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“I have to say I like it! By taking most of the body’s weight on the ischial tuberosities (you’ll know what thay are, I’m sure) pressure in the perineum is definitely relieved.”
Dr M.R, Point Pleasant, London, UK

“I bought a Rido saddle a couple of months ago as I read they are a revolutionary design and thought it was worth a go for ten quid. It is by far the most comfortable saddle I have ever tried – I mean its in a different league altogether. I strongly suggest everyone try one.”
R.C, London, UK

“With my previous saddle I would be getting numb / pain after 45 – 60 mins, even when cycling regularly.”

“Having now built up to two hours on the bike I can confirm it really works! I am heavy for a cyclist at nearly 15 stone and this puts a lot of pressure on the saddle contact area. With my previous saddle I would be getting numb / pain after 45 – 60 mins, even when cycling regularly. Your Rido saddle really does appear to fit directly under the sitting bones and therefore, I assume, does not restrict blood flow to your nether regions. Definitely a winner!”
P.J, Ilkley, West Yorkshire, UK

“I am entirely satisfied with the saddle which I received with no delay. Thanks for your professional service. I am currently doing both mountain biking and road tours and the odd local competition once in a while, and I am planning an 11 000 kilometer trip on The Silk Road with a small team of people.
All the best to the Rido design team!”
M.B, Rochefort sur Mer, France

“As I have 10 bikes with 7 different saddles I can say that this saddle is the best!”

“I bought the (Rido) saddle for my touring bike, on the basis of an article in the CTC magazine reviewing a book on saddle design. You may be surprised but I was initially put off by the price. I could not believe a £15 saddle would be any good, but I decided to purchase one as I rate CTC recommendations and views.
As for the saddle I would say it does not in initially feel comfortable but neither is it uncomfortable. For me the real issue is how it feels after several hours. I often cycle for 4 – 5 hours and rarely less than 3 hours. I have found the saddle to be very good. Even after the first ride I felt no after effects. I like the flexibility and lack of padding. It is large enough to allow small shifts of one’s weight during a long ride – that is important and enables one to keep going without feeling any discomfort.
The absence of any padding prevents it getting wet – a real bonus after a recent heavy downpour. I do not like padded saddles as the padding crushes after several hours and as invariably the design of a padded saddle only performs well when the padding works the results are often disappointing.
As I have 10 bikes with 7 different saddles I can say that this saddle is the best!”
S.G, Brough, East Yorkshire, UK

“Saw the comment about Rido in the CTC mag. So far, I’m very pleased indeed with the Rido saddle. Done a couple of short rides and forgot I had a new saddle which must be good! Have recommended my wife tries it. If she likes it I will buy her one and maybe a couple for the tandem. The price is so reasonable I can afford to buy more than one!”
C.H, The Wirral, Merseyside, UK

“The RIDO saddle has proved to be the most comfortable ride to date! I use my mountain bike to travel about 10 miles each day, in all weathers and on all type of surfaces from roads to fields and towpaths etc. Then at weekend the odd trips out for pleasure of about 16 to 30 miles.”
G.S, Blackburn, Lancashire, UK

“Thanks for the efficient service. Have tried it out on a ride today and it seems just the job!”
I.W, High Trek Snowdonia, Gwynedd, UK

I’ve been racing 57 years ( that is not a misprint ), and most of that time have used a saddle as a pivot, I’ve even ridden several 12 hr events on a Brooks Sprinter, if you are old enough to have seen one. Over the last 6/7 years, we ( my wife is an ex-racer ) have ridden mid-week with the CTC mob, and not only do they go “slowly “, but being tall, I freewheel alot, which means I have to SIT on my saddle. I’ve got about 8 saddles in my garage, all not comfy enough, the best is Concor ( Lance Armstrong has discovered it, and rides it ), but still not good enough for me for more than 40 miles. The RIDO was tested in last months CTC Mag and I toyed with the idea of trying one, in spite of it’s odd appearance. Having tried the first I was most pleased, and as you see I’ve ordered two more for another non-racing machine and my tandem!
M.D, Ludlow Cycling Club, Shropshire, UK

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“Your saddle does exactly what it says on the tin! I was recommended by CTC. It improves the riding position and supports my weight on the hip bones. Well done!”
Sir M.T, Enfield, Middlesex, UK

“You can count me as a very satisfied customer indeed.”

“To remind you, I bought one, tried it, and obtained two more. This is my 58th racing season, and for most of that time I used a saddle as a pivot and didn’t need to put alot of weight on it… I’ve even ridden 12hr events on a Brooks Sprinter!!
Whilst I still race on a fairly narrow saddle, for non-racing the load/area ratio was inadequate, and limited my range to about 30 miles,” at a sitting”. With the RIDO, I have yet to find my “sitting” range, but you can count me as a very satisfied customer indeed.
M.D, Ludlow Cycling Club, Shropshire, UK

“I have used the Rido many times now since receiving it, doing on average 35-45 miles each ride and have found it superbly comfortable, indeed more comfortable than the Liberator saddle I had up until now been riding on. Many thanks for such a splendidly innovative design, and at a really exceptional price.”
A.T, Chelmsford, Essex, UK

“I found it surprisingly comfy, bit odd to look at but who cares if it does the job. I am female so wasn’t sure if it would work for me but seems to be fine after 2 long sessions. Will definately keep using it!”
J.C, Saffron Walden, Essex, UK

“I like a firm saddle; the Rido replaced a Brooks Team Pro. All in all I do like the saddle and consider it a comfortable, very reasonably priced saddle that should be tough and impervious to wet weather, features important to a commuter!”
R.P, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

“I have moved from Specialized’s Y shape saddle to yours. I like the comfort of the Y shape and like the price. I commute in London approximately three days a week – a 20 mile daily round trip.”
R.W, Wimbledon, London, UK

“Just to let you know how impressed I was with your prompt service. The saddle arrived less than 48 hrs after I ordered it! The saddle is for myself – I now have 4 of your RIDO saddles, one of which is on loan to a fellow cyclist for a trial run. I am planning to ride a 300Km Audax ride on one of your saddles in early April….”
C.B, Ludlow, Shropshire, UK

“The saddle is really working well. All my aches and pains are gone now and I’m back to enjoying cycling as it doesn’t feel like a chore anymore.”
F.T, Norwich, Norfolk, UK

“I’m 53 and ride for training and road racing. An operation in Aug ’04 (to remove a lump in left goolie) meant riding was sometimes painful. The Rido certainly improved matters!”
M.C, Banbury, Oxfordshire, UK

“It’s incredible (how) it works. For me (it’s) a revelation”.

“Having initially bought two RIDO saddles somewhat sceptically I have been amazed by the result, so much so that I have now replaced all my bicycle saddles with ‘RIDO’s’.
As someone who has at times long distance time-trialled (2 x 24hrs, 12hrs, 100’s and 50’s) I have suffered with numbness in the groin area, commonly known as ‘penile numbness’.
With the ‘RIDO’ saddle the body’s weight really is distributed onto the bottom cheeks and away from the perineum from where damage is caused.
It’s incredible (how) it works. For me (it’s) a revelation”.
J.B, De Laune Cycling Club, London, UK

“I recently purchased a Rido saddle and am very impressed! I’m going to order a second!”
A.K.W, Wallingford, Oxon, UK

“I am so far very happy with its performance and would recommend it to anyone with a ‘butt’ problem.”
S.C, Central, Hong Kong SAR


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