6 (R2)

“So thanks for a great product and will await with interest your new carbon design!”

“I am 44yr old very average cyclist and this weekend completed my first “century” 160km around Lake Taupo, (New Zealands largest recreational cyclist event, approx. 11000 participants in various events). I suspect I may have been the only person doing it on a Rido saddle as I haven’t seen any others here yet.
I ordered mine after discovering you on the net. I have about 6 other saddles in my garage, all because I’ve struggled with both perineal pain and pain on my sit bones making long rides very difficult. None of my previous saddles were top end because I have been fearful of forking out big dollars and still not be satisfied. I was attracted by your web page description and reasonable price.

I ordered in August. It took about two weeks to find its way down here, but arrived safely. I am very happy with the product. It certainly does what it claims to do which is take all the pressure off the perineum and put it on your sit bones. I also like the extra flex through the centre of the addle which helps ease the bumps. I am still struggling a bit to find the right angle of the saddle and relative positioning thats best for my sit bones as I do still get some discomfort, but its miles ahead of anything else I’ve ridden on. I would have really struggled this weekend on any other saddle I have.
So thanks for a great product and will await with interest your new carbon design!”
P.B, Manukau, Aukland, New Zealand

“… surviving both a cross-US tour and a horrendous bicycle-meets-car wreck”

“Just wanted to drop a couple lines telling you guys how pleased I am with my original RIDO saddle. I purchased it back in March, and about 4500 miles later it is still serving me well, surviving both a cross-US tour and a horrendous bicycle-meets-car wreck that separated one of the rails from the seat (a bit of manhandling fixed that). In the future when I need a new saddle you’ll have a repeat customer in me. Any plans in the future for a US based distributor?”
J.S, (town and state unknown), USA

“I have had my R2 for about 4 months now and am very pleased with it. It’s “normal” saddle design, i.e. the horn, allows for good control while the engineering relieves nerve pressure and distributes weight onto the bones rather than soft tissue. Good job!”
M.T, Glen Allen, Virginia, USA

!I am putting them at the top of the list…”

“I have purchased to date two of these seats. I think the company is based in England and they give me good dependable service. The seat is completely different than any other I have tried but seems to work well. It is not a soft comfy type seat – it just seems to be designed in such a way as to prevent pain but no real cushy type comfort. I like them and would or will buy more from them. I am putting them at the top of the list because this seat seems to me to work well and does what the inventor says it will do. It is low cost light weight well designed item.”

“Ahhhh…. bliss!”

“This (Rido), for me, has proved unbelievably good. http://www.rido-cyclesaddles.com/sensational-new-r2-c100064.html
The weight isn’t a problem as I climb quicker due to the lack of pain. You might need to spend a little time getting the angle right to find the sweet spot. But when you do… ahhh… bliss!
It’s the one saddle of many I’ve tried where I can ride day after day with no problem whatsoever. Only thirty quid too.”
Flamme Rouge, France (Posted on Bike Radar)

“I just want to say thanks for making a great product. I picked one up last summer and have been happily using it since. It’s the saddle I plan to ride on for the Tour du Rouge, and I expect to stay comfortable all the way along the ride!”
W.N, Plano, Texas, USA

“I was impressed with my first saddle (original Rido model) and doubly impressed with my new one. At the moment I use my bike for commuting to work.
As an engineer I like things that work properly and the saddle fits that category. I am retiring this year and am looking forward to a lot more pain free touring.
Regards, (Converted) Steve”
S.E, Pevensey, East Sussex, UK

“Love the new seat and use it for daily commuting 30km round trip.”
R.Mc, Canberra City, ACT, Australia

“I’m very pleased with the Rido saddle. I had a problem with the stamina after last summer’s 540km long Trondheim-Oslo ride here in Norway.
Time has recovered the problem and I can feel that the Rido saddle is not very likely to cause any new symptoms. I will use the Rido saddle in this year’s event and are hoping that this will eliminate any new problem.
Great product!”
“(PS: I will recommend the product to Dr. Ken Purvis, famous British doctor on mens issues located here in Norway. He receives plenty of bicyclers with stamina problems at his clinic every year)”
T.T, Hovik, Norway

“You were correct when you said you thought it would help”

“The Rido saddle was an excellent choice. I received it yesterday November 27tth , and I had an opportunity to try it out today November 28th. The saddle performed very well. If you remember I was looking for a saddle that would help with prostate issues and this one performs very well. You were correct when you said you thought it would help.
Thank you for an excellent product. I highly recommend the Rido saddle.”
C.D.W, Wayne, West Virginia, USA

“Many happy hours comfortable cycling later I will not sit on anything else, … at least on my bike.”

“Never had the erectile problem but I have suffered numb nuts and following a lot of pain and a raised PSA, which is a sign of testicular cancer, I bought a Rido saddle.
These are superb and from day one reduced any discomfort or pain. Fortunately no cancer and many happy hours comfortable cycling later I will not sit on anything else,… at least on my bike.”
Posted by ‘billiobob’, Road cc

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“25 miles later I romped home completely converted.”

“I have recently purchased a second R2, for my hybrid, which I use for hauling a trailer full of training equipment around the North Norfolk coastline, as I am a full time fitness trainer and coach. This followed on from my purchase, last year, of my first R2 for my road bike. As a 90kg triathlete, who actually prefers strength and conditioning to the obvious disciplines, my self inflicted imposing bulk, apart from being less than aerodynamic, made rides of over an hour a guarantee for numbness. I have tried an expensive list of saddles over the last ten years, with every conceivable type of cut-out and padding, all to no avail. Finally a quick web search brought me to the world of RIDO and the R2. Despite the previous amount I had laid out for much more pricey saddles, I thought I would risk the add on cost of another saddle, by way of a much more affordable R2.”

“The first ride out was due to be a quick 10 miles just to check the position and comfort. 25 miles later I romped home completely converted. I am not one to pound the roads for over three hours and do not profess to be a great rider, but the pain free time on the bike now is a joy. Previously I would dread an hour of dutiful training, but now a couple of hours out can actually be challenging training and enjoyable scenery, rather than just an anticipation of discomfort. I also couldn’t ride on a turbo trainer at all, as numbness would creep in even earlier. Now I have just purchased a set of rollers to improve my pedalling and balance, as I no longer dread getting on the bike.

I recommend the R2 to all my clients who ride and will continue to do so. A brilliant design that is easy to adapt to using and as I tell all my athletes, why not be comfortable and generate power, rather than placing an un-aerodynamic pelvis on a razor blade!”

D.G, Fitness Specialist (Dip FTST Dip IIHHT), Brancaster Staithe, Norfolk, UK (aipt.co.uk/)
A member of the Register of Exercise Professionals (R0002835) and a qualified Nordic Walking Instructor.

“Pain free touring”

“After starting the year off with a promise to put many miles on my road bike, I succeeded in simply pounding myself to a point of combined pain and numbness. I had ordered one of your seats even prior to an annual prostate exam but my PSA levels came back 3.35 which is low, but high for someone at 54 in good shape. Even my urologist agreed that inflammation was most likely and will test again in 6 weeks.
In the meantime your seat came in and it is a joy to ride again. It took very little time to adjust to it. I am 5’7″ and 145 lb with no butt to speak of. The support is comfortable on the ischeal tuberosity and the quick 10 miles I did this morning caused less discomfort than a mile on the old standard seat.
Thank you, I think you have a great product.”
S.R, Port Orange, Florida

“I recently completed John O’Groats to Lands End in 8 days using your Rido saddle.”

No sores, no chaffing, no broken skin no pain and therefore no pain relief cream required.
In fact the saddle and my bottom was never ever an issue – testimony indeed over almost 900 miles. Thank you!”
By: Chris Gutowski – Date: 22/05/2010 – Time: 17:31 hrs – Magicshineuk

Follow up note:
“The saddle really is good. (I didn’t write what I did to achieve more sales). I had no physical problems and even tiredness was more of a problem than my bottom I’m pleased to report – it was just never an issue.
My biggest hurdle was at the beginning convincing myself I could actually achieve it!”
Chris G.

“I bought a Rido saddle from you last week and it’s absolutely fantastic.
Instead of concentrating pressure on the perineum, which in the past has caused me considerable discomfort, chaffing etc on longer rides. the shape of the Rido shares the pressure out, in particular the bottom. If you already have a comfortable saddle, stick with it. If you suffer in any way, try the Rido. Definitely recommended for new riders as well who will struggle with a traditional saddle. Brilliant!”
By: Jeff Hunt – Date: 03/04/2010 – Time: 15:20 hrs – Magicshineuk

“This saddle is simply fantastic! I have never been able to ride two days in a row before, despite trying numerous other saddles. Long rides were just impossible for me.
It took me a while to get the saddle to the optimum position. After testing several positions I found that raising the front of the saddle up delivered by far the most comfortable position.
Can’t praise this saddle highly enough, it has solved a problem I have had for years.”
By: Steve Wilcox – Date: 03/04/2010 – Time: 13:53 hrs – Magicshineuk

“I have to admit I was a bit sceptical.
50 miles and beyond was always a trial, but no longer. I bought the saddle for a 5 day 350 mile charity ride with the longest day being 83 miles and had no bottom issues at all!
My only criticism is that the build quality good be a tad better, but still great value and a fantastic addition to any bike. I’m about to order two more for my other bikes!”
By: Mike Stretch – Date: 12/07/2010 – Time: 10:21 hrs – Magicshineuk

“All the weight is on one’s cheeks”

“I have fitted my Rido saddle to my Strida DS. (See above picture of a STRIDA.) This bicycle is a folding masterpiece designed by Mark Sanders in the UK.
Due to the upright riding position of the bicycle it is ideal for your saddle as all the weight is on one’s cheeks.
The saddle that came with the Strida gave me some discomfort but fitting yours has made the bicycle more enjoyable to ride. It appears that your saddle is great on upright applications. I will probably order a couple more of your saddles as I have many bicycles.”
C.D, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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