1 (RLt)

…allows more pressure on the pedals”

“Road bike user….occasional weekend rider with an annual Alpine/Pyreneen trip to train for, plus the occasional sportive.
The look is fabulous and goes nicely with my white handlebar tape ! The encouragement the saddle gives you to stay on your sitbones is great and allows a lot more pressure on to the pedals…..sitbones get sore after a while but this is entirely remediable by more riding and loss of body weight…..previous saddles have been penury no matter how light I was or how much I cycled….definitely the way ahead.
Thanks for saving my hobby!”
Dr J.D, Auchterarder, Perthshire, Scotland, UK

From the initial use I’ve had – commuting into central London on a fixie – I’m very happy with it and I’m contemplating replacing the original Rido saddle that I currently have on my weekend carbon ride with an additional RLt. It’s a good-looking saddle too.”
N.H, Whetstone, London, UK

“I’ve noticed a consistent increased average speed”

“After a couple of years enjoying an R2 on both my trusty race bike and work hybrid I was excited to hear of the RLt’s launch. I am a quad-/tri-athlete who has always regarded cycling as the hard discipline, primarily because long endurance work has always come second to a propensity for strength and conditioning. As a solid built athlete (95kg, 182cm) a race bike has always seemed part razor blade to me and anything I can do to make it go faster is at the forefront of my thoughts.

“First impressions were that the RLt was very much a traditional looking race saddle and I was concerned that the cushioning would be too light, having got so used to the luxury of the R2. After a number of rides I am getting the hang of the new beast. The RLt is much more a bike racers saddle, as I found I could adjust my position over a longer ride, yet without having to put pressure anywhere delicate. The RLt is an ingenious shape as it naturally encourages you back onto your sitting bones and I feel that I am generating more effort down through the cranks. It feels a solid riding position, although I have shortened my handle bar stem to adopt an optimum aero position, while feeling that better power generation, without any position shifting.

“On a few local regular local rides I’ve noticed a consistent increased average speed, despite maintaining my usual cadence on those routes. I feel I am wasting less energy and that is giving me an almost consistent 1mph improvement on regular rides (5 – 8% faster, which I fully expect to improve upon on more aggressive rides). The lower profile of the RLt means no chance of rubbing and the cushioning is deceptively good considering the lack of bulk. It is for this reason I opted to get a second RLt for my hybrid, despite being perfectly happy with my R2. Clever design, improved riding performance and affordability make the RLt my personal choice and I will continue to recommend RIDO saddles to those I coach and race with.”
D.G, Dip FTST Dip IIST Fitness specialist/quadrathlete, Brancaster Staithe, Norfolk, UK

“The RLt saddle helped me cope easily with the daily 125km ride”

(i) “Dear Rido: The London-Paris ride went very well although I suffered a bit as, having trained in the heat of the Costa Blanca, I was not prepared for the relative cold of the UK and Northern France. However, I made Paris in good time and shape which pleased me. The RLt saddle helped me cope easily with the daily 125km ride without any undue discomfort. I was singing its praises to my travelling companions throughout the 4 days and continue to recommend it to the cyclists I meet here.
Incidentally, to date, I have raised over £2000 for the Alzheimer’s Society.”

(ii) “I am still using the saddle daily and liking it more and more. Although it is quite a hard seat and thus you feel pressure on the areas that are in contact with it, the saving grace is that the areas that are in contact with it are the correct ones – i.e. sit bones. Thus, the delicate areas of one’s posterior are not being crushed and numbed. As a result, when one dismounts from the bike, because there is none, there is no recovery period from saddle soreness. Also, being in a fairly static position on the saddle enables increased pedal power.”
J.D, Allicante, Costa Blana, Spain

“The bike is noticably quicker with the RLt”

(i) “Had another good ride today and am now getting there with the set up. I am now confident it will be really comfortable. Because of the construction it needs to be a bit higher than my R2, probably a bit further back and maybe angled slightly more forward. I am pretty happy as I have had no risk of slipping off. To date it has been comfortable over 40 miles.”

“The most comfortable road saddle I have ridden”

(ii) “The one thing that is absolutely certain is that the R2 absorbs a lot of power. The bike is noticably quicker with the RLt, I think due to power transfer. I also think you spend more time on the right part of the saddle. There was always a tendancy to move forward with an R2 on a road bike. All in all it is the most comfortable road saddle I have ridden which is great.”

“My End2End mission was completed on Monday afternoon at about 2.15pm. It is great to be home with Caroline and the family after a fantastic adventure.
In summary I covered just shy of 1000 miles in 9 days with an average of 107 miles a day. Including all town centres and adverse weather (there were some fairly treacherous wet descents and annoying winds) my average speed for the trip was 15.8 mph giving a total of 61 hours and 20 minutes in the saddle. I am not in a rush to camp and I plan never to sleep in 1st World War army barracks again.

The ascents totalled over 45000 feet which is one and a half times the height of Everest and whilst cycling I burned circa 57,400 calories. I learnt that that Great Britain is hugely varied with many stunning landscapes and that the people are warm, generous and interested in others. Including the gift aid I have now raised around £8,000 which is a wonderful sum in memory of Jonnie and Philip.
Thank you to all those who have supported me in so many ways; your kind words, thoughts and donations definitely helped at the inevitable low moments.”

“The RIDO saddle stood up really well. I think I was one of the most comfortable riders. I just started to get a bit of saddle soreness on the last day or so. I think this may relate to the weather deterioration and cycling more in wet weather. All round really really pleased as others were moaning a lot.

Some resorted to drastic measures – see the photo below….. this was “engineered” by a fellow participant with 350 miles to go!!”
H.F, Badingham, Suffolk, UK


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“Ma nouvelle selle révolutionnaire”

“Pour ce qui est de ta selle, très bien pour l’assise, le confort, la tenue assis dans l’effort….
Un petit détail, dans les écritures, il y a les trois lettre PSG (Paris st Germain) qui apparaissent, tu risque de choquer ce qui aime l’OM (Olympique Marseille)!!
Je te ferai parvenir des photos prisent avec ma nouvelle selle révolutionnaire sur mon vélo.”
J.L, Pézenas, Languedoc-Roussillon, France

“Much lighter and narrower than I expected – just what I wanted”

“I bought a black RLt direct from you several weeks ago and I love it. Much lighter and narrower than I expected – just what I wanted as I had chafing problems with the nose of the other one (the bulkier R2). I removed my ISM Adamo and was amazed to find that the RLt is 70g lighter than that one. Actually I need to buy a couple more RLt saddles for my other bikes (and a fourth next year!) – one black and one white – any deal for buying two more from you?”
S.H, Petersfield, Hampshire, UK

“Wow…had an awesome ride this morning! Really impressed. Not quite as comfortable as the R2, but is an excellent speed option…I really enjoyed it, and with good shorts its still very comfortable.”
P.F, Kempton Park, Johannesburg, South Africa

“A quick update on the RIDO RLt saddle I recently got from you. Firstly thanks for the prompt shipping, it arrived here in France within a couple of days.

Reason for buying the saddle was that I had read good reports about comfort and less pressure on the penile areas. I have prostitis and it was becoming a serious inconvience with the Bontrager InForm RL that I was riding.

Fitted the RLt and thought OK, I’m out for a quick 10km to give it a try. At 10ks this is not too bad, went on to 20… then 30 then 40, ended up on 50, would have gone on but told my wife I was only going round the block.

At the moment I do 3-4 rides a week of 30 – 70km and find I’m extremlely comfortable and no feeling of numbness as before. I’m 67yrs male, height 6ft 3in, weight now 92 kgs, down from 98kgs, one year cycling. Reasons for cycling, just to get fit. Bike, Trek 5.2 Madone, 62cm.
A good buy for me. Will let you know how it goes as I build up the distance and speed but from the comfort side already a big improvement! If you have anybody who has similar problems, is interested in buying one and would like to discuss it please let me know.”
C.E, Soorts-Hossegor, South-West France

“It’s great! I am impressed that much as soon as I can get some money together I will order another for my other bike.”
S.Mc, Bridport, Dorset, UK

“It’s superb!”

“‘My Bike Shop’ has just fitted my Moulton with a RIDO Lt. It’s superb!
I didn’t like the FIZIK Aliente that came with the bike so I asked the shop to suggest a suitable replacement. They showed me the RLt and swear by it. Of course the white colour help me decide quickly too. (I think the yellow would look sharp too!). I took the bike for a quick spin and was really impressed with the comfort and fit. Best.”
Choon, Jalan Mas Puteh, Singapore

(Alex Moulton AM20 fitted with the new RIDO RLt saddle in white)

“Just had to write and let you know how good a saddle the new RLt is”

“Just had to write and let you know how good a saddle the new RLt is. Took it from the box, attached it to one of my fleet of bikes!! (I wish) and promptly rode a sportive with absolutely no ‘n.n.syndrome’ at all. It really is that good.
And ‘yes’, without doubt your pedalling power does improve because I personally find being able to sit comfortably means less constant movement to attain that position so you keep pedalling and not fidgeting about.
Thanks again for a great product!”
K.O, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK

“Great! It’s an excellent product. It a took bit of minor adjustment to get the sweet spot but seems to position your butt well! Been on the turbo trainer a few times this week and its all good news. I have been looking for a good saddle since I got the Boardman last year. It’s quality. I would never ever consider buying any other seat again!
P.H, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, UK


“Fantastic saddle only wish I could afford 3 more!!!”
Recommend to a friend: ‘Yes’
Pros: ‘So very comfortable’
Cons: ‘none thus far’
‘John’, 7th February 2012, UK: via SJS Cycle

“It looks like a ‘regular’ racing saddle but gives me the comfort that I only obtain with a Rido saddle”

“Only had it (RLt) a couple of weeks. So far I really like it. It’s on my Scott road bike, replaced my old Rido. It looks like a ‘regular’ racing saddle but gives me the comfort that I only obtain with a Rido saddle. Now I don’t get ribbed by my mates for having such an odd looking saddle! I like the fact it is lighter too. One piece of advice I’d give to anyone upgrading to the new saddle from the classic Rido is to lift up the seat post a little, as the new saddle sits a bit lower on its rails, so first time out I realised my saddle was a bit low. Maybe you could add an exact dimension for the adjustment in your instructions.
I will probably buy another one for my Felt Time Trial bike too. Good luck with your new product, it’s a very good one and I’m not someone who gives that sort of feedback lightly.”
G.H, Lancaster, Lancashire, UK

“The saddle is perfect!”

“I ordered one at first to try the new saddle out and I absolutely loved it. The saddle is perfect! I have 3 road bikes. I do about 350km a week and race a grade so the new RLt saddle is just what I wanted.
I found the best position for me was with the saddle nose pointed slightly down. I also found that the new saddle seems to stop me slipping forward. I feel very stable on it.
You have got a seriously good product here. I hope they sell like hot cakes, you deserve it. Thanks again you’re a legend!”
G.G, Bowral, New South Wales, Australia

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