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“Rido…. a big thank you! It does exactly what you say. What a relief not to have my usual painful crotch. After a hard 100km ride ‘first time out with the Rido’ my backside could have taken another 100km….. shame about the legs!”
P.W, West Wrattling, Cambridgeshire, UK

“In one of those fettling frenzies that I think we all pass through, I decided to try this (RIDO) saddle on my road bike, in place of my £100 Selle Italia. I will never go back to the Selle….. the RIDO is superb, with 40 plus mile rides leaving none of the “impressions” that I took for granted!”
A.R, Keighly, Yorkshire, UK

“It’s the best saddle I’ve used and ideal for men wishing to preserve their prostates and urinary function! After long rides I can walk, pee and look forward to getting back on!”
Malcom B, UK

“I have owned two Rido saddles since 2004. Still the most comfortable saddle I have ever used! I have cycled for two to three hours on a Rido without any discomfort but can now barely last an hour on others!”
P.J, Ilkley, West Yorkshire, UK

“First twenty miler and so far, very impressed!”
D.S, Carmarthen, Wales, UK

“… no discomfort over some four months’ use. Bravo!”

“I use the Rido on a mountain bike for leisure and, primarily, fitness. The original saddle left me in agony after about 40 miles over three days when I restarted cycling at age 63. The RIDO has been excellent and I have had no discomfort over some four months’ use. Bravo!”
P.F, Market Rasen, Lincolnshire, UK

“Just back from doing Lands End to Northampton in 6 days: 399.59 miles!!(should have gone round the block to make the 400 up, but didn’t realise).
Very, very comfortable. No saddle soreness and no creams required. Highly recommend the RIDO!”
P.T, Northampton, Northants, UK

“I was in the saddle virtually non stop for just under 23 hours. At the end the race, the only pain I suffered was in my feet (from pedaling)…”

“I’ve just completed Styrkeprøven endurance race in Norway (a hilly 540km from Trondheim to Oslo) on a RIDO saddle. I was in the saddle virtually non stop for just under 23 hours. At the end the race, the only pain I suffered was in my feet (from pedaling) – incredible to have no back or shoulder pain and no numbness over this distance.
RIDO is not immediately comfortable to sit on, but it gradually ‘dissapears’ as the ride progresses, in contrast to normal saddles which get more noticable over time. BTW (TV), the camera crew which followed our attempt, also took an interest in my unconventional saddle so you may soon be briefly featured on Danish TV!
The price and delivery time are also fantastic – keep up the high standards!”
C.P, Solred Strand, Denmark

“Old school steel lugged frame. Spray powdercoat, spec’d with old school shimano 600 brakes calipers, levers; 105 shifters, rear-d, front-d; Deore crank 46-36, 12-18; RIDO saddle. Thats about it. Decent bike for ‘training’ and commuting.”
R.G, Singapore – http://www.togoparts.com/bikeprofile/viewprofile.php?p=176&s=0

(1) “I have just completed a 200 mile trip round the Yorkshire Wolds on the Rido seat and it gave me the most comfortable ride I have had for years…… no problems with sore backside etc….. just great!
Great product….. and one that works. Thanks again!”
(2) “I have just completed a 91 mile ride(Audax) with no discomfort at all. I also see that the last issue of the magazine for the Tandem Club showed a tandem on the front cover with Rido seats attached!! Should be ordering some more in the future. Keep up the good work, they really do help.”
C.D, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, UK

“When I looked at your saddle I was very skeptical about it, especially given the price. It shows how wrong you can be. The best saddle I have ever had!!”
K.J.T, Weston-Super-Mare, North Somerset, UK

The Rido saddle…… Very good! What surprised me most was that I could feel a difference in comfort almost immediately on a short day ride.”
J.M, Bradford, West Yorkshire

My wife has recently had our first baby, and finds the saddle excellent! She could get out much sooner on the Rido than she would have been able to otherwise. She has been going out for short rides (between feeds!) since about six weeks after the birth, which was about as soon as she felt like trying. A quick test on her old saddle was not so enjoyable!”
A.B, Clitheroe, Lancashire, UK

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“Just done 110 miles over the weekend on the (Rido) saddle and it is astoundingly comfortable.”

“The Rido saddle is a really wicked saddle! First ride was damn comfy for a new saddle and I was most impressed. I did four longish rides four days in a row just after putting it on, and although my butt was a little tender at the end of it, it still felt less hammered than it would have been on the previous saddle. Since then its been getting better and better, and I can now safely say it is really comfy.
It is the most comfortable saddle I’ve ever ridden!” (1)
“Just done 110 miles over the weekend on the (Rido) saddle and it is astoundingly comfortable: I’m more than happy to recommend it to others unequivocally!” (2)
K.M, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, UK

“… riding on a Rido saddle I can now enjoy cycling without worrying about my waterworks!”

“I bought a Rido saddle for my recent return to commuter cycling after a radical retropubic prostatectomy to remove cancer in the prostate gland. I was anxious to avoid putting pressure on the urethra (having endured a year of depressing post operative waterworks complications and no cycling).
I live in London and have an Orbit Orion City 7 bicycle which I use for shopping, local leisure trips and, come rain or shine, a twenty minute commute to work. I am very happy with the Rido saddle. It supports me by my bones as claimed, and is certainly better than my original gel-filled saddle. It is counter-intuitive; the gel saddle on first inspection feels softer and therefore likely to be more comfortable than the Rido, but is not so after a few minutes riding.
So, riding on a Rido saddle I can now enjoy cycling without worrying about my waterworks!”
T.C, Chiswick, London, UK

“Great design work and great saddle!”

“I’d been looking for a more comfortable saddle for some time and had tried them all – Terry Liberator, Specialized Geometry, WTB Comp, the SEAT by Ergo, and finally settled on a cushy Softtail from Performance. Heavy at 20 ounces, even with this I still experienced numbness. So I was naturally dubious but willing to try the Rido saddle after reading the reviews.
I found it surprisingly comfortable and am very pleased with the all-around even weight distribution – no particular pressure points anywhere. I also like the looks of the saddle, the light weight, and the ‘sticky’ surface that keeps my shorts from sliding around so much. So I’ve ordered another one for my second bike and I’ll probably order a couple more in the near future just to have spares if I need them. Great design work and great saddle! I wish you much success.”
D.D, Woodacre, California, USA

“No numbness in those delicate areas!”

“I have now been on several 20 mile rides with the RIDO and have been extremely pleased with the results. Since losing my previous bike of twenty years, fitted with a B17, I have searched in relative vain for a comfortable replacement, but now feel I have found it….. and at only £10 too!! The Rido is comfortable and there’s no numbness in those delicate areas!”
S.E, Brighton, East Sussex

“I now feel I can concentrate on pedalling and looking at the countryside and not shifting around on the saddle trying to reduce the ‘nut’ discomfort all the time.”

“Following my experience with the Rido saddle I bought recently I’ve just put in a repeat order so that I can have one on my second bike – or for my wife to try on hers. So there might be yet another order to come! I now feel I can concentrate on pedalling and looking at the countryside and not shifting around on the saddle trying to reduce the ‘nut’ discomfort all the time.
I had arthroscopy on both ankles in February ‘05 and used the bike as rehabilitation from the operation. My longest ride so far (this last weekend) was 55 miles and I was out the following day (no saddle soreness whatsoever!) to put in another 35. All in all I’m very pleased – it’s leg fitness not saddle pain that now determines how far I can go on the bike!! Target next year – the ‘End to End’ on my Rido saddle.
D.M, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, UK

“I commute to work which is about 20 miles (Dorset miles – which means lots of hills ! ) round trip on a road bike with drop handle bars. I can feel that the weight of my body is on the bones in my bum rather than on my crotch…. I don’t seem to get numb bits any more! It’s probably the best value for money product I have bought in a long while and I have recommended it to others.”
S.R, Blandford, Dorset, UK

“I bought two of your saddles last year and am very impressed with them. I will be ordering some more very soon!”
Dr A.S, Bristol, Avon, UK

“I will never ride anything else ever again.”

“I’ve been running around preaching the praises of the Rido saddle. It’s completely new and a little strange looking. This English saddle won some awards for innovative new product in England last year. I’ve had it about a month and it is a revolution for me. NO pain or discomfort in the perineum. I can’t describe it as comfortable, because it’s not some plush super-gel seat. In fact when most people touch the thing, they tell me there’s no way it can be comfortable. There is no covering, no fabric, no stitching – it’s a funky monococque plastic with a rubberized top. Sounds terrible but I will never ride anything else ever again. I also have a Brooks B17 that never got broken it – it broke me, a Bontrager race seat that’s OK, a new Selle Italia Trans Am that is just plain sexy and light as a feather but uncomfortable after 2 hours; but none of these others can compare to the Rido.”
‘lokerola’, Alexandria, Virginia, USA (http://www.bikeforums.net/showthread.php?t=87908)

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