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“It is without doubt the most comfortable bike saddle available”

“I ordered the RIDO R2 earlier this year and have been using it ever since, recommending it to anyone I meet whether they ride a bike or not. I rode it through the bone-shaking minefield that is Ireland and through the hills and dales of Wales for (usually) about six hours per day. Prior to this I had used the much-lauded Brookes saddle but the Rido is a better buy in every single respect. It is without doubt the most comfortable bike saddle available and I cannot sing its praises highly enough.”
J.D. Brundall, Nr. Norwich, Norfolk, UK

“I love the saddle to bits. From day one it was an instant success in the comfort department. I use the saddle on my commuting bike week in week out. It still looks brand new with all the use it is getting.
It has taken me a decade to find a saddle which didn’t give me pain or sores even on short jaunts. The Rido-2 saddle looks really stylish as well and when people have made comment’s about my bike it is the saddle they have picked up on first as it does stand out as saddles go. It does not matter if I cycle in my jeans or padded cycling shorts there is no discomfort what so ever. For me, you have made something just right….looks good, feels good and it definitely does me good!
L.L, Odsal, Nr. Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK

Let’s talk about saddles
“Rido saddles, much love. Zero numbness. Basically, your sit-bones are on a shelf which drops off before your penis comes into play. I’ve done a number of centuries and a pair of 500+ mile tours with the R2, and I’ve had zero issues.
‘Nerdlinger’, “A cooler bike than yours

“Quite, quite remarkable!”

(i) “I have never really managed to locate the perfect saddle. I persisted with my Brooks and because of the heavy duty price I tried to convince myself (and others) it was the definitive seat for my beautiful Ridgeback Grand Voyage. And yet it plagued me on long distance rides. Moving on onto a gel saddle helped marginally, but not a lot more. They are either to wide for my backside or too narrow… Lots of research later led me to your web site. Read through al the material and took the plunge and not a very expensive one either. The space-age looking Rido R2 arrived and I was still really quite sceptical about whether it would ease the pain of riding. To be frank, it is far from a soft sofa-like experience but it does really work! The pressure focuses on two neat areas of by backside and ignores my perineum completely. Quite, quite remarkable! I am wrestling with the physics bit to work out how it exactly works but I am quite convinced it does. Now have to purchase another for my Brompton. Thanks a lot.”

(ii) “I purchased it through SJS Cycles who were very quick indeed. I am quite amazed it (RIDO) is not available more widely. There must be considerable scope to sell through more outlets? I looked in vain for quite a few weeks for the ideal saddle and regrettably have wasted a good few pounds en route this last year on saddles that have provided very little (read ‘no’) relief around the perineum. The final straw was a midnight ride from Alexandra Palace in north London to Brighton several weeks ago which was agonizing on my Brooks. I now need to purchase another saddle as I am quit convinced by the one on my Brompton.”
Dr J.K, Palliative Care, London, UK

CaptainFlashheart – Member
“As in, can you please recommend me a saddle for someone who’s recently had a bout of arse-cancer? My father has recently given the big C the big heave-ho, which is a Good Thing. He now wants to get back on the bike to build himself back up again. Starting on the turbo, then developing from there. Problem is, operations around the 70’s Tea Towel Holder have left him a little the worse for wear in the “comfort on a saddle” front. Any bright ideas? I had thought of one of those two-pad ones you see occasion. No idea what they’re called, but they have two separate pads for your sit bones. Are these any good? So, good people of STW, your suggestions please…..”

Belugabob – Member
“You could check these out – my friend’s wife could hardly ride a mile without a “bottom break”, until she got one of these – now we can hardly stop her.
Rido Saddles (She got the R2 model)
Wish you dad good luck for me.
P.S. I’m so glad I wasn’t drinking anything when I read your ‘Tea Towel Holder’ comment, or I’d now be cleaning my keyboard ”
Singletrack World

Lanky – Member
“Evening – I have damaged my prostate via poor cycling practice + long hours in crap office chairs. Does anyone have a general advice on what cut away saddle to use ?.
In addition to this if anyone has tried the various cushions available for normal sitting I would love to get any advice on that too. Thanks Guys and girls (actually forget girls)”

Bol – Member
“I put one of these on my road bike when I damaged my pudendal nerve (too much saddle time on a Charge Spoon in my case).
Once I got used to it it was fine, and as it still has a nose it can still be steered with your thighs.”
Singletrack World

Alis 02/07/2011 at 4:05 pm #
I have a R2 Rido saddle. It’s extremely comfortable, but saddles are very personal and feel different for everyone. I get no numbness with this and my sitting bones are fine. If it wasn’t for the Rido, I wouldn’t have survived the 60 mile London to Brighton bike ride last month! Highly recommended.

Gerry 03/07/2011 at 12:18 pm #
I have the Rido R2 as well. It is the only saddle I have ever liked. Never get any numbness and I cycle 20 miles a day commuting.

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“Your saddle is a REMARKABLE product”

“Your saddle is a REMARKABLE product. I suffer from chronic prostatitis, which doesn’t mesh well with avid cycling. But I no longer suffer on the bike thanks to my R2. Thank you!”
P.K, Marcellus, New York, USA

“By far the most comfortable saddle I’ve ever had”
‘Outsider’ MTBR Forums, California, USA

“Sitting in a soft chair produces quite a lot of discomfort but I actually get relief on the bike!”

“I have two of the original saddles and one light, but to be honest I haven’t used the light yet because I can’t fault the original. Without it, I would have given up riding or worse still, shifted to a recumbent. I injured my pudendal nerve in a race almost two years ago and it hasn’t fully recovered. Sitting in a soft chair produces quite a lot of discomfort but I actually get relief on the bike! It is the best thing I’ve ever bought for my bike ( a carbon Scott dually with XTR). I normally commute to work on it, but commuting for me in Canberra means single track and dirt fire trails for about 35 mins each way over quite a big climb (as commutes go, about 300m up)….not a bad way to start and finish the day.

Just to reinforce the benefits of the saddle, I just got back from Malaysia where I hired a tandem to ride with my wife (not altogether successful from a tempo and bike work ethic point of view) and I was in pretty bad perineal pain after just 10 minutes. I’d forgotten how terrible an ordinary saddle was for my condition.
If pressed for a comment on further evolution of the saddle, I think there might be a place for a more lightweight version of the R2…the light looks to be not quite as protective, but that might be prejudice on my part.

I spent ages getting a diagnosis of my condition. My doctor had no idea, and it was a Google search … discomfort wearing trousers in that they always felt too tight even when they weren’t, unable to sit on a soft chair, relief lying down and standing up and sitting on a toilet seat … that opened up the possibility of pudendal nerve damage. I took this suggestion to a different doctor, a cyclist, and he referred to a little known “triathletes tip” condition, which is nerve damage in the perineum. Now I sit on a rolled up towel at home and in cars (that mimics the R2 loadings) and the condition is very manageable. But it was the saddle that made the big breakthrough and showed me how to handle the perineum (if you’ll pardon the expression) elsewhere.
More power to you and your saddles! Terry”
T.W, Canberra, ACT, Australia

“I am a middle aged woman, overweight and very poor cycle rider. But this saddle overcame all of that and lets me have an enjoyable ride. I recommend it to anyone who says (they) can’t find a comfortable saddle.”
M.R (Mrs), Bedford, UK

“I started cycling again (after a layoff of some 30 years) a few months ago. I’d bought a new bike but found that after a few days I suffered from coccygeal pain. As a result, I had to lay off cycling for about two weeks, during which time I bought the Rido saddle.
I am pleased to say that the saddle is the most comfortable l I’ve ever had, and there has been no recurrence of my spinal pain! My eternal thanks to you – I thought I’d have to pack cycling in for good.”
H.D.R.M (Dr), Cardiff, S.Glamorgan, UK

The RIDO has stopped the saddle soreness completely and it was hard on the buttocks at first but my muscles seemed to adjust to that so it no longer hurts, although I have only pootled around town a couple of times.
Sadly being a larger lady I am struggling with wear and tear on my jeans. The RIDO being narrower than my ‘Plush’ saddle has helped but jeans still develop holes pretty quickly. I am trying to work with leather patches but I need to take a leather patch to a dry cleaners to see if they will go through the machine ok, then I could have several pairs of jeans with leather patches sown in that are dry cleaned each month. If they can’t be dry cleaned then my cycling days are over.
I am feeling a bit despondent really but the RIDO has stopped the saddle soreness I was experiencing.
L.J (Ms), Taunton, Somerset

“I cannot believe the immediate difference that the (R2) saddle has made”

“An emphatic YES, the saddle did the trick! I am back to enjoying my cycling again. I cannot believe the immediate difference that the saddle has made. At 64 you are beginning to think that enjoyable riding days are over. Not any more! Thanks!
P.D, Northampton, Northants, UK

“The R2 is a fantastic, comfortable saddle. It has enabled me to get back to riding/racing after perineal problems. Comfiest saddle I’ve ever used in over 20 years of riding/racing, and I’ve tried very many over time.”
S.W, Gnosall, Stafford, UK

“I have had two saddles from you over the years and they are fantastic.”
J.F, Warrington, Cheshire, UK

“I bought an R2 from you just before Christmas (2011).
I had a radical prostatectomy in early June and started riding again in late October, but I found it very painful after about 20 miles on my Brookes B17.
I have now completed a 60 mile round trip pulling my camping trailer and a 45 mile day trip in the Welsh borders without any internal pain at all. Back on my ‘ordinary’ saddles the pains return.
I’d like to buy another for my second upright bike, please!”
D.C, Wolverhampton, West Midlands, UK

“Hi been suffering with cronic pelvic pain from long distance rides. The saddle seems to be really helping along with physio. Thanks, P.”
P.D, Canvey Island, Essex, UK

“1st ride today – no pain! Very exciting.”
J.S, Waverley, New South Wales, Australia

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