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“I am extremely grateful I found your product”

Dear sir/madam,
I’m currently riding from the UK to Istanbul and possibly further. The Rido 2 has helped me accomplish this aim. If you wish for a testimonial or article then let me know as I am extremely grateful I found your product and I know it could help many more.
Some images are on Instagram too at the.bicycle.diaries
Tim W, Stamford Hill, London, UK

“I LOVE the RIDO II…..”

“It’s the best saddle I’ve ever used and have one on all my bicycles. I have two mountain bikes, a tourer bike and a road bike – a vintage Hetchins. Plus a Brompton for when I visit my daughter in Edinburgh, all fitted out with your RIDO II.

“Reason why I went for RIDO II. I had a shed load of saddles, more than 20 types before someone somewhere recommended RIDO. After reading the website blurb, and spotting that these saddles were not expensive compared to many gathering dust and spider nests in my shed, I thought it was worth the gamble. This was a few years ago now. I purchased my first RIDO II in the late summer of 2011.

“That same year, I cycled the epic Lands End to John O Groats, not on a RIDO, but on a ‘shed’ saddle. (It was a Brooks, one that had been recommended by many to me). To cut a long story short, the pain in my sitbones using the Brooks used to hit me at about the 40 mile mark, and I experienced painful ‘electric shock’ like pain down the back of my sit bone and into my leg. To the point of needing to stand up on the bicycle. I never ever managed to improve on this, which is useless if you want to cycle more than 40 miles! Something had to be done.

“Since changing to the RIDO II. I haven’t looked back. I ride mountain biking here using the RIDO II on the Isle of Man, I tour long distances both in the UK and in Ireland, tours of 600+ miles. And I ride Audax with Audax UK, both on the Island and in the UK, I can also now cycle up to 50 miles without the need for padded shorts! I instead simply wear my running leggings or capri’s, saving my expensive cycling shorts for much longer rides. The RIDO II saddle enables me to keep cycling, and to stay seated for hours at a stretch.

“In 2017, I have a place, and intend to cycle, the long Audax ride ‘London – Edinburgh – London’, in just 116 hours. Its a great challenge and one I start working towards this coming winter and beyond – wouldn’t even consider it without the RIDO II.

“I have been so smitten with the RIDO II that I have even posted one to America to be specially re-covered. The only tiny weeny negative is its ugly looks. This I can cope with on my mountain bikes and on my tourer for that matter but, as a bicycle snob, it really didn’t suit my vintage framed Hetchins bike. So I spent a bit of money on the saddle to make it look extra stunning on the Hetchins and in my opinion it really does just that. See pics attached (below).

“My recent purchase of yet another RIDO II was to post one off to America again to be covered, this time in black leather. It is to be covered by Leh Carson who specialises in covering bicycle and motor bike seats should any one ask. I am currently waiting for Leh to return me another splendid leather covered RIDO II which is for my tourer, cos the bike snob in me insists on it. The leather has had no negative effects on comfort, just enhancing the look of the saddle and therefore the beauty in the bike beneath it.

“I’m about to set off on Tuesday for an 800 mile tour on Ireland. Again riding my RIDO II. Hope you like the photographs. Keep up the great work with this saddle design. Many thanks”
Maryjane W, Baldrine, Isle of Man, UK

“I cannot sing the praises of my R2 enough”

“Dear Rido, I absolutely LOVE my Rido R2 saddle.

In early 2014 I was preparing for a cross-continental bike pack tour. Along with a friend, the plan was to ride our bikes from our home in Fairbanks, Alaska to my childhood home in Denver, Colorado. A total of over 3,000 miles! I had chosen a Kona Sutra touring bike but during early training I was really struggling to find a saddle that worked for me. I tried a variety of saddles and found that they all put too much pressure on my genital area (I’m a woman) and I didn’t feel as if my seat bones were holding their fare share of my weight!

I was researching nose-less saddles when I came across a mention of Rido. I was intrigued by the design that allowed for extra clearance in the front while also keeping the nose for additional control. From the minute I tried my new R2 saddle I was in love! My seat bones sat directly on the raised portion and there was plenty of room up front for my delicate parts. I also found I was much less sore after an 80 mile ride.

I cannot sing the praises of my R2 enough. It never gave me any trouble on my long tour and I’ve been using it ever since. I recently bought two new R2s. One for my commuter bike and one for my boyfriends mountain bike. My boyfriend also really appreciated no longer having so much discomfort on his genitals. I recommend Rido to every cyclist who is having problems finding a saddle!

The Rido company shipped my saddles promptly (all the way to Alaska!) for a reasonable fee. Its been 3 years and my original saddle is still in perfect condition. I also really appreciated that the R2 is modestly priced. I know many bike tourists swear by Brooks leather saddles, but those are crazy expensive and still wouldn’t solve the crotch pressure issue.

Thank you Rido for making my bike tour possible! Here is a picture of us climbing over the last pass in Colorado! Warm Regards,”
Patricia G, Fairbanks, Alaska, USA

NO coccyx pain!!! Am amazed”

“Hi , I bought a Rido R2 this week in a panic as I did the 100 km ride night event this time last year but, even with training and trying several specialist saddles, it was a struggle with coccyx pain – ( I had fractured my coccyx years ago but recently came back to biking). I had signed up again this year but had no time for training and didn’t want to pull out so thought would try the Rido after reading the reviews.

Came in two days, had one 14 mile ride, canal towpath. No probs and no time to take it out again until the 105 km ride on the night.
Saturday night NO coccyx pain!!!! Am amazed, and enjoyed the event so much more: legs loaded, arms and hands not sore. Such a difference from last year WITH training. Thank you so much. Back in love with my bike again.
Thank you for a great product and fast delivery !!!
Sue Armstrong, Indigo Rehab Physiotherapy Practice, Powys, Wales, UK

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“At 57 it has been too many years accepting the numbing of one’s intimate region…… Now thankfully that experience is behind”

“My cycling is for commuting, leisure, and basically whenever I can instead of my car. My journeys tend to be up to 1-2 hours each way. It is my main form of exercise.

“The R2 saddle I have found excellent. From the first time on it I felt the difference. Rather than feeling generally squelched and the unpleasant pressure on the perineum as has been the case with previous saddles, this one you are aware of the direct contact with your sitting bones. I feel much happier with this saddle each time I mount my bicycle because I know my journey is going to be very comfortable. I like the unusual shape of the saddle, which friends have commented on. At 57 it has been too many years accepting the numbing of one’s intimate region and constantly having to stand up on the pedals being part of the territory when it came to cycling. Now thankfully that experience is behind.

“The only drawback is that because it is such an interesting and cool-looking saddle, I have to keep a chain (in addition to carrying my heavy D-lock) permanently locked through the saddle rails to the frame in order to keep at bay the dreaded curse of the saddle thief!
With best wishes,”
Nick B, Lowestoft, Suffolk, UK

Really does the difference”

“Hi John, I hope you doing well just to give you feed back the saddle we got, everyone love it and really does the difference of the other saddles I’m using everyday I ride 60km on fatbike .
Yesterday we had a presentation in one of the must luxury rent bike in Portugal which they offer unique service around, they love it I know this will happen every time when someone try the bike.
Thankyou, Warm Regards”
Luis Pinheiro, CCBS Energia, Lisbon, Portugal (www.webike.pt)

“An absolutely amazing product which has enabled me to keep cycling when I was told cycling would be out of the question”

“Hi just contacting you as I would love to know how I leave a testimonial on your site. About 2 months before Christmas I was suffering with seriously bad coccyx pain. The pain was so bad cycling was out of the question and just sitting down on a chair was painful. 4 months later and the pain was still there. After seeing numerous doctors and specialists I was just getting told to stop cycling.

Unwilling to accept this I started looking for alternative saddles. Went down to my local bike shop and tried quite a few test saddles. While some made the pain better it was still unbearable after 20/30 miles. I went on Google and searched for ‘saddles for coccyx pain’ and came across your site. Alot of emphasis on rido saddles on your site was to prevent pain in the perineal and crotch pain which wasn’t a problem for me but a few reviews said they also helped with coccyx pain so I was willing to give it a go.

This saddle has now enabled me to start cycling properly again. I have no coccyx pain whatsoever when cycling. I completed a 60 mile cycle 2 weeks ago and a 80 mile cycle 1 week ago. An absolutely amazing product which has enabled me to keep cycling when I was told cycling would be out of the question if I didn’t want to be in pain. I would love you to post this review on your site so others suffering with the same problem as me can also try this saddle as I was told coccyx pain is very common among cyclists, so the more people tour product can help the better.

Many thanks from one very happy customer.”
Mark.R, Swansea, West Glamorgan, UK

“Hi, Just to let you know my Rido saddle arrived today in Nelson, New Zealand! Just one week after my daughter ordered it from you!
I have a tailbone injury (from 44 years ago) which has been playing up now that I am cycling to work on my recently electric motor fitted out bicycle.
I’m looking forward to using this seat and will let you know how it goes.
Many thanks for your incredibly quick delivery.
Kind regards.”
Shary,Nelson, New Zealand

“I congratulate you guys for …..prolonging my riding enjoyment”

“I am a mountain biker.
I injured my prostate in a biking accident which elevated my PSA score. The doctor is concerned and asked me to stop riding for a while as the previous saddle was aggravating the issue.
I found your Rido saddle online and have been very happy with the results. I find it very comfortable and appreciate how it protects my prostate from constant contact. I will be returning for a follow up PSA this month and hope to have a new number much lower then 7. I understand that inflammation of this sensitive area is common with bike riders, the situation can also be improved with good nutrition choices.
I congratulate you guys for addressing this important issue and prolonging my riding enjoyment.
S.R, Orange, California, USA

“… comfortable (no pressure at all)”

“I’m a partner in a small workshop in Barcelona (COOP de BICI) and I’ve to ride a few so I’ve tried a lot of noseless saddles ( Spongy wonder, spiderflex, EASYSEAT II, Topeak Allay Sport 1.1, Nexride….). Although, for me, the most comfortable saddle is the Spiderflex, the problem is that it isn’t good for the mtb practice, so I still searching for a saddle, until I found the Rido.
The saddle is comfortable (no pressure at all) but you’ve to get used to it a little bit, and very useful in mtb because of the little nose that helps when downhill to take control of the rear part of the bike something that you can’t do with the others. Also, it’s the prettiest one of all, that’s for sure!
Cristián, COOP de BICI, Barcelona, Spain

“I have used Rido saddles for a number of years now and can say that they are very reasonably priced and exceptionally comfortable, having used them on different cycle tours in Europe. I’m currently using the R2 and am more than happy with it. Rido customer service is excellent, with very speedy delivery and I wouldn’t use any other saddle now. I would highly recommend Rido to anyone.
With best wishes.”
Mervyn C, Omagh, Tyrone, N. Ireland, UK

Unlike other saddles that had made their presence sorely felt when riding any distance”

“I first read about Rido Saddles in a cycle magazine, that has now ceased publication, that must have been eight or nine years ago. The article was very convincing and a Rido was obtained, put on my trike and forgotten, unlike other saddles that had made their presence sorely felt when riding any distance.
The new Rido R2 was quickly fitted and I was very disappointed, it felt hard and lumpy after the comfort of my old Rido had supplied for so many years. The old saddle was measured where the seat pillar had been fixed to the rails and the measurement transferred to the new saddle. Next day after going for a trip to the village, it dawned on me that I had not been aware of the new saddle at all.
One big difference between the two saddles is that the old one glows in the dark! Is it radio active, is this the secret of the comfort?
Many thanks for making such a great product.”
Stan.P, King’s Lynn, Norfolk, UK

“Hi John, my wife uses the R2 and finds it the most comfortable saddle she has used, she rides a Giant performance hybrid for recreational riding. I am a club rider training for Sportives and use the Rlt on my Trek Domane. Having tried 5 other saddles I purchased this saddle, and while it wasn’t an instant success it is proving to be more comfortable the more I ride. I would certainly recommend either saddle depending upon the type of riding that people do.”
P.G, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, Tyne and Wear, UK

Eliminated 100% of my pain”

“Hello, I had strong doubts that anything would reduce my saddle pain. Never could go more than 5 miles without unbearable pain. Tried all the soft gel seats before with no improvement. Your R2 was easy to dial in and has eliminated 100% of my pain.
Amazing……! PLus a nice weight reduction and awesome look….
Mike P, Helmetta, New Jersey, USA

…. this seat was a revelation”

“Bought the R2 two weeks ahead of a London to Paris cycle ride which saw me in the saddle for 4 days covering some 310 miles.
I managed to get onto the bike to test the saddle only twice before the event and I must say that the claim that ‘after 15 minutes it’s like floating on air’ is absolutely true.
All the numbness and pain associated with the long cycle was gone allowing me to cycle 90 miles on day one then get straight back in the saddle for a further 80 on day 2 with no issues. I am not a hardened cyclist in general so this seat was a revelation.
Kindest regards,”
Mark W, Staplehurst, Kent, UK

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