17 (R2)

“Thanks, my prostata is saved. Excellent product and blitz delivery.”
S.F, Karlsruhe, Germany (bought two R2’s)

“I spent the entire autumn season using your seats (R2’s) on my two bikes. They truly helped me to ride much more than usual without any physical discomfort. I learned I still could not ride daily, but these seats were such that I could ride 3 and 4 days a week, at around 3 hours each ride. That is more than I have been able to do in many many years!
Please forgive me for not writing earlier. I really wanted to use them and then have the ability to offer you a fair assessment. Cysts never materialized in my crotch as a result of my hidradenitis suppurativa as they have been doing in the past. Some minor irritation occasionally only but not enough to keep me from riding. Great job in your design, and building of these seats. Oh, and I forgot to mention that they are both comfortable. I have one on my mountain bike and one on my road bike, and you do have a photo of both of my bikes with the RIDO seats.
Best wishes for a great Christmas season coming up. May you make millions. More importantly may you and your family be blessed and have healthy lives throughout the year.”
G.H, Severn, Maryland, USA

“John – thanks. Saddle received promptly and fits on well.
So far so good. It’s very different! I guess the key is to keep the back high.
Best wishes, Edward”
E.T, Weymouth, Dorset, UK

“I had prostate cancer surgery in January. Was cleared to ride at the end of April. Purchased an R2 last fall when problems started and have been riding it over the past two months. Only riding about 20 miles at a time. I enjoy the R2 and feel that it keeps the perineal area off the saddle. When I get on a conventional saddle it feels like stuff is getting smushed.”

“I love, love, love their saddles…..”

“We told you this afternoon that our daughter cycles Abingdon to Oxford (or most of the way) and told us about Rido. I have just emailed her to say we met with you this afternoon (in Marseillan, France). She has replied:
‘Weird meeting the RIDO people! How did that come about?! I love, love, love their saddles and don’t think I could cycle to work without it.'”
Tim & Mary H, Glastonbury, Somerset, UK

“Glad to hear you like the saddle. I agree with your assessment that it takes a couple of rides to get use to the new feel. After riding on these (RIDO) saddles for almost a year now I do not like the feel of the conventional saddles.”
By oscar75 / 6033508 / March 8, 2015 at 2:31 pm

“I’ve been delighted, so much so that I ordered a further 2 saddles”

“After suffering a particular debilitating attack of acute prostatitis I googled ‘prostatitis and cycling’ and was delighted to read about your R2 saddle that had been developed in conjunction with the Prostatitis Foundation for just such people as myself. I therefore ordered one for my Kinesis to see if it worked, the saddle arrived within 2 days and I set about testing it out with slight adjustments after each ride until I found a comfortable position. I’ve been delighted, so much so that I ordered a further 2 saddles for my Casati and Cerevelo bikes (delivery was again within 2 days of the order being placed). All bikes are now kitted out and I am once again able to enjoy 50+ mile rides with my friends.
Thank You!”
Dr P.J.T, Middlewich, Cheshire, UK

“My health issues haven’t stopped me riding yet but they would have done had it not been for your saddles”

“It’s probably useful for you to know why I bought your saddles in the first place. About eighteen months ago I started (in agony) peeing blood and clots (exacerbated by riding), saw my GP and, as a precaution, underwent investigations for prostate cancer. Thankfully, I am one of the lucky ones and was diagnosed with BPH with recurrent prostatitis; not ideal but what a relief.

I had (and still have) two beautiful Brooks B-17 specials on my old Peugeot and my modern Trek, which I loved, but every time I rode or trained I had problems. So I started casting around looking for a saddle that was specifically prostate friendly and found your company. I didn’t want to stop riding and, ever a roadie, took a punt on the RLt.

I’m sorry to say that I recently sold my RLt as it was just too narrow for me (I’m 6’4” and quite a wide frame). The guy that bought it was developing numbness on longer rides, which on reflection was how my problems started, so hopefully it works out for him. He’s a good but smaller and slimmer than I am so I’m sure it will. Also, the competition padding or lack thereof revealed to me that my hard-ass days are behind me, ironically enough.

Therefore, at 46, I accepted that I am no longer interested in being a hard man purely for the sake of it and got two R2s and they’re fine. I can ride even when staving off prostatitis (recently got my second during a month long course of antibiotics for another recurring bout and went for a ride without any adverse effects at all).

My real problem is that I don’t get enough free time to ride but that’s a universal issue and not saddle related. My health issues haven’t stopped me riding yet but they would have done had it not been for your saddles.

All the best.”
M.McE, Glasgow, East Renfrewshire, UK

“Pertinent medical history: prostatectomy (removal of prostate) in 2011, currently undergoing radiation therapy to prostate bed for recurrent prostate cancer”

“Rido R2: I have ridden this saddle about 200 miles so far. My longest ride is only about 40 miles. In general I like the saddle. There is low impact on the perineum and in that respect it is better than my Brooks. My sit bones are getting sore after about 20 miles however and I have not yet found a sweet spot where I can just forget about the saddle. I am hoping that it will get better over time as my butt gets used to it. Setting the nose level with the ground seems to be the best position. Low impact on the perineum is a priority for me so I plan to stick with it. In retrospect I should have bought the black R2 as the blue and white version picks up dirt and oil and quickly looks like crap. This is a minor issue compared to ride comfort. I have ridden ‘no-nose’ saddles in the past, and this is far better.”
M.C, Sunriver, Oregon, USA

“Post-prostatectomy option”

“Hi. I had a radical prostatectomy 18 months ago and (was) advised by (the) surgeon at Royal Marsden Chelsea to find an anatomically correct saddle if I was going to continue cycling. I searched google for post prostatectomy friendly saddle and your site came up. The product information and comprehensive reviews were very positive, so I decided this was my best option.
Best wishes”
K.H, Leatherhead, Surrey, UK

Hi John, my R2 is working a treat, very pleased thank you. Fitted to a new bike, I do have a bit of adjustment to do in order to stop my calves aching but saddle is great.”
M.W, Andover, Hampshire, UK

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“Enabled me to get back on my road bike after an enforced layoff due to pressure build up on my perineum”

“Hi, thanks for the opportunity to give my feedback about the RIDO saddle.

Well, what can i say except that it has enabled me to get back on my road bike after an enforced layoff due to pressure build up on my perineum. The problem had got so acute that it was also transferring pain to other connected regions (i won’t go into detail) and causing me to think seriously about not road riding any more.

However, even though i’ve got the standard R2 saddle on my road bike, the results are fantastic. The saddle is surprisingly comfortable after just a few rides to get used to it. I guess it took somewhere around 10 to 12 hours of riding to not only get my sitting bone area used to having more pressure on them (where it should be), which clearly wasn’t happening on any of my previous supposedly comfortable road saddles, but to also tinker with the precise location of the saddle height and tilt wise. But that was all easy enough, just common sense in conjunction with the helpful information on your website and the instructions that came with the saddle.

Overall, i’m 100% satisfied with the product itself and more over solving the perineum pain issue has meant that i can not only get back on my road bike and do what i enjoy (albeit as a keen amateur) but i’ve been able to ride for longer and with better performance.

I think logically my next step is to purchase the RLt and give that a go on my road bike. The R2 can then be transferred to my mountain bike which gets used mainly for leisure cycling with the family.
All in all, i can’t rate the R2 saddle highly enough. It does exactly what RIDO said it would do, and at a very reasonable price. A real success story in my opinion! Thank you for creating it.”
N.W, Bideford, Devon, UK

“R2 has improved our rides so much!”

“Hi, R2 is working very well for whole family, we are 5, everyone is happy with its own R2. *BEST* saddle for leisure and very good for long mtb trail rides. R2 has improved our rides so much!
R2 in white and blue looks very nice! (Also looking for blue/black edition and maybe even some red for girls!) I dream for a mtb specific Rlt with soft material around sit bones and some give/suspension, all similar to R2. R2 is too wide (to get behind easily) and heavy for serious mtb and Rlt seems to be too stiff.
I plan to buy one Rlt for my son when he’s racing. I only had a short evaluation of Rlt and I might be wrong.
Thank very much for ‎designing of these saddles!”
C.S, Medias, Sibiu, Romania

“I couldn’t live without it”

“Hello, I recently (3/4 months ago) bought your R2 saddle as I suffer with coccyx pain while cycling. It got so bad that I was about to give up as I couldn’t cope with the pain. I was so lucky to find you on Google as your saddle is amazing took a little while to get used to, but now I couldn’t live without it. Not only I am cycling every day but I have just completed a 100km charity bike ride and was on the bike for 7 hours with a few stops and I’m not in pain!!!
I am not your average skinny cyclist but your saddle has given me a new lease of life. I can’t thank you all enough and please never stop making them. I have told my back surgeon who is a cyclist how amazing your saddle is as I’m just so happy I can enjoy my cycling without taking pain killers.
Thank you so much,
Kind Regards”
Katie McF, Bordon, Hampshire, UK

“The pain in my coccyx ceased to occur following a longish ride >25 miles (long for me)”

“Thank you, I’ve been getting along very well with my new Rido 2 saddle.
As you may remember I had some difficulty in understanding your set up instructions but with your help I set up the saddle being meticulous in following what was said once I understood it. From an earlier experience the Rido 2 does not respond well if you have no instructions or don’t follow them. I had to make a couple of minor forward, back and angle adjustments to get it completely right for me, whilst on a longer proving ride.
I bought the Rido 2 in preference to a Selle SMP saddle because it’s nose was too wide and rubbed the inner side of my thighs – otherwise the Selle SMP was very good and had a plus which was the gentle ventilation of the perineum.

The Rido 2 did what it said it would do.
1. The pain in my coccyx ceased to occur following a longish ride >25 miles (long for me)
2. Having to go for a pee at 2am following a ride stopped = my perineum had stopped being hammered.
3. And at the end of a long ride I have not been saddle sore. I rode the London Night Ride this year using it.

There is one criticism I have. The nose has a non-slip surface on it which means that if I slip forward to stand at a red traffic light my trousers get caught on the non-slip. This creates a distinctly uncomfortable situation which is reversed when I slip back up again on green and go. As you suggested, I have applied silicon based polish to it which has helped but it appears to wear off and so needs fairly regular application.
If you wanted to improve it then I would suggest the curved down nose which the Selle SMP has and the vented opening as well as making the nose slippy rather than non-slip. And I would re-do the instructions if I was Brand Manager.

Photos of me at Big Ben and in Piccadilly Circus June 7th 2015 for your amusement. (I regret) the saddle is not visible! But there’s a 3rd taken before I got on!
Yours sincerely”
J.B, Cumnor, Oxford, UK


(1) “Maori rock carvings en route to Duntroon. At this point Ricard was chanting “my poor bum”. Mine OK @RIDOcyclesaddle (http://twicsy.com/u/marygarden)”

(2) “Bum problems bicycle saddles. So glad I took @RIDOcycling when I went on Remote Outback Tour. Not riding any bike without @RIDOcycling”

(3) “One of the owners Remote Outback Cycle Tour borrowed my bike for few hrs & said it was most comfortable saddle she’d ever tried.”
Mary Garden, Beerwah, Queensland, Australia

“After 8 years I can ride again!”

“The only thing that I can say about Rido R2 is that got a big surprise. After 8 years I can ride again! I suffer pudendal nerve entrapment and this saddle really help me to ride again.
Maybe I would put something additional in this saddle which is an additional support or suspension like an spring or something like that. (like spiderflex saddle does), cause sometimes i have felt that is so thought when the track is no so good. In addition would be great to have the chance to change the color pads. Do you sell these pads in a different colors ?
For other side, Id like to test rido LT but Im not sure if it will work as well as R2. R2 saddle looks weird in my single speed bicycle.
Thanks again and sorry my bad english, Cordialmente”
Carlos A.B, Santiago, Providencia, Chile
“Intenta no volverte un hombre de éxito, sino volverte un hombre de valor”
Albert Einstein

Love it!”

“Love it! Will try and get a photo from our Land’s End to John o Groat’s ride starting next Sunday
One of the other ‘boys’has it also.”
M.A.Q, Parkville, Victoria, Australia

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