7 (R2)

“I would recommend the saddle to any cyclist!”

“I love the R2 saddle. I’ve had it for several months now and haven’t had a problem with it so far. I would recommend the saddle to any cyclist!”
L.A, Houston, Texas, USA

RIDO ‘R2’ on a Brompton PHOTO: flickr.com/photos/karlosofsyston/4910422646/

“This is my second RIDO saddle. After trying one I am very impressed. I have six bikes in all, so may purchase more yet.”
M.E, Hyde, Cheshire, UK

“I have to say it (RIDO R2) is a pretty good saddle.
I recently began riding longer (200K) rides with friends. The saddle I had was supposed to be fairly forgiving, but after 80 miles, it was painful right where the hip bone hit the saddle.
Your saddle seems to be working out better. My use is strictly recreational, occasional long rides, and if my fitness improves, I would like to ride longer. I ride about 5000 miles per year, and do not race.
I was also pleasantly surprised by the price and the ease of purchase.”
D.C, Nashville, Tennessee, USA

“I gave my glow in the dark to my daughter, and she said it is far and away the best ever. I was surprised, as i thought the RIDO was mainly for the benefit of men?”

“I fitted the R2 and it is superb! As you know, I have bought three now, two being the original and one glow in the dark.
The R2 really is an improvement on an already perfect design. I gave my glow in the dark to my daughter, and she said it is far and away the best ever. I was surprised, as i thought the RIDO was mainly for the benefit of men?
Please accept my greatest thanks for making an old man’s riding pleasure so much more comfortable and enjoyable.”
W.C, Kani-shi, Gigu-ken, Japan

“My mid section has never felt better after a ride”

“Hey – I just wanted to give you all some kudos.
I read about your saddle at roadbikerider.com here in the States. I had a century coming up in Colorado in a couple of weeks so I decided to take the plunge and the saddle got here really quickly for shipping from the UK, so I was able to use it for the ride like I was hoping.
I did a couple of test rides to adjust the saddle and then packed up the bike and went off to Colorado. Frankly, I hadn’t done a whole lot of training, especially for long distance. But your saddle was great!!! I did the century without any problems and my mid section has never felt better after a ride.
I’m talking up your saddle to all my friends and lending mine to them to try out but what I really need is a demo saddle so I can keep mine on MY bike. I love it. I’m going to order another for my other bike. Thanks!”
R.A, Lufkin, Texas, USA

“I would like to let You know that I am very satisfied with Your R2 saddle!!
As I am always wanting to try out new products, especially those which have a new approach to long existing “problems” as a saddle, I saw it on the Thorn Homepage, purchased one, and already spent a few hundred miles on it.
Your approach is different to other saddle manufacturers and that really makes the difference!! You are not copying another old saddle design but were brave enought to develop Your own new, innovative design! I really only sit on the sitting bones, and no longer on the perineum or the prostate! That´s great!!
Wishing you all the best with your innovative product. I recommend it whenever I can. Thanks again.”
P.P, Vienna, Austria

“It is definitely the most comfortable seat there is”

“Hi, I have been using my RIDO R2 for a few months now, for about an hour a day, and it is definitely the most comfortable seat there is.
Although there are some design problems which I hope are addressed in a new release (R3 maybe). The bars beneath the seat that attach to the seat post are pretty weak, they are continuing to bend and warp from absorbing the impact of my body weight (only 160lbs) and I am worried they will break soon. Those bars are also at a weird angle when compared to my other seats, because of this I am not able to position the seat at the proper angle. No matter what position or how hard I tighten it the seat always seems to come loose or starts creaking as my body weight shifts from side to side during pedaling. My seat posts are high quality and are not the issue. I also think the nose is far to long: it’s funny looking and it would do the same job if it was at least an inch shorter.
I will be ordering another one in a few months and I wish I could order it in another color instead of the standard black (black and yellow still looks great though). I look forward to seeing the new seat designs that will be available in the future from RIDO.”
J.E, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

“I got your saddle on Monday and have been out a couple of times since. First impressions are it is as you represent it. It certainly works for me and I will be giving it a good work out this weekend riding in comfort for the first time in ten years.
Can’t wait for the composite version. By the way, I think it looks quite cute!!”
R.T, St. Bruno, Quebec, Canada

“I put it on the bike and went for a 60 mile ride last Saturday. I have not ridden that far since the early 1980’s”

“The saddle arrived last week. I put it on the bike and went for a 60 mile ride last Saturday. I have not ridden that far since the early 1980’s. Not only was there no perineal pain, there was little to no butt cheek pain. I was very pleasantly surprised. I will be fitting the seat to my wife’s bike so she can test ride it. There may be another purchase!
Many thanks for a great product.”
T.W, Napa, California, USA

addle arrived today. Fantastic service. It’s on the bike and has been used already. What a fantastic piece of kit! Does what it claims. It is an excellent product. Many thanks.”
A.S, Lanarks, Lanarkshire, UK

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“The front chap parts weren’t squidged, castrato style, which was very refreshing”

“I put the R2 on my trusty 13 year old Cannondale, a hardtail with impossible to beat Headshox front suspension, and blew the tyres up to 90psi to replicate the unforgiving nature of a roadbike. I’ve now been for three two hour road rides on it. This alone may be judged a success?

“Initially I set the saddle with a horizontal straight edge through the pads and across the nose, following the instructions. Felt about three stone heavier through the arms and wrists. After half an hour or so, I remembered your tip about sticking the nose up a bit, which looks as if it should be awful. It was not. Balance came back, and shoved my bones onto the more padded parts, which as you say, can be moved around, finding different parts to sit on. The front chap parts weren’t squidged, castrato style, which was very refreshing.

“A thing I really noticed is that due to the way you have designed the top of the saddle, it is a little like having rear suspension. It ‘gives’ in a progressive manner to gentle bumps, it’s designed hysteresis mechanisms damping excessive jarring in a very effective way. The saddle looks fab, and physically feels as if it will last forever, which would do you out of planned obsolescence business. It has just the right mixture of grippy and slippy to give support and allow the possibility of movement.

“After doing a lot of in the saddle lengthy climbs, on purpose, I found it really did give something to push against. What I’m not so sure about is that the front corner, leading edge of the ‘Y’ shape really pushes in the inside lower portion of one’s butt muscle after a while. This bit is almost completely unpadded and could perhaps do with a tadge more of a radius on it? No lasting discomfort, but noticeable.

“To test the difference, I got back and stuck old faithful on, a Selle Royal more gel than a kids party thing, which has been pretty good in fairness. It didn’t feel so comfy then. I also really noticed a feeling of sliding off the back when replicating the going up a steep hill sitting down thing, so the support to push against idea you discuss is a goody.

“I’ll stick the other R2 on my road bike when it comes back, feel how I get on. I am massively impressed by your ideas, and remain a fan.
More in a few days.
First time in a while I have taken any serious notice of what my bum has to tell me!”
S.M, Llandough, Vale of Glamorgan, UK

“Without it, I would no longer be cycling”

“By way of feedback for the RIDO R2 bicycle saddle I can only state that without it, I would no longer be cycling. Even on short rides of about 5 miles / 20 minutes I was experiencing extreme discomfort from my previous gel saddle. Now, with the RIDO R2 saddle I can ride for an hour and beyond without any of the previous discomfort.I cycle for leisure fitness almost exclusively on roads. I haven’t used it off-road in a forest … yet! Many thanks for a great product.”
K.W, Stowmarket, Suffolk, UK

“My feedback on the RIDO R2 bike saddle: I began using the saddle in late May 2010 and loved it. Just finished a week-long tour in southern Utah and was in the saddle a lot on some long rides. Loved the saddle even more. My buns felt great. There’s no question in my mind: the RIDO R2 is the most comfortable saddle I’ve ever had. Sure glad I checked out your website from your ad in Adventure Cycling magazine and decided to order one. A very satisfied customer.”
L.H, Vancouver, Washington, USA

“So far I am quite happy with the saddle. I have taken long safe-contained tours across America the last 3 years and have had prostate irritation problems.
I have been training with the RIDO and have noticed a lot less irritation and plan to use the saddle for my trip this year from Wisconsin to Maine (1700 miles).”
T.H, Markesan, Wisconsin, USA

“(I) do not think I’d be able to ride a traditional saddle again”

“My experience of the Rido so far has been mostly positive, with the change in positioning resulting in me now experiencing zero numbness compared to the trouble I was having previously. It has taken some getting used to, but I recently tried riding a normal saddle again after a couple of months on the Rido and do not think I’d be able to ride a traditional saddle again.
The only negative so far is that I have been experiencing some chafing when going on long-distance rides – I normally use my bike for commuting to work on a daily basis (a 1hr round trip). The longer rides are normally from 2-4 hrs and the chafing may be because I do not have the Rido positioned correctly (I have it at a standard flat angle), or possibly because I have yet to invest in proper cycling/padded shorts.
Despite this minor quibble, I am very happy with my Rido purchase and have recommended it to friends who have experienced the same kind of numbness that I was.”
I.B, Preston, Lancashire, UK

“My own impression of the Rido R2 is that it is not particularly comfortable at first, but it never gets worse, even after many miles.
The ability to shift along it is crucial and I find that I am in fact quite comfortable.
Having had a rather private operation, I particularly like the lack of pressure on the more sensitive parts!”
M.S, Swansea, Wales, UK

“I / we are still in the evaluation phase. As we are somewhat new to cycling (and the issues I was having was from the saddle or just my “break in period”) I moved your saddle to my wife’s bike to see if it helped her and returned to the seat / saddle that originally came with the bicycle. First impressions are that the seat / saddle did improve the situation for both myself and my wife. If you are interested we should know by the end of the season. We typically only do (currently) 20-30 mile rides a couple of times a week. The proof will be when we work up to the 40 to 50 mile mark.”
T.M, Shelby Twp., Minnesota, USA

“I haven’t replied to your email before now, because I wanted to test it on my solo end to end trip, and you’ll be glad to know that I had no problems at all. A fantastic trip from John O’Groats to Lands End covering 965 miles, completed in 12 days.
Earlier in the year I had a small problem with Prostatitis, and was very relieved to discover your saddle. I did purchase your original saddle, but found it too uncomfortable, but the R2 is excellent!
Your saddle, together with good cycling shorts, and loads of udder cream, guaranteed a pain free trip, thus preventing my back side resembling the Japanese flag.
I have, and will continue to recommend your saddle to anyone who complains of pain filled cycling experiences.”
G.J, Newport, Powys, Wales, UK

“… it has reduced my saddle sores massively”

“I’ve been using the Rido for the last 3 months. It’s not a saddle you get on and think ‘wow thats comfortable’, but it is the only saddle that seems to have the same level of perceived comfort at the end of the long ride as it had at the start. The rails have started creaking on mine (which I find a little irritating) but it has reduced my saddle sore issues massively. It’s good for road bikes but I would not TT wih it due to the ‘shelf’ it has between the nose an the sit bone area.
If you want a saddle whereby you are planted on your sit bones and you can’t afford an adamo, for £20 for the base model, it’s worth a punt.”
‘UK Gearmuncher’, Timetrialling Forum

“The seat we ordered was delivered promptly and the ordering process was quite painless.
We installed the seat in the stoker position of our tandem. A couple years ago we rode the tandem across the united states (see our blog at http://pat.steuber.com). My wife’s seat was in very sad shape. Happily, my original seat is still in good shape after 18,000 miles. My wife says the Rido seat is more comfortable than the original seat, but the comfort level is less than the impression created by your web site. If my seat wears out, I will definitely get a Rido seat to replace it.”
P.S, Springfield, Pennsylvania, USA

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