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“… from all of the variations I’ve seen I definitely prefer the R2.”

Hi, I recently purchased one of your new RIDO R2 saddles online. I am very impressed by its design and fit.
As in England and the United States, there has been significant media reports picked up here in Canada about the issues with regular bicycle saddles.
Although there are many other saddles competing for this market, from all of the variations I’ve seen I definitely prefer the R2.”
J.M, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

“Used the new (R2) saddle for a couple of weeks recreational use now. To be honest I haven’t found it much different to the original Rido saddle except that the comments I have had from friends have been very favourable with regard to the looks. Most keen cyclists spend a fair amount of cash on quality bikes and components and I feel the looks alone of the Rido 2 will appeal to these people more than the original! It certainly looks a classier product and is still very competitively priced. It is too early for me to be strongly opinionated about the Rido 2 – I have spent many hours with the ‘Rido 1’ and have been pleased with it and would not be without a Rido saddle on any bike! I will put some more miles on using the Rido 2 and will report back later!”
Dr A.S, Tamworth, Staffordshire, UK

“… now having completed 6000 miles (including the amazing Karakoram highway). I have nothing but the highest praise for the RIDO.”

“I started cycling two years ago as my brother-in-law wanted a companion to do the Karakoram highway. I started training for the 1000km ride by doing the ‘C2C’, (but) after this very uncomfortable ride (using a gel saddle) I suffered from erectile dysfunction. I was very close to discarding the bike and concentrate on fell walking when I came across the RIDO saddle. As the saddle was relatively cheap I had little hope that it would solve my problem but now having completed 6000 miles (including the amazing Karakoram highway). I have nothing but the highest praise for the RIDO. I have just recently purchased the RIDO R2 which, surprisingly, offers even more comfort and protection!”
M.W, East Boldon, Tyne & Wear, UK

“I like the looks of the R2 and I am happy with the length of the rails. The original saddle had shorter rails and I had to change out my stem. Over all I feel more comfortable each ride and assume it will be as good as the original over time. I normally ride 30 to 50 miles per ride and at least 3 times a week. I feel the only change I would like to see it less padding in the R2. I will recommend the R2 to other riders in my local bike club.”
M.D, Columbus, Ohio, USA

“My previous saddle was a Brooks which I found to be a good ride but sometimes a little unforgiving after a day in the saddle and I was thinking of getting a suspension seat post. I have not been on a long ride yet using the R2 but on local rides it has enough give, so at the moment I feel all is OK.”
B.O, Pinner, Middlesex, UK

“Just letting you know the R2’s are absolutely perfect!”

“Just letting you know the R2’s are absolutely perfect! All the little flaws with the original saddle have been addressed, well done. I noticed the rails have also been narrowed a bit so that they don’t rub on the (inner) sides of the saddle.
Thanks for the saddles. I love them more than my bikes and for me that’s a big statement!”
G.G, Bowral, New South Wales, Australia

“Have recommended the saddle to a number of colleagues at work and they have all become converts”

“Have only used the saddle for around 100 miles so far and I did not believe it would be possible to improve on my previous Rido saddle. However, you have managed it!
The comfort is excellent and the look of the saddle much improved. I have done some direct comparisons with the original Rido still fitted on one bike then riding the R2 straight after and the difference is noticeable straight away.
I am often asked about the saddle during my cafe stops but have now noticed the original Rido is becoming more common. Have recommended the saddle to a number of colleagues at work and they have all become converts. My only regret is that I now have to save up to buy R2 saddles to fit on my other two bikes!! My riding consists mainly of leisure fitness rides with the occasional Audax event, although planning a Trans Pyrenean Coast To Coast Next year with my R2!
Thanks for a superb saddle and the growing hole in my wallet!”
M.S, Stockton, Cleveland, UK

“I have not had any perineal pressure or genital numbness, something I had grown used to for years….. I am very, very impressed with your product”

“By way of introduction, I am a native Texan and a long-time triathlete and amateur distance cyclist since the late 1980’s. I have lived and ridden in Austin, Texas – the adopted hometown of my old competitor Lance Armstrong – since 1995. Although I rarely have time to train properly on a regular basis, I have traditionally made several century (100+ mile) bike rides annually, along with numerous 2-4 day rides in the past. I am now just short of 46 years old and a full time Emergency Physician with two active teenagers and a lovely wife, all of whom like to ride (for short distances) with me.

I had never owned a Rido saddle, but it had been highly recommended to me by friends in the past. When I heard the R2 was coming out, I could not wait to get one, and although it has been on my bike since the end of last summer, I have had an especially hectic schedule and have only managed a few rides on it, most for 15-25 miles, but one or two for 65+ miles. As I said, I generally get little to no training “seat time,” so I was very keen to see if this new seat could keep me from getting sore with each untrained hour-plus ride. Much to my surprise, I found the seat to be immediately comfortable, and to have gotten even more comfortable since. I typically ride alone and spend a lot of time laid out on my tri-bars or “in the drops,” and I find the seat works well whether I am sitting up on the hoods or folded flat to the wind.

I find the seat almost “cushy” and I have not had any perineal pressure or genital numbness, something I had grown used to for years, even after switching to an ergonomic “split seat” years ago. I think this seat will be equally comfortable for men and women, and has proven very effective at becoming both immediately and progressively more comfortable.

I must say that the most astounding feature of all about this seat is the price – less than half that of ergonomic competition split seat that I had previously installed! Although the seat is bulky in comparison to some of its unpadded/sadomasochistic leather competition, it is still extremely light, and it draws a number of looks and questions from other curious cyclists. I hope to show it to my friends who own some of the local cycleries and to be the first of many happy cycling backsides here in Austin!

I am very, very impressed with your product, and it would be an honor to help introduce it to Austin. Please let me know if there is anything else you need or any other way that I may be of assistance. Take care, and best of luck here in the States!”
Dr L.C, Austin, Texas, USA (MD, FACEP, FAAEM / Medical Director, Austin Surgical Hospital)

Did a six hour Audax last Sunday with no problems whatsoever!”
P.H, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, UK

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“What a great saddle.”

“I have two carrier bags stuffed full of saddles which are hanging up in my garage. Seeking comfort on a bike I have spent many pounds on leather saddles, plastic saddles, some with bits cut out, others with gel added, fully sprung saddles, wide saddles, narrow saddles and every last one of them made me sore.
Hauling a trailer full of camping tackle over some roads in Europe for hour after hour means that a comfortable perch is everything and now at last I’ve found it. I purchased a saddle on the internet from St John’s Cycles, fitted it to my mountain bike and was convinced. As a result I got a second one for my tour bike.
What a great saddle. Thanks very much for developing this product!”
J.M, received by email – location unknown

“The R2’s additional support feels better, more secure, cruising on the rough stuff”

“Very good! So many great original product concepts “evolve” into something losing the best characteristics of the original. I am very glad I do not have to order a bunch of the Pink Ridos you have left in stock. Takes a secure guy to ride a pink saddle!
The R2’s stiffer raised seat area requires the saddle be angled back slightly from the optimum angle of the original Rido (for me anyway). I’m riding zero suspension 26in bicycles for primary transportation and touring on everything from good roads to no roads.
The R2’s additional support feels better, more secure, cruising on the rough stuff. Thanks again!”
T.S, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

“Thank you so much for getting my wife back on a bike again to ride with me.”

“My wife bought the Rido R2 following a pelvic injury that prevented her using her favourite Brooks saddle. Since using the Rido 2 she is able to cycle long distances, has found the power back on her legs, and is delighted to be back on a bike again. Thank you so much for getting my wife back on a bike again to ride with me. In the words of a famous credit card, ‘priceless’.”
K.S, London – received by email

“It (Rido) is the most comfortable saddle I have tried! A massive improvement and I just need to get over the firmness. I feel it will work brilliantly for me.
Many Many thanks”
Mrs P.M, Huntingdon, Cambs, UK

“A two day tour from Växjö to Nässjö and back, with a couple of geocaches picked up along the way.
I’m happy to say the Rido R2 saddle was comfortable all day. Spring is coming and I hope to be able to do more of these short weekend tours.”
pastafarian, Thorn Cycles Forums


“Just a big thank you for a great saddle. I have done well over 600 miles in 4 weeks on it and it is absolutely fantastic. I really can’t recommend this saddle enough. Many Thanks.”
R.L, Norwich, Norfolk, UK

“RIDO-CYCLE SADDLES: I have purchased to date two of these seats. The seat is completely different than any other i have tried but seems to work well. It is not a soft comfy type seat – it just seems to be designed in such a way as to prevent pain but no real cushy type comfort. I like them and would or will buy more from them. I am putting them at the top of the list because this seat seems to me to work well and does what the inventor says it will do. It is low cost light weight well designed item.”

“Had initial problems slipping off but tilted front slightly up and since then it has been brilliant! Did 100 mile Suffolk Sunrise ride yesterday starting at 6am and saddle not an issue at all.”
A.L.K, Braintree, Essex, UK

“Crossed the Middle East this summer – (it was grand. 1500miles, huge height gain, heat not so terrible at 5.30 in the morning) – on the Rido 2. No saddle sores at all – fine piece of work – many thanks.”
J.B, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, UK

“I experienced no ill-effects related to my prostate, in stark contrast to my previous saddles.”
D.C, Acton, Massachusetts, USA

“A lifesaver!”

“We’ve just finished our final day in Paris on the 350 mile ride. The saddle was great and I’ve bigged it up to many people!! I … want to applaud the makers of the Rido saddle from the bottom of my heart and the heart of my bottom; a lifesaver!!”
H.D, Help for Heroes, Downton, Wiltshire, UK

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