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“My coccyx and lower back weren’t bearing the brunt of these endless hours in the saddle”

“Hi John, having recently got back into cycling after ten years out of the saddle a friend and I decided to do a coast to coast ride from Whitehaven to Scarborough. I bought a new bike(Specialized Tricross) eight weeks before with the intention of getting in long training rides each weekend. What I didn’t know was that my first training ride would also be my last. I only covered 25 miles but couldn’t sit down for weeks with a bruised cocyx! As the weeks passed by without anymore time in the saddle I contemplated giving in and cancelling the trip. If I couldn’t travel 25 miles on the flat without injuring myself for 6 weeks then what chance did I have of completing 4 consecutive days of 50+ miles through the hilliest national parks in England!?

With a couple of weeks to go and my rear end nearly healed I still couldn’t bring myself to sit back in that saddle so started searching for a new, more comfortable, ride when I came accross the R2. I knew from reading your website that it wasn’t designed specifically for the problem I had but the design still seemed to address my issues so I thought I’d give it a go.

One pain free 20 miler and 3 spinning classes later I was on the train to Whitehaven completely ill-prepared for what lay ahead of me! Each day my legs hurt, my lungs hurt, even between my shoulder blades hurt…but I didn’t get any trouble at all from the saddle. My sitting bones felt bruised…but that’s what happens when you cycle further than you’ve ever gone before on consecutive days. I actually enjoyed this sensation as evidence that I was sitting correctly and that my cocyx and lower back weren’t bearing the brunt of these endless hours in the saddle.

Four days later I was back on the train home from Scarborough having completed the 220 miles pain free. There is no way I personally would of managed this on the original saddle, (in defence of the Tricross, friends with the same bike have had no problems at all). Although not specifically designed with this in mind I would recommend the R2 to anyone who experiences lower back and coccyx pain from cycling.

Cheers for making cycling fun and enjoyable again. When I sell this bike and get another I’ll be sure to keep the R2!”
J.A, Ilford, Essex, UK

“I still cannot believe that I had ridden so far without any butt pain”

“Good day. I would like to thank you for putting up a stall at the Argus Expo. The Rido saddle deserves an award for comfort.
If it was not for the fact that I have tried about 8 different saddles in my search for a less painless ride, I probably would never have stopped to test ride the Rido saddle.
It felt comfortable, so I took a chance and bought one.

“Wow, What a surprise! I had only bought it one day before riding my very first road race, the Argus Cycle tour (109 km) and at the age of 40. Before that, the most I had ridden was about 40km. I would stop because of the pain. After finishing the Argus in 4 hours and 58 seconds, my legs were very sore but my backside was perfect. Not even a little bit of pain. I could have kept on going. (Well, I had to…… my car was parked about 5 km away!).

“That was money well spent. Thank you. I still cannot believe that I had ridden so far without any butt pain.”
N.Mc G, Western Cape, South Africa

“After my very positive experiences with the Rido R2 saddle on the Pugsley, I ordered one for the Fargo as well. I haven’t tested it extensively on the Fargo yet, but the feelings after shorter rides (max 1 h) is that it is very comfortable on the Fargo as well, even with the less upright riding position.”
Peter Nyland, ‘Yeti rides – Excursions by bike in the SW parts of Finland, as well as some other bike and outdoor related stuff’.

“I have now fitted the R2 on my mountain bike and purchased the original RIDO for my winter training bike. Overall, I am very impressed with these saddles – very comfy and my urinary type symptoms have improved significantly. I cannot now see going back to narrow saddles (was using Selle Italia SLR XC gel flow). I would like to thank you for designing these saddles – I am not now contemplating having to reduce my cycling.

The R2 is great on my mountain bike and suits the slightly more upright position. I find the original better on my winter road bike but the question is – when do you anticipate releasing the LT? – I would definitely want to purchase one of these for my lightweight carbon road bike.”
M.K, (By email) UK.

“It has taken me 11 years to find a saddle which feels instantly comfortable….”

“It has taken me 11 years to find a saddle which feels instantly comfortable and feel zero pain of any kind after my first ride with a new saddle. For me, this saddle does the job it is supposed to do and looks retro as well.
I have had a week off the bike waiting for this saddle to arrive and to rest from the soreness I have been putting up with over the years and to be honest it has been well worth it. I was expecting to be sore after my commute to work and back and I wasn’t…..now all I want to do is get back on my bike!
Many thanks.”
L.L, Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK

“Dear Rido. Pleased to inform you I have an R2 mounted on my commuter bike and really enjoy it. I saw the union jack model on your web site and would like to purchase one for my cyclo cross bike. Is it available? and from whom? Thanks for a great seat!”
J. Hill (by email)

Reply: “Thanks for the email, James. Glad to hear the RIDO saddle did the trick for you. As regards the Union Jack version, this was only created as an image for advertising purposes (British design, etc, etc). It was never actually made. Might be one for the future, however!” Editor

“There is no numbness anywhere”

“Hi, just a note to give you some early feedback about your R2 saddle. I’ve had many different saddles over the years, none of which were comfortable. My latest was a Brooks B17 which was okay for riding on the hoods but I got a lot of chafing and if I went down to the drops my nuts went numb in about five minute.
I can’t remember how I found your website but I was impressed with all the positive comments and the design principles behind the R2. So, I bought one from SJS.
As others have said, it takes a bit of faffing with the position but once sorted there is no numbness anywhere; I can ride on the drops as long as I want to and there’s no chafing. All this was discovered on my first ride of 110 miles. I’m chuffed! Anyone want to buy a broken-in Brooks?”
B.S, Telford, Shropshire, UK

“Thank you kindly for putting care and devotion into the design of the Rido Saddles. At first they felt unfamiliar compared to the stock Dahon saddles, though over time we felt very comfortable and supported by them! All the best, Scott.”

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The saddle proved to be a revelation….”

“I have been using a Rido R2 saddle for 12 months after many past years of problems relating to saddle comfort. I have to admit, your saddle was initially a ‘last chance saloon’ as the previous discomfort I had was preventing me from being able to train long or frequent enough. That aside, the saddle proved to be a revelation and now having used it extensively, I can both train when I need to, how I need to.”
B.D, Bournemouth, Dorset, UK.

“…a design that raises the perineum off of the saddle nose, avoiding that ‘numbness’ that afflicts so many, me included.”

“I’ve tried loads and this was the only one I’ve been comfortable with so put one on the Nomad too. It’s a firm but not too hard a saddle with a design that raises the perineum off of the saddle nose, avoiding that ‘numbness’ that afflicts so many, me included. However you still gain the stabilisation of the saddle nose/beak, unlike the noseless designs. The other great thing is that it does not break the bank and really is a bargain compared to some.”
Darren, The Great LE-JOG Cycling Adventure, UK

“This (saddle) relieves the pressure on the crotch. Awesome.”

“Bought the Rido R2 for my endurance rides. I first did a 1 hour tempo ride on the trainer with the saddle, and WOW. It really is the most comfortable thing ever. I prefer it to leather car seats!
The main reason I got this was because I had testicular inflammation which randomly happened after 2 years of serious riding, went to a sports specialist and a urologist and they advised me to change my saddle and shorts. Did the shorts. (My previous ones were really shitty)
This (saddle) relieves the pressure on the crotch. Awesome.”
Aman Gopal, Mumbai, India – Link

“Spend the $55. Your bum will thank you, mine did!”

“I have recently returned to cycling after a twenty year layoff, middleage is approaching fast. Purchased a carbon-fibre road rocket, newfangled pedals and shoes and all the relevant protective gear for when the inevitable happens. The only thing that doesn’t seem to have improved is saddles. I spend my post ride hours doing a bad impression of John Wayne!

“For the last several months I’ve managed to locate and test saddles from all the major saddle manufactures, recomended from various sites on the internet, in my search for a cure for my post ride blues…. ISM Adamo, Cobb, Selle SMP to name (a few) but none of them worked for various reasons.

“When I came across the RIDO site I thought ‘Oh here we go again’ but at least this one is only $55 so I might as well give it a go. I Ilive in Florida so I ordered through the American dealer Weberbicycle: $55 plus $11.99 s&h. It arrived 2 days after my order and I eagerly opened the box to see the latest wonder saddle. First impressions not good: a seemingly hard plastic main saddle with two firm raised pads and fairly big compared to traditional road saddles.

“Well here goes: noting I mounted it according to the instructions on the website and after tweaking it a little I awaited the weekend ride. I had been invited to ride with a very experienced cyclist for what I thought was going to be a 25 mile easy Sunday morning ride. Was I wrong! This guy was an animal and had me puff and pant my way through nearly 50 miles, offering cycling tips as we went. The only comment he made about my equipment was that I might want to get myself a better saddle. ‘No way!’ I thought. ‘I’ve just ridden fifty miles virtually pain free!’

“This saddle is different. For me it removed all the pain associated with sit bone pressure and perineal pressure. The seemingly hard plastic seat flexes under your weight and the padding coverage offers multiple sitting positions. The only complaint I had was the rubber coating on the nose which tended to catch my shorts but a quick phone call to RIDO and this was rectified by the application of a tiny amount of automotive silicon protectant such as ‘Back to Black’. I’m sold on this saddle and eagerly await the release of the LT saddle. Spend the $55. Your bum will thank you, mine did!”
N.B, Bradenton, Florida, USA


“Freut mich, dass sich jemand des Themas annimmt. Für mich ist es seit Jahren auch ein Thema, weil ich eigentlich nie einen Sattel gefunden habe, bei dem ich restlos zufrieden war. Aber wahrscheinlich wird es immer ein bisschen Druck geben, schließlich lasten 90 kg Abtropfgewicht drauf. Für mich hat sich jedenfalls der Weg der Internetrecherche und des Experiments im Selbstversuch als einzige Möglichkeit erwiesen. Da die meisten “normalen” Sättel für mich alle gleich aussahen, und nicht restlos befriedigten, habe ich mich nach etwas anderen Alternativen umgesehen und einiges davon auch getestet. Problembereich war bei mir immer der Dammbereich, oder Schambereich, direkt zwischen den Beinen (jedoch nicht die Genitalien, bin männlich, Anm). Dann bin ich auf dieses Produkt gestossen, und habe es zu meiner grossen Zufriedenheit auch auf einigen 100km Ausritten dieses Jahr getestet:
Auf diesem Sattel sitzt man an den Stellen, auf denen man Sitzen soll, nämlich direkt auf den beiden Sitzknochen und deren Polstern! Dazwischen ist nichts, was drücken könnte!
Schönen Gruß,”
 ARGUS die Radlobby, Vienna, Austria.

“Ridin’ on RIDO…. trust me, it will change your cycling experience”

“Leisure cyclists especially will agree on how this snazzy invention promises a more comfortable long-distance ride – trust me, it will change your cycling experience like it changed mine.
In short, it’s genius!
Even Matt (my husband) has been so impressed by the absence of my complaining and I think that every cyclist, especially leisure cyclists, should get a RIDO. I totally and rather shamelessly endorse it for your physical safety and most importantly, your comfort.”
(Read more on Andrea’s blog)
Andrea Tay , Singapore

“Just wanted to say how fantastic your saddle is.”

“Dear Rido – Just wanted to say how fantastic your saddle is. Your brilliant engineering has improved my cycling experience no end. It’s a
shame that the saddle isn’t available to more people through retail outlets.”
P.S, Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK

“I’m very satisfied with my two R2 saddles. This new one (new R-Lt) seems a little narrow, but I’d like to give it a try.”
P.N, Turku, Finland

“The Rido (R2) is excellent. Back to riding my usual mileage. Sceptical at first when arrived in post, but definitely worth investing in.”
R.M, Bridgend, South Wales, UK

“I recently rode a 200km and for once, I only had thoughts about the ride, the scenery, the other cyclists with me, and where could I get a pot of tea! What a change from trying to ‘baby’ my bum for miles!”
‘Manx Cat’, Yorkshire, UK – Link CTC

“I have reserved my new R-Lt as it appears to be exactly what I am looking for. In fact, I actually thought about altering my R2 by cutting off the “wings” slightly, before I saw the new design. In the mean time I have moved the seat back slightly to get my sit bones more forward and this seems to have cut down on the friction due to width. But with the new design I think the more narrow width along with the rolled sides will be a vast improvement. I only hope that the perineum benefits are not compromised as my urologist is happy with the results of the R2!! I truly enjoy your product and have lobbied many of my riding partners to give it a try. Many thanks!”
Cpt.C.A.T, Groves, Texas, USA

“I have the Ridor 2. It has enabled me to lead a comfortable cycling life again, which includes racing.
Thank you.”
D.J, Ilkestone, Derbyshire, UK

“It took me a while to get my saddle dialed in as it just didn’t seem to be ‘exactly’ right. Two weeks ago I did a century ride (100 miles) in a rain/sleet storm with temps in the 30’s (Fahrenheit) and did not give my saddle a second thought. Maybe that was because there was so much pain in other places but I think not. Good product, no leg or other numbness present. Thanks.”
P.T, West Valley City, Utah, USA

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