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“I’ll preface this by saying that I am not a woman….”

“I’ve been using a Rido saddle for a while with no discomfort under any circumstances. The design means that the pressure is on your sit bones exclusively and that there is no pressure elsewhere. The nose of the saddle is also narrow which means that you don’t rub the side of your legs when pedaling. You don’t actually come in contact with the nose of the saddle either from the top or sides unless you are turning, where you touch it with the side of your legs for stability. Whether you are a man or a woman the lack of contact is what you want.”The seat essentially has built in suspension as it has a flexible body and long rails so it can flex a fair bit when going over bumps. It is fairly soft but the pads sit under the sit bones only so you don’t get the pressure elsewhere like other saddles. Leather saddles like the brooks work well as they aren’t foamy so they don’t have the foam pushing everywhere, where these work by only touching where you want to touch. There is also of course no wear in time.”I’ve done some back to back days where I’m riding 9-11 hours without any discomfort (aside from my feet, but that is unrelated).
Re: Advice on a good touring saddle for women (thread #1)

“The website seems a bit over the top with praise for the seat, but in my 12 months of use of the seat I agree with it.”

“The website seems to speak about men more than women, though they do talk about improvements to women. I think that the larger market in cycling is men and mentioning erectile disfunction tends to motivate men, where women have less direct methods of convincing. There are a few very positive reviews from women on the website.

“The seat is very reasonably prices as well IMO. I will be doing a review for the website during or after my 4.5month tour, but at the moment I’m extremely happy. I cant comment on durability. I am on my second one but that is because a 4wd drove into the saddle when the bike was hanging up in the garage and the bike was wedged between the bumper (touching the seat) and the wall (wheels touching). The rails twisted but that’s not something I expect most saddles to deal well with.

“Sorry if I’ve been raving about it too much but I am very happy with it and I think it is a more universal design than other seats that seem to suit some people and not others.”
Re: Advice on a good touring saddle for women (thread #2)

“It doesn’t touch anywhere but the sit bones”

“Rido: I ride one and am very happy with it, though I have little experience with other saddles. I’ve just (30 minutes ago) arrived at the endpoint of a 135 day 10,000km tour and am very happy with it. One thing that I think makes it seem better than leather saddles or similar is it doesn’t touch anywhere but the sit bones.
Re: Advice on a good touring saddle for women (thread #3)

“It is by far the most comfortable seat I’ve tried!”

“It is ugly and heavy, but I now have a Rido R2 on my three bikes. It is by far the most comfortable seat I’ve tried!
After over fourteen hours of Tahko MTB 180 km I had no problems with it.”
MTBR Forums

“10/10…. SOOOOooooo pleased I took the plunge on this one!”

“I have had the (RIDO R2) saddle since last Friday…. Well…. ya aint getting it back!
I am slim in the bum department, and find any hard surface uncomfortable to sit on. The surface of this saddle is ideal not too soft to cause pressure points and loss of energy and not too hard that you get a whack in the nerve and bone department on every lump on the road.

“Firstly when the saddle arrived, I was surprised at its weight, lighter than the Brookes I currently use. I was sceptical of it at first. I have to be, I have tried at least 18 different saddles with the Brookes out on top, and now after 80 miles, even that saddle causes me pain. (Sit bone pain, physical sit bone bruising and swelling, as well as skin pinches and blisters).”

“Best test has been to ride into work on the RIDO 2, in jeans, dont bother with my usual Assos cycling shorts, that would tell me a lot about the saddle… And it did. Total comfort. I even sat hard as the bike took me over tramlines, rutted old potholes that I usually avoid as I worry about rim damage, but this was a test after all. 10/10.
Its great not to have to conform to the usual cycle clothes when cycling a 12 mile round trip each day.

“Today, I cycled a 50 mile tootle. Wearing cycle leggings this time. It was great to be thinking about the day, the views and where my next Audax ride was to be, rather than cycling with one leg down on the pedal, and one cheek held aloft, as the bike juttered over lumpy roads and cattle grids. I am very impressed. So much so, that next weekend I have an Audax to do. If this saddle comes up trumphs again (expecting it will), I intend to order another 4. One for hubby, and one for each of my other bicycles.

“There are always some negatives…. These are very much insignificant to the improvements made by the RIDO 2 saddle.
Namely: it’s a bit ugly… (sorry about that bit).
I wish the nose was shorter as it does rub a bit against my legs, but hoping that by dropping it a bit more, this may be reduced.
Frankly that’s all I can say about the negatives, but boy who really cares about them anyway!

“When I have completed my Audax next weekend, I intent to review this saddle on the cycle blog I write to. I will send you the link to it when its live.
SOOOOooooo pleased I took the plunge on this one!”
Mary Jane Watson, UK

“Thank you for making my bicycling really enjoyable now.”

“Hello. I have purchased your saddle around September 9, 2011, to be installed in a MY. 2006 Raleigh Passage 5.0, purchased brand new.
This hybrid bicycle is being used for exercise and I normally ride it 24 miles per day, five days a week on smooth surfaced bike paths and surface streets.
After using various conventional gel saddles, the noseless “Easy seat”, and back to gel saddles, I was so frustrated with my bicycle and my performance, that I was ready to order a custom made complete bicycle.

“I stopped riding in July 2011, due to a very sharp pain in both of my seat bones, as a result of using all of the above saddles. After days and weeks of endless research, I discovered your site and your product. As a last resort, before ordering my next custom bike, I decided to try the Rido R2.

“Upon installing and riding on it, I didn’t really like it; my seat bones were still sore from my previous saddles and the riding position geometry still felt wrong. Your product would have seem to aggravate my butt pain. I decided to continuing experimenting with various adjustments, including several handlebar angles, seat post angles, and saddle adjustments in every ride. As of today, October 9, 2011, I will tell you, I really love your product!

“I now feel I have a real bicycle; my average road speed has increased about 4 miles per hour, the crotch numbness is non-existent and my seat bone pain has almost disappeared. I don’t use padded cycling shorts, just a “speedo” type short, and regular sport walking shoes (sneakers); regular double sided pedals with toe clips. My future plan is to increase my daily mileage hopefully to 48 miles per day. To my surprise I have found the claim you make in your store front is completely accurate; “the more you ride the saddle, the more you will like it”. You have a great product! In closing, I would appreciate if you would answer the following question: if the saddle pads ever wear out of get damaged, do you sell them as a replacement?

“Thank you for making my bicycling really enjoyable now.”
Roberto, in Oceanside, California, USA

“It (the R2) has improved my cycling experience immensely and my PSA count is down lots too!”
H.D, Hackney, London, UK

“I am very satisfied with the R2 saddle and I might order an RLt saddle in the future!”
J.J, Vastra Frolinda, Sweden

I haven’t used the saddle much because of inclement weather (and being rather idle!) but very satisfied with your saddle on the few outings I have made. Thanks.”
C.R, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, UK

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“It’s brilliant!”

“It’s brilliant!: bought it after doing a 22mile ride to a friend’s (we’re doing the 100km London-Brighton in June) on my old bike. Backside was sore for days and didn’t want to site down much!. Went on-line to find better saddle, and came across Rido. After reading all the comments, decided to but one……….wow, what a relief…….have done 30 and 50 mile rides with minimal discomfort (if any) – it’s a revalation.
R.G, Ashstead, Surrey, UK

“My only regret is that I have ridden for so many years on poorly designed and uncomfortable saddles from companies such as Specialized and the pernicious leather options from Brooks”

“I have bought 2 Rido R2 saddles and I use them every day for commuting, shopping and longer rides at the weekend. I still get some pain at the pressure points but this is much better than getting the usual pain between my legs in the perineum, which was unbearable. I have wasted so much money over the years trying out different saddles and they were all awful including the Specialized bio geometry option with the cutaway. I will stick with the Rido saddles now and I would not want to use any other type of saddle. My only regret is that I have ridden for so many years on poorly designed and uncomfortable saddles from companies such as Specialized and the pernicious leather options from Brooks.
C.S, Leicester, UK

“Still use your saddles”
Peter Eland, Editor & Publisher, Velo Vision magazine
Velo Vision magazine / Electric Bike magazine

“I personally prefer one called the RIDO”

“I’m an avid cyclist and have raced damn near every type of bike there is, road bike, mtn bikes, bmx. I actually still race 24″ cruiser BMX bikes in 35+ but only in the winter time.
May I make a suggestion? Get the bike dialed in the best you can for your body. I’m pretty tall (6’5”) so I have to change a lot of stuff on bikes to make them work for me, same with dirt bikes.
There are some key dimensions that you need to have dialed in to make your pedaling travails enjoyable. Namely, bar height and how far out they are, seat height and position (back and forth and angle). Basically you want your arms to be 90 degrees from your torso and to have your knee over the ball of your foot. For seat height, you want almost a full extension, something that I see way too low very often.
Here is a pretty good link to a Peter White article. I know he debunks the knee over the axle… Link

“One other thought is the type of seat. Big padded seats are only going to hamper your enjoyment. You need to break your ass in and get used to sitting on a bike seat but you don’t need to be sitting on a 2×4. For males, we can get something called Bike Seat Neuropathy where you go ‘numb’ down there and can result in some very serious issues. There are all sorts of seats out there that will leave your ‘choad’ (for a lack of better words) suspended. I personally prefer one called the RIDO http://www.rido-cyclesaddles.com/ ”

Just waiting for the lightweight Rido Lt.”

“It has far exceeded my expectations”

“Dear Rido: in May of 2010, I ordered a Rido R2 saddle for my road bike. It has far exceeded my expectations. I want to order another Rido R2 for my cross-bike. I’ve never had a saddle that I liked so much. I was out for a ride on my road bike Saturday, and I continue to marvel at how good that Rido makes my tush feel.
Here’s hoping that you and Rido continue to do well……. keep on makin’ those great saddles”
L.H, Vancouver, Washington, USA

“I have to say that this will be my third Rido. I have two on mountain bikes and they are going a long way to curing my crushed pudendal nerve suffered in a race 18 months ago.”
T.W, Canberra, A.C.T, Australia

“Bought the saddle from SJS and it’s unbelievably comfortable 🙂 Not the instrument of torture my previous saddle was!
Thank you :)”
G.P, www.glenn-peters.com (UK)

“This saddle is fantastic! If you have any problems with numbness or prostate grief than get one. Sit bones may take a bit of getting used to actually being used to support your weight but this is a reassuring bit of discomfort that soon goes. After that happy days!!!! Just waiting now for the lightweight Rido Lt.”
‘slackerspeloton.cc’ – Link

“… a comfy saddle: as of writing, I have clocked 890 km on my black, butt-saving Rido.
Matt, “Cycling & Baking in Singapore” – bike commuting addict

(translated from Romanian original using Google Translator)

“… does not compare with any other on the market. It’s completely different in design. The only point of contact with the saddle are bone saddle bottom and those areas have a more flexible plastic that fits the shape no matter how hard you hit bone (as opposed to foam / gel traditional that once you get to sit down the firm.) pressed that it no longer is beneficial both for the prostate perineum and especially for blood flow to feet (there are two large veins or arteries that pass right through the area that we press the front of the saddle … ) works for me: I got rid of back pain (do not know how), I can now go on forever (200km/zi) without big problems, and know / feel that we achieve zero in sensitive areas. Rido R2 is not for race (is 400g). For participated on and there are various road for Rido Lt, lighter, stiffer and the same principle with zero touch.
My wife is a beginner bike and still complain that it hurts the bottom, and after short routes. I asked her when Rido R2 and never had problems. She immediately accepted it was not usual for something else. I got 3 Rido R2 from SJS and each time was delivered in 4-5 days.”
‘Catalin74’, Ciclism.ro/forums (Romania)

“I bought the R2 rider based on a recommendation of a friend who had cycled across Spain. Previously, my 3 year old still shiny bike had been living in the shed on pancake flat tyres. I’m due to cycle a 60 mile route in a few weeks time – I’ll tell you how I got on.
In the meantime, training on the RIDO saddle has been good – no discomfort to the nether regions and no need to use “gentleman’s balm” after. On the first ride, it was a rather odd sensation but discovered I had the saddle too far back. Easily rectified and have now found my ideal position.”
K.L, Cardiff, Wales, UK

“Bought the Rido R2 for my endurance rides. Everything above 300km will be done with this.”

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