisation was born.

This extended to a special edition for the Prostate Cancer Foundation in the United States which carries a £5-00 donation on each saddle sold. Such is the R2’s effectiveness in relieving perineal pressure, pre- and post-treatment patients have found it to be a boon in enabling their continued enjoyment of cycling.

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