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“Your saddle saved me”

“Hi! I never write like this but this time I had to! Your saddle saved me. I suffered from bad tailbone pain and I was worried I may not be able to cycle without pain at all anymore. I was a bit sceptical when I ordered your saddle but it was a miracle really. I ride a Bakfiets cargo bike and I share it with my husband and he has been satisfied with your saddle as well so no need to switch saddles back and forth. Thank you so much!
Eliisa R, Helsinki, Finland

“Can ride for a long time now and no coccyx pain”

“Hi, Love it!  Bought the saddle after intense investigation on the internet. Loads of good reviews. Really made a difference. Can ride for a long time now and no coccyx pain. Well worth the money and would totally recommend!
Regards, Liz”
L.B, Geffen, Netherlands

“I honestly love the Rido saddles. I’ve had the road bike saddle on for about five years and it looks as new as the brand new one on my mountain bike”

“I honestly love the Rido saddles. I have a mountain bike and road bike that I’ve put them on and can’t be happier. I’ve had the road bike saddle on for about five years and it looks as new as the brand new one on my mountain bike. I was shown the Rido seat by a friend, and have since had other friends adopt the saddle after a few short rides around the block. I had issues with comfort, pain, loss of feeling in legs and toes with other saddles … but not with the Rido.
D.W, Runnemede, New Jersey, USA

“Lifts and gives room to the undercarriage”

“Hi, the saddle has been great – I use it on my indoor trainer mainly, it gives a bit more room and comfort for piles…. (the reason for looking for a new seat originally – my dad suggested it).
Pros: (1) competitive price, (2) lifts and gives room to the undercarriage.
Cons: (1) the nose is to sticky and catches my thighs – I remedy this by sticking some thin polythene over it. (2) takes a bit of getting used to – it does need you to learn to activate the core and have a more active body or you end up with sore wrists and sit bones. That said, that’s probably a good thing!
Overall, really impressed though.”
K.B, Taunton, Somerset, UK

Editor’s reply:
Many thanks for getting back to us, and glad to hear that overall, you’re a fan.
As regards the sticky nose – (the material is ‘kraton’, often used in handlebar grips, applied in this case for its inherent flexibility and its ability to cross-link with the PP skeleton) – the best way to eradicate this is to apply a tiny amount of silicon polish (like car tyre and bumper black) to a cloth, wipe it over the offending surface, leave for 15-30 mins and then wipe of with a clean cloth or paper towel.
And yes, agreed, it can require some getting used to for some people, because it feels so very different. Glad it won you over in the end.

“I love cycling now”

“Hi there. I love my Rido seat. I was getting coccyx pain on the seat that came on my bike and it was awful. Honestly it’s the best !
It took a few days but I now can ride for ages without pain and really comfortable. I feel like I am doing in the correct position. I have gone from not having been on a bike in 20 years to riding at least 2 or 3 times a week, weather permitting. It’s an e bike, but I love cycling now .
Kind regards, Lesley”
L.T, Egremont, Cumbria, UK

“The saddle has solved my pain issue brilliantly”

“I thought I’d try one of your saddles after I had an accident and jammed my coccyx in the wrong position, and cycling was uncomfortable. The saddle has solved my pain issue brilliantly, and I’m now getting used to cycling in a different position. I bought initially for a mountain bike, and have bought a second saddle for the road bike. This saddle has allowed me to cycle again before having the coccyx operated upon when allowed to do so and I would suggest anyone with a similar injury give one a try. I am a leisure cyclist.
Best regards, Elaine”
E.D, Richmond, Surrey, UK

“Was having problems with perineum and couldn’t ride for more than an hour.
Since using your saddle the problem has gone & no further issues.
Have since purchased another one for my spare bike.
Cheers, Nick”
N.S, McCrae, Victoria, Australia

“The Rido saddle has been an important part of my recuperation”

“I bought a Rido saddle having read a website about cycling and prostate cancer that features this saddle.
I had colorectal surgery for bowel cancer a couple of years ago. Riding with my regular saddle became very uncomfortable after about an hour so I started looking at alternatives. I found a site in America that sells hand-made saddles but I was reluctant to spend £400 on something that may not work.
Though the UK website talked about prostate cancer I decided that it was worth a try. The saddle worked well and I’m very pleased with it.
The Rido saddle has been an important part of my recuperation.
Regards John”
J.B, Godstone, Surrey, UK

“First time out trying my new Rido 2saddle. What an astounding difference. Saddle sores begone. Ya Dancer!!!”
@RIDOcycling #glasgowcycling #bike #scottishcycling
Mark Gibson
Artist Of Light and Shade


“It’s weird at first as it feels so hard but it does way better for my specific pain point than your average saddle or my squishy gel one which didn’t help this issue”

“Hi, I’m a weekend pleasure rider age 55 and not in great shape and carrying a few extra pounds (ok more than a few). My rides are typically 10-30 km at the moment as I am just returning to the sport.
(In younger days I was a full time bike commuter and most vacations were bike tours of 60-100 km per day for days or weeks).

In returning to the saddle I found that a 25 km ride would cause me several days of significant tailbone pain for which I’d have to take painkillers. That’s why I sought a solution and found RIDO. I’ve only been out on a few of those rides since I received the saddle but I have noticed a significant reduction in that pain so I am so far, pleased.

It’s weird at first as it feels so hard but it does way better for my specific pain point than your average saddle or my squishy gel one which didn’t help this issue.

So far so good!
Thx, Sarah”
S.M, Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada

“The second saddle for my mountain bike is just as good as the first saddle!”
J.C, Saltburn, Cleveland, UK

“It’s a game changer”

“A friend let me try one of your saddles on my tri bike and it’s a game changer. I wish I would have tried yours before I’ve spent so much on others. Is it one size and one style?”
John P., USA

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“It is fantastic and very comfy on all day out riding and doing the same thing next day”

“I had been riding with R2 PCF edition for a while till the rails snapped. Replaced by yourself with a discount on a new one.
Excellent service and communication as you told me that it was very unusual to fail, even on heavier riders like myself.

I bought this saddle on recommendation from a friend with similar build to myself as Selle Royal saddles all seem to fail or not comfy.

Over the last few years I have covered 10000 with this saddle. It is fantastic and very comfy on all day out riding and doing the same thing next day. Using my bike for commuting and leisure. When parking up, there are always riders having a look at this saddle and taking pictures and asking questions.
Sometimes even a short ride to see if they find it as comfy as myself.

The saddle is still firm but comfy in the right places.
Maybe there might be a comfy memory foam touring one in the future?
Kind regards, Casper”
C.J, Gurnard, Cowes, Isle of Wight, UK

“What motivated me to try and buy it is that I do not like the usual female saddles”

“Hi, I discovered the RIDO saddle about 10 years ago. When it broke last year – (I had installed it at the rear end of the rails – my frame does not have the optimal size – I have steep hills to climb, so the pressure was extreme in one point of the rail, so no surprise at all that it broke) – I did not hesitate a second and got a new one. I find your saddle extremely comfortable, especially on long rides. Normally I cycle to work 16 km round trip a day and from time to time I go on longer excursions on week-ends.
What motivated me to try and buy it is that I do not like the usual female saddles.
Many thanks for the invention !
Best regards, Myriam”

“No numbness in that region at all so in that respect I am very happy”

“Good evening. Feedback on my new saddle:
I bought it to use on my stationary Wattbike as I was experiencing numbness (numb nuts). The new RIDO saddle has solved this, with no numbness in that region at all so in that respect I am very happy.👍
A draw back is it is quite uncomfortable after about 45 minutes and I am constantly shifting around to try and find a different position. I cannot go past 90 minutes as it gets unbearable, even though I stand up and pedal out of the saddle for 30-60 seconds every 10 minutes. 👎
So overall it had solved one issue but created another. I am sticking with the saddle, however, as would prefer a numb bum to numb nuts😂
Keep smiling,
Thanks, Mike”
M.E, Newton, Porthcawl, UK

Editor’s reply:
Hello Michael.
Many thanks for writing back. Always glad for feedback, positive and negative….. in fact the negatives are the most useful.
Obviously glad to hear your ‘numb nuts syndrome’ has been dealt with. The saddle’s clearly done what it says on the can.
Not so happy to read of the discomfort after 45 minutes on your exercise bike. Have you tried shifting the saddle forward very very slightly so that your sit bones set naturally slightly behind the uppermost point of curvature of the pads? Ideally, the tip of the saddle’s nose should be the same distance from the centre of the handlebars as the between the tip of your outstretched middle finger to the tip of your elbow.
Let us know.

“I have got the saddle set pretty well first time and it is definitely much more comfortable”

Motivation for getting the Rido saddle:
I have ME/CFS and during the first lockdown I could no longer go to my choral society to sing which was excercise for me. Walking is too painful to be of long term benefit.
Thanks to YouTube I found e-bikes and purchased a Batribike Sigma which has a very low step through.

It’s some decades since I could ride a bicycle and I’d forgotten the need to be aware of smaller defects in the road surface. On my first ride I was so excited to find myself at the top of a previously insurmountable hill that I failed to notice how fast I was going and the bump in the road. The bike and I remained conjoined but it felt like the attachment had become more permanent if you get my meaning!

The saddle provided was a Selle Royal comfort, I think, and it seemed well padded but I felt the seat post through it. I also fitted a… oh dear, now you may have to speak gobbledegook to understand my ME brain… a seat post that goes boing! Unfortunately I had to get a shim to make it fit a bit better and I fitted the Rido at the same time. The post still rotates a little because I don’t have the strength or the stamina to set it properly but I have got the saddle set pretty well first time and it is definitely much more comfortable.

As I am still recovering from my injury and unable to get out until the weather warms up this review is not really complete. I guess I did roughly half of my riding on it through the summer and autumn and I know I could not have ridden so much as I did without it.

Aesthetically I loved the look of the padded brown saddle which matched my grips. However I have a yellow and black helmet and panniers so I match in other ways 😂

I’m hoping that the enforced winter rest: I’ve not been outside for months now, will mean I’m fit enough to sort out the seat post fixing and do some more experiments with saddle adjustment. It’s also proved how severely I hurt myself because I can still feel the damage even after no riding for so long!

All in all I’m very happy with the Rido, I am conscious of the fact that it does absorb bumps itself. If I feel brave I may experiment with the original seat post, which may actually be safer…

Do hope this is of some use, an unusual review, I know but thanks for asking and if you want a follow up in the summer feel free to remind me and I’ll do a less waffly one.
All the best, stay safe, Jude”
J.B, Faversham, Kent, UK


“When I eventually bought the correct saddle from you, the rido, I am now able to bike with prostatitis, no other saddle works, amazing.
Regards, Dr Ian C.”
Dr I.C, Staveley, Cumbria, UK

“I couldn’t find a saddle that I can feel comfortable with, all of them were causing pain at some point. I tried four or five before coming across this one.
I opted for the R2 and after some initial adjustments I’m now very happy with it. I have it on two of my bikes, and bought the carbon version to go on a new one on order.
Thanks, Yogi”
Y.P, Petts Wood, Kent, UK

“It is simply the most comfortable saddle I have found”

“I have, and am very happy with, a Rido R2 saddle. It is simply the most comfortable saddle I have found.
I am wanting to put an R2 on a second bike but am unable to find one anywhere in stock, can you help please?
Regards, Paul (with fingers crossed!)”

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