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“I’m delighted to have done business with such a superb company”

“What can I say; once again I’m delighted to have done business with such a superb company. You not only make a tremendous product, you also treat your customers royally. Many thanks!”
P.W, Wirral, Cheshire, UK

“I thought it would take a couple of weeks to “break it in” but after just 5 minutes I could not even feel the saddle.”

“I know saddles are a very personal thing, but after trying several for many months on my new road bike, I’ve found one which is great and inexpensive too! I’ve read several threads where people are looking for a good saddle and many good suggestions are made, unfortunately the saddles mentioned are typically better suited for younger? riders or competitive types. I’ve tried Specialized, Terry, Selle, Forte, also some off brands; the Rido saddle is great, extremely comfortable but not “mushy”, it’s firm, no pressure points, simply constructed, waterproof and light. I thought it would take a couple of weeks to “break it in” but after just 5 minutes I could not even feel the saddle. I’ve put about 20 hrs on it with some rides lasting about 3 hrs and my rear end felt great. Now I just have to work on my climbing!
The only negative is the color combinations; but what the heck, it looks kind of cool… I highly recommend it.”
R.P, Roswell, Georgia, USA / rparedes

“I am really impressed with my Rido saddle – it does exactly what it says and I can only confirm the many positive reviews.”
N.M, Rochdale, Lancashire, UK

“Great saddle!!!!
It seems to warm up and become more comfortable the longer you ride. Couldn’t be happier with it and am certainly spreading the ‘RIDO” word ‘downunder’.
Thanks again for a great product!!!!!”
C.L, Oak Park, Victoria, Australia

“Conclusion after testing carefully: Yes it does exactly as is claimed on the web site.”

“As a born again cyclist after a 30 year absence, previously heavily into running long distances, my new cyclocross bike was a revelation in how saddle technology has not kept up with the bicycle improvements. Namely my rear end was seriously compromised in terms of levels of discomfort and pain as distance increased. I shall not mention the hit to my manhood, except I was worried. Looking for a new saddle I read dozens of reviews and forum comments and drew up a list of some very moderate to pricey, saddles.

By accident I arrived at your website and read with a skeptical mind the reviews. ‘OK’ I said, just about one of the cheaper seats on the market and it claims to be be almost the holy grail ! The cynic in me said this is going to be a waste of my cash but it would not be a big waste of money, so nothing to lose.

“I ride cycle route number one in the UK and also along the North Kent coast. A nice mix of off road lumpy gravel track with up and down hills, some road, then sea front concrete esplanade with those concrete groove breaks as regular bumps.

Conclusion after testing carefully: Yes it does exactly as is claimed on the web site.

1. The seat acts as an excellent shock absorber and soaks most bumps very nicely. This is with a very stiff cyclocross frame with no shocks etc. 9/10

2. Fit to my large rear end is excellent and the anatomical bones press exactly into the wide target slightly softer area of the monocock seat perfectly. 8/10

3. Pressure relief on subjects target area is relieved by about 90% compared with the new racing style Velo seat that came with my cycle. 9/10 Almost 10 but nothing is perfect. For example after 3 miles on the original, the discomfort was causing constant need to shift the pressure from the groin and the sit bones. The Rido seat after 25 miles was barely noticed with an occasional lift off the seat and no feeling of any pain or pressure.

4. It makes riding long distances enjoyable where I can relax, have fun on the ride and not worry about comfort.9/10

5. I also do some very fast ‘give it the max’ speed work and this is no problem as the seat also does not interfere with the cadence motion. 8/10

6. Fixing to seat post was simple as expected 10/10

7. Appearance and colour of seat, not the best, purely function over beauty. 7/10. But who cares when the seat works so well.

8. Cost is excellent and value for money ratio is 10/10

“I look forward to the mark 2 version if possible. I am neither related to the owner of Rido seats nor got paid for this review. I’m just grateful for somebody trying to bring the critical elements of the bicycle seat into the 21st century!”
S.S, Canterbury, Kent, UK

Ordered our 6th Rido saddle a couple of months ago for use on the turbo trainer we were using to try to get fit for a CTC tour of India on our Rido-equipped tandem.
Returned last night. No sore bottoms after climbing and descending 6,000 ft on rough roads!”
C.C, Halesworth, Suffolk, UK

On my old saddle, a gel racing saddle, I used to be very numb and uncomfortable after about 30 mins!”

“I use the RIDO on my road bike that I ride regularly for fitness and fun. I participate in community rides up to 90km and and find the RIDO ideal for two to three hour rides. On my old saddle, a gel racing saddle, I used to be very numb and uncomfortable after about 30 mins! With the RIDO I am able to ride the whole distance with no numbness and with more overall comfort.
The real test for me, though, was after stopping for a rest. I find I can get back on the bike and it feels like I haven’t been riding at all! Even after long rides, my backside is ready to go again after five minutes, pity about the rest of me. I have been more than happy with the saddle and will buy more in the future. The price and service were great!”
Dr G.O’B, North Avoca, New South Wales, Australia

“Saddle is very good – not sitting on the most sensitive part of my body anymore!”
A.H, Southfields, London, UK

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“I loved riding on it! I told my wife about how wonderful it was and haven’t seen it since. I ride for the fun of it but will start doing centuries once I order myself a new one!”
D.B, Los Angeles, California, USA

“This is an amazing saddle that simply disappears under you.. I can ride all day and I never think of my posterior.”

“When I first got into cycling 2 years ago, I tried many different saddles – from stock plastic seats to fancy carbon/titanium and finally classic leather seats. None of them were comfortable after about an hour in the saddle. Then I read about the RIDO and figured it was so affordable that even if it didn’t work, it wasn’t much of a financial loss. When I first unpacked it, I never thought it would be comfortable – but I was wrong! This is an amazing saddle that simply dissappears under you.. I can ride all day and I never think of my posterior. There is no break-in period and the thing really works. The best bike investment I’ve ever made outside the bike itself!”
A.L, Alexandria, Virginia, USA

“I would recommend to any cyclist no matter what their level of expertise.”

“The Rido saddle is certainly more comfortable then any I have ever used previously. I cycle to work on my mountain bike about 3 times a week – a round trip of around 20 miles.
It was an instant improvement in terms of parts of my anatomy no longer becoming numb after a while in the saddle.
An excellent product at an unbelievable price. Stylish design too. I would recommend to any cyclist no matter what their level of expertise. I will now always use a Rido saddle as long as I cycle!”
P.I, Gt. Denholme, Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK

“You have an excellent product!”

“I have very recently returned to cycling after an interval of about 40 years. I purchased what I believe is described as a hybrid. It is not an expensive bike, although it seems quite solid, but the saddle was an extremely uncomfortable experience, to say the least.
I searched the internet to look for a solution to the problem and came across your site. The Rido saddle has just completely transformed the situation for me! I can now sit comfortably and enjoy the ride.
The sort of usage the Rido gets is utility only at the moment, rides about town to visit people or go shopping.
You have an excellent product!”
M.K, Bedford, Bedfordshire, UK

“I just got my glow in the dark Rido saddle in the mail at work a few minutes ago. I can’t wait to go home and try it out tonight. I’ll let you know how I like it.”
UPDATE: “So far, I love the Rido. It’s amazingly comfy for a short ride. Haven’t had a chance to take any reasonable distances yet, but it feels very supportive and I think it’s going to be great!”
 ‘Fishmaster’, USA

“….saves your ass and your manhood from a pummelling!”

“I can definitely say that I am impressed by the comfort compared to other more expensive saddles that I have used. I do about 4-5 hours on my turbo trainer every week, along with evening training and Sunday rides of around 60 miles at a time. No numbness or soreness at all!

I barely notice that I’m sitting on it after 10 minutes. It’s certainly as comfortable as you claim…..saves your ass and your manhood from a pummeling!
I’ve also fitted one to my good summer bike in preparation for the good weather.”
A.C, Sunderland, Tyne & Wear, UK

“Both myself and my partner are delighted with the two saddles that we have purchased. We use them for road cycling and the turbo. Great value too!”
A.S, North Mymms, Hertfordshire, UK

“After receiving my Rido saddle I was a little bit afraid by the design, but after a trial…..I am fan now !
Please keep me informed when the all black model and the X ray model will be available.”
Dr A.J, Epinay Sous Senart, France

“I can certainly feel the difference: the weight is clearly on the big arse bones, as you describe. There appears to be no pressure on the area between my legs and this is what I was trying to achieve as my old saddle was definitely causing me damage.
I would certainly buy another and would recommend the product to others.”
H.Q.H, Tamworth, Staffordshire, UK

“… have noticed less perinial pressure from the off.”

“The Rido saddle has been nothing but comfort so far. I am very impressed with its design and have noticed less perinial pressure from the off. I was sceptical at first about putting more pressure on my ‘glutes’ as I thought it might interfere with the efficiency of my (pedalling) action but no problems there!!! I have it on my fast road hybrid flat bar bike but when the time comes to get out my racer I will be putting in another order. Many thanks and please keep me informed of any new developments.”
J.R, Kirby-in-Furness, Cumbria, UK

“Just to let you know that the (Rido) product is excellent. I use my bike to commute to and from work and cover 17 miles a day. I am pleased to say that I now cover this distance in comfort.”
UPDATE: “I emailed you a few days ago to say its the most comfortable saddle I have ever used. I am so impressed that I have ordered another saddle for my other bike.”
R.M, Romford, Essex, UK

“It is as comfortable as you claim!”

“I have been using your Rido saddle on my mountain bike which I use both for sports and regular commuting and have been very happy with the saddle for a number of reasons:
(a) it is as comfortable as you claim!
(b) it doesn’t absorb water, unlike leather or plastic-covered saddles – in fact, plastic are the worst as they squirt the water back out when you sit on them leaving you with an uncomfortably wet behind!
(c) it is creative and innovative; and…
(d) it is very competitively priced.”
T.H, Hove, East Sussex

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