2 (R2)

“A marked improvement over standard issue saddles!”

“Already received the 2 (R2) saddles which we used this weekend on a 60 mile rail trail biking trip.
The saddles are a marked improvement over standard issue saddles!”
M.G.F, Richmond, Virginia, USA

“I noticed that when I cycled longer distances, over 1 hour, then I would develop severe numbness due to too much pressure on the perineum.
Your saddle has certainly solved that problem!”

“I cycle for cross training/fitness and also for leisure. I cycle usually short distances on a road/mountain bike cross.
I noticed that when I cycled longer distances, over 1 hour, then I would develop severe numbness due to too much pressure on the perineum.
Your saddle has certainly solved that problem!”
Dr R.B, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

” I could ride all day and not be uncomfortable.”

“I switched to this (RIDO) saddle on my road bike and it is pretty fricken unbelievable.
I feel like I could ride all day and not be uncomfortable.”

Oh yeah, I had to get something like this because after about 1 and a half hours on the bike, I was numb.”
NMPhi767, MTBR Forums

“Dear Sir/Madam,
I have been asked to review the Rido 2 cycle seat for the CTC.
You will be pleased to know that I have had a positive experience so far of using the seat, having suffered recently with prostatitis, and I have just ordered my 2nd seat in 2 weeks (this one to go on my mountain bike).
Best wishes”
Prof. T.A, Nottingham University, Notts, UK

“Really liked the (R2) sadddle – exceptionally comfortable. I wish it was slightly lighter from a racers point of view but from a comfort point of view, UNBEATABLE!
I need to order a couple more!”
J.B, Long Stratton, Norfolk, UK

BikeRadar-com / Thread to tell everyone what bike gear you’ve just bought !

Rido R2 saddle – 10 Continental tubes – SKS guards (P35) (still can’t bring myself to fit them to my road bike!) – dhb Finchdean Cycling Jersey – DeFeet Woolie Boolie Socks – dhb Merston Skull Cap Black – dhb Buff Blue/White – Gore Vista Tights without Pad – Gore Xenon Windstopper Winter Gloves – dhb Merston Bib Tights – dhb Merston Waist Tights without Pad – dhb Rogate Bib Tights and some rapha stuff too (I fit the profile 37 years old, but no car!!!) – Rapha winter jersey – Rapha lightweight softshell – 30 co2 cartridges – Shimano Box Of 100 Gear Inner Wire Caps – Cordee Zinn And The Art Of Road Bike Maintenance – SRAM PC991 9 SPEED CHAIN x 2 – KMC X10 SL Chain x 3 – Record Dermalon Anti-chafe Cream. That’s in the last 2 month’s – but there’s always more stuff to get. Just want to make the winter riding comfortable.”
J.C, Long Kitts Green, Birmingham, West Midlands, UK

“I don’t have prostate problems, but this saddle made in England takes out pressure on the perineum.
I have 2 (of the) old model and 1 new Rido R2. And the price is less (than) 50 dollars.”
ruly62, Road Bike Review

“I did not think the reviews could be right since they were so positive, but they were!”

“Thanks for the Rido. I will definitely be ordering another one for my other bike. I did not think the reviews could be right since they were so positive, but they were!
I use the Rido on my carbon Trek for delivering boats and working out in the Florida Keys. Thanks again.”
A.A, Marathon, Florida, USA

“I use my bike mainly for travelling to and from work – about 12 miles a day.
The saddle is a big improvement on the standard one fitted before and I find that I no longer get the discomfort that I used to (get) during and after. Would recommend the saddle to anyone.”
D.T, Lincoln, Lincs, UK

“It’s simply a great saddle (and I have tried many).”

“The new R2 saddle is different from the old one. (I’ve got the blue one on my Brompton). It’s even better which is remarkable because the blue one was already very good.
But is there something I don’t like?
The new saddle looks more expensive, more design, more serious, maybe even more sporty. So no negatives there. It’s simply a great saddle (and I have tried many).
But the downside is the lack of colour. So don’t be afraid and take on the paint and give us some special ones so that everyone can see, when we park our bikes, how a great saddle can look.
Must be a nice mission. After bringing the best saddle to the world you can bring them more colours.
J.V, Helmond, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands


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Cycling is now a pleasure, not a pain day.”

“After suffering for years with pointless saddles I’ve tried one of these (Rido); great saddle; cycling is now a pleasure, not a pain day.
Plenty of info here –
John Wings – British Blades

“Have both original Rido saddle on mountain bike and R2 on sports bike. Both saddles are brilliant. When I first received the saddle and pressed it, I thought no way would it be comfortable. Fitted it to the bike, went for a 10 mile ride and was amazed that I didn’t have any aches. They do everything advertised.”
M.C, loc.unknown

“I have been using the R2 saddle for a few weeks now. This was an upgrade for my older version Rido. I am delighted with the improvements that have been made to the saddle! I am a leisure, fitness and some time club racer, and I have found the saddle to give great comfort on any road surface over short or long distances. Keep up the good work!”
E.M, Newry, Co.Down, Northern Ireland

“Have now been using the R2 saddle for several weeks. In my opinion it is as much of an improvement over the original Rido saddle as that was over all others.
The R2 is in a different league for cycling comfort – a real winner!”
C.N, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, UK

“I don’t feel any perineal pressure anymore!”

“I’ve finally tested the saddle extensively… and am happy to tell you I don’t feel any perineal pressure anymore! It works great for me after having tried 6 different saddles of varying quality.
I think it would be usefull to send a little manual with your saddles: at first, I (and every one who tested my new saddle) didn’t know how to sit on it. I had to sit rather on the back let it slope a little upwards to
sit comfortably.
I’ll be ordering a few for my other bikes and friends. Thank you!!”
J.F, Koekelberg, Belgium

“Many thanks for a great product!”

“Hi there. I just wanted to let you know I’ve recently tried one of your saddles for the first time and, after hunting for years, I think I may have found the right throne for me! 🙂 I do like the quirky looks and the fact that technological advancement and clever design has made an item simpler, better functioning and more durable in one stroke.
I do have one query though. How long before there is an alternative to the stock steel rails? Like many, I’m a bit of a weight weenie and the thought of bolting solid steel saddle rails to my baby makes me a little bit queasy. Please tell me you have plans to introduce an option for tubular steel rails or titanium ones, pretty please?
Many thanks for a great product!”
J.T, Yorkshire, UK

“Absolutely numbness free”

“You may want to try out the Rido R2 saddle. Absolutely numbness free.”
(Singapore Mountain Bike Forum)

“I just wanted to thank you for your excellent service – the first order I placed on Saturday arrived today. I can’t remember when a company has phoned me, as you did, to check on an order. I was very impressed with your concern and care. Considering you posted on Monday and I got it here in Finland on Thursday afternoon it is just great.
I had a quick spin out and the saddle feels very different to what I am used to, but very comfortable! The second saddle I’ve already ordered will be for my road bike and I will place a third order very soon for our exercise bike (indoors).
Thank you very much once again!”
M.N, Turku, Finland

“It should be a legal requirement that all new bikes are supplied with Rido saddles”

“I had to give up cycling as my prostate was giving me hell. I think it was partly, if not wholly, caused by an awful gel saddle that left me with a numb undercarriage even after a short ride. Then I found your saddle.
Now I’m cycling to work and back each day (6.5 miles). The prostate hasn’t complained at all and I can actually walk when I get off the bike! What a brilliantly simple design. It should be a legal requirement that all new bikes are supplied with Rido saddles. Thank you for having the guts to take on the gel revolution!”
S.J, Bingley, West Yorkshire, UK

“You really have put the pleasure into cycling!”

“The original Rido was a revelation – I didn’t think anyone could do better! – but you have with the R2!
The original was always a bit hard to start with, and getting on the bike early on a cold, wet morning was a little bit unpleasant – but the padding on the R2 takes that all away, and really takes out more of the bumps too! I’ve been using it on my daily commuter run, and on a series of long training runs to get me ready for my first cycling race!
Thanks to you and all the Rido team – You really have put the pleasure into cycling! (PS: I sold on my original Rido to another new cyclist, and she is delighted with it!)
M.W, Topsham, Devon, UK

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