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“Fantastic, absolutely brilliant. Thank you! Used to only be able to do 15 miles max. before soreness was too much to bear. Can now do 30 miles without even noticing! Thank you!”
J.M, Crewe, Cheshire, UK

“I am very pleased with the Rido saddle, it does everything claimed for it. I have now used it on three 45 mile rides and can report that I have experienced not a trace of numbness when normally I would be shifting about uncomfortably after 15 miles.”
R.L, Cranbrook, Kent, UK

“I have now been using my MTB fitted with Rido saddle for over two months and am covering anything up to 25 miles of relatively straightforward terrain, on and off road. I’ve still not entirely got used to the odd sitting position but I have certainly had no problems with regard to the operative work on my prostate area. I did try reverting to my original saddle but it was not at all comfortable so I went straight back to the Rido.”
P.K, Darlington, North Yorkshire, UK

“Saddle has arrived. Thanks for the efficient service. Have tried it out on a ride today and it seems just the job.”
I.W, High Trek Snowdonia, Gwynedd, North Wales, UK

“I bought the Rido saddle following reports in the CTC magazine. I’ve been searching for a saddle for my road bike that is comfortable on long rides.
The saddle arrived on a day that I was planning a 65 mile ride, so I took a gamble and tried it out. Apart from some minor adjustments I found it very good and after 3.5 hours riding it was much better than my previous saddle. So it gets the thumbs up from me!!”
I.G, Nantwich, Cheshire, UK

“On my first 35 mile road ride, initial strangeness soon gave way to comfort and then I forgot about the saddle completely, which is probably the greatest accolade I, a 16 stone Clydesdale, can give it. I may have found my holy grail of saddles at long last, after having tried all the generic alternatives over may years of road and off-road cycling!”
D.S, Heighington, Lincolnshire, UK

“I can use my legs more efficiently to spin on the Rido and it is way more comfortable.”

“The rido (http://www.rido-cyclesaddles.com/content.php). I really like it. I like it better than the Brooks that I used for several years and much better than the Avocet Air that it replaced. The Rido is lighter than the Brooks but heavier than the Avocet (titanium rails), however, I can use my legs more efficiently to spin on the Rido and it is way more comfortable.”
‘Jankdc’, USA – Bike Forums

“Superb… I now find less saddle soreness from not being able to slide about on the saddle.”

“Superb! (Rido) is used for 350miles touring and audaxing. I would have said the exact opposite earlier but I now find less saddle soreness from not being able to slide about on the saddle. Earlier I would have said that one had to be able to move easily on the surface of the saddle to help the problem!”
R.L, Bedford, Bedfordshire, UK

“Seems to allow me to cycle for longer without causing pain in my testicles.
Would now like to order another one to try on the tantem please.”
R.L, Weymouth, Dorset , UK

“I recently purchased a RIDO saddle from you due to a prostate problem from cycling and it seems to have helped the problem immensely. Fantastic!”
I.M, bought their saddle via QVC The Home Shopping TV Channel

“Just back from a touring holiday in Scotland – Glasgow to John O’ Groats – about 435 miles in total. First time I’d done such a long trip and first time back cycling in quite a while (I’m 51).
I was very impressed with the Rido saddle and plan to put it on my wife’s bike for her to try out as she suffered more with saddle soreness than I did. Will be back for another if she likes it!”
G.H, Wilmslow, Cheshire, UK

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“… regular 25 mile weekday rides and 50+ mile weekend rides with no discomfort, or numbness at all. I am a fan!”

“I have a standard black Rido on my old Mercier (60’s/70’s vintage road bike) and a Glow-in-the-dark Rido on my hybrid.
I have been cycling for fitness (and charity… London-to-Cambridge) for the last four months and have covered about 2500 miles. The previous saddle on the racer was an old pencil thin, numb-inducing instrument of pain which almost put me off cycling before I’d started. The hybrid had a huge gel padded saddle, which was strangely uncomfortable over distance and looked like a sofa rather than a saddle!
I am generally very pleased with both Rido saddles. I have completed regular 25 mile weekday rides and 50+ mile weekend rides with no discomfort, or numbness at all. I am a fan!”
J.D, Impington, Cambridge, UK

“I use my Rido, which I saw in the CTC mag, for fitness/ touring cycling and I am very pleased with it. I have been asked about it several times and have given it my reccomendation. In fact I will be ordering another soon for my winter/training bike!”
N.J, Abergele, Conwy, Wales, UK

“This is now the second Rido saddle that I have purchased, having been very pleased with the first one, a black & yellow model. The second one I purchased was the Glow-in-the-dark model which, after a three day cycle tour on the Isle of Skye, I found more comfortable than the black & yellow model! I think this Glow model should be marketed to the long distance cycle tourist as it has a little bit more give in it. Thanks for making my cycling more comfortable.”
J.M, Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK

” I swear that this cycle solves all sensitive problems”

“I have recently completed Lands End to John O’Groats, I spent £80 on a Brooks saddle thinking it would help with comfort and avoid numbness in a sensitive area. But after the five days I spent cycling I was in agony.
Since then I have been testing a few saddles. Many expensive do help in comfort. But I came across a Rido saddle on another forum. Don’t base your opinion on looks. I swear that this cycle solves all sensitive problems. I have tested it on a 150 mile round trip around the dales, and although it took 20 minutes to get use to it is by far the best.”
‘rmware’, posted on Bike Forums

“I’ve just replaced the Brooks leather saddle that I’ve ridden on for the last 40 years (and is still in A1 condition) with a RIDO saddle.
……. Enough said ! !”
G.B, Saltburn-by-Sea, Yorkshire, UK

“I purchased the (Rido) saddle for my wife. She is a “casual” cyclist, but she is very happy with the saddle.”
J.G, Macedon, Victoria, Australia, UK

“The thing actually works.”

“Okay, I know this sounds like I’m somehow part of some kind of conspiracy, but I actually bought one of these Rido seats. I received it about 10 days ago, and I’ve put it through it’s paces.
The thing actually works. I have some prostate issues (mildly enlarged though I’m just under 40). Anyhow, my urologist suggested I stop riding or figure out a new seat. Got this one, and presto, it’s better. It does take some getting used to (it’s got a bit of grip to it, but nothing horrible).
If you’re having discomfort, it’s worth a look. Honestly.”
‘bikegummo’, Bike Forums

“This is my second order for two of your saddles. Great product. Well done!!!”
A.A, Hadley Wood, Hertfordshire, UK

“Saddle is great! Used for day rides & commuting. Excellent product…. own two!”
B.C, Grimsby, N.E Lincolnshire, UK

“My dad has bought two RIDO saddles and loves them to bits.”
A.M, Wotton-u-Edge, Gloucestershire, UK

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