10 (RLt)

“My third and newest @RIDOcycling saddle. Best saddle out there”

I can feel a difference here that I was truly hoping for”

“I wanted to give a little followup. Last year I purchased both an R2 and Lt saddle to try on my touring bike. I ended up using the R2 first and it’s been fantastic… went over the Rocky Mountains on it.

Following your advice I mounted the Lt on my Warbird and fitted it “nose horizontal” to the ground and the difference is drastic. I only pedaled it around the street briefly without cycling shorts but I can feel a difference here that I was truly hoping for.”
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“A world of difference compared to the Enduro saddle. It’ll take some further tweaking, but this is a much better saddle for road rides. There’s no long re-adjustments when I stand up in the pedals and sit back down. The pressure is just on the sit bones. Initial trial is ‘I like it’. I’ll find the perfect angle as I go, but yeah, this is SO much better. It’ll make the summer a lot faster.

I also took the opportunity to tweak the R2 on my touring bike. I had it set up wrong, as I leveled it from front to back and not JUST the nose. Oops. So now it’s properly leveled. It’s a lot more comfortable now, and it’ll be fun to ride it over the summer on my weekender tours.
Thank you VERY much again.”
R.R, Waukesha, Wisconsin, USA

“I think I have found my saddle now for LEJOG”“I have paid the balance today and will post back the R2 saddle tomorrow morning. I tried the Lt out this weekend and no numbness or strain on the hands, neck and shoulders. Just a little sore on the sit bones as not used to such a firm saddle. I will get used to it I’m sure. I think I have found my saddle now for LEJOG. Thanks for all your help.”

“Just to let you know I completed LEJOG with no saddle or neck and arms issues. The RLt really got me through it. Thanks, Darren”

“To celebrate my 50th birthday I decided to do Lejog. Initially I thought the scale of the challenge might be too big. It turned out finding a saddle that I could ride for more than 2 hours was a bigger challenge. I ended up trying 7 different saddles including 2 saddle fittings. Eventually 2 weeks before the event I purchased the Lt. Thank God I did, it got me through 980 miles with no numbness at all.”
D.D, Selby, Yorkshire, UK

“Am loving it so far!”
F.A, Derry, New Hampshire, USA

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