8 (R2)

“I don’t even know that it’s there”

“Hi folks – seems like you’re making a great product and actively looking to keep it great.
I learned of the Rido saddle from a friend in India (it’s probably the only one in that country!) who is an ultra-long-distance cyclist. He recently took part in the Race Across America, but was unfortunately knocked out by pneumonia four days in. When he first got it and I asked how he liked it, he responded “I don’t even know that it’s there”.
On the third day he switched to a regular saddle hoping to alleviate the inevitable saddle sores from such an effort, and almost instantly switched back!
I am a recreational cyclist who just purchased my first road bike, and got the saddle for that purpose. I have been very impressed and have recommended it to several of my friends, one of whom will most certainly order one as soon as she tries it. *grin*
Thanks for all your support!”
Suzanne A., Seattle, Washington, USA

“A lifesaver!”

“New kit – ….. uber-comfy Rido R2 saddle! I want to applaud the makers of the Rido saddle from the bottom of my heart and the heart of my bottom; a lifesaver!!”
“As promised, a pic of the saddle and my finisher’s medal after this year’s Ironman Switzerland, and one of me crossing the line just to prove I didn’t pinch someone else’s medal!!”
H.D (Ms), Downton, Wiltshire, UK

“I’ve got about 600 km on the RIDO R2. It took a while to get used to but I am really enjoying it. Glad I made the purchase.”
B.M, Rothesay, New Brunswick, Canada

“Hi! I’ve been training for my first ironman triathlon but have had issues with tailbone pain. I tried numerous saddles to no avail and then stumbled upon the RIDO saddle while reading an internet blog. I have been using it for over a month now and I’m pain free. Thanks!!!”
(Ms) S.W, Dearborn, Michigan, USA

“I received my new Rido R2 saddle late last week, and took it out for a test ride over the weekend. To my surprise, I was able to go over 50 miles with absolutely no discomfort. And that is the the most remarkable part about this product – I didn’t have to think about it. The R2 just functioned as it was designed to do and let me focus on riding.
Thank you so much for creating this great product. I plan to purchase another one for my commuter bike soon!”
G.L, Milton, Wisconsin, USA

“Just thought I would drop you a line to say thanks for making a decent saddle!
I am just approaching the “three score” age and have recently taken up cycling again after about 30 years – I was beginning to have second thoughts due to “NNS” and all the other symptoms after even just a few miles on the three different saddles I have tried on my hybrid.

I decided to have one last go at finding a comfortable saddle and having done more “research” on the web it was a choice between a certain “U.K. nose-less suspended saddle” and the R2. I actually tried to order the “other” one but received such an off-hand and disinterested response on the telephone I decided not to proceed.
I then noticed that SJS Cycles actually distribute your products (they are only a few miles from me) so that was it – popped in to SJS and got an R2 yesterday. Having fitted it to the bike I gave it a brief try – Oh dear – I think I have made a mistake – seems rather hard and I was slipping forward!

Today I checked your website for some suggestions – I have put the nose up slightly, moved the seat forward on the rails (so I can get the sit-bones right to the back of the pads when necessary) and gone for a 15 mile ride (road and trail).
I did not get a “eureka” moment BUT I noticed at several stopping points (looking at the view or wildlife on the Somerset levels) that I did not experience the creeping numbness experienced with all the other saddles I have used. I also noticed my average speed had improved significantly? Obviously it takes a while to realise the benefits – the main one being that it is so easy to adjust your position to a slightly different support area when needed, aided by the slight flex in the whole saddle.

As I sit here typing this email I am “aware” of the fact that I have been sitting on a different part of my anatomy – my sit-bones – but they are not sore or tender – and I assume they will acclimatise with more use! Importantly I note my legs feel less exerted and the “gentleman’s area” is conspicuous only by its lack of any grumblings whatsoever – brilliant!
N.P, Bridgwater, Somerset, UK

Icke-lädersadel för långcykling
“Helt underbar. Stenhård men utan att skada familjejuvelerna.
Hade den 5600km i somras.
Runt 350sek inkl. frakt = Humant pris!”

“Non-leather saddle for long cycling: wonderful! Hard rock but without damaging the family jewels. Had the 5600km this summer. Around 350sek incl. P = Human Price!”
‘Soffgrupp’, Sweden – utsidan.se/forum

(a) “I love it! I am riding again today and taking an allen wrench with me to get the proper fit down. Once that is complete, I’m anticipating this saddle to be no less than a miracle!”

(b) “Even better now that I have the saddle adjusted ‘correctly’. I have the nose set at a much higher angle than would seem to be normal, my seat post dropped down, and seat moved as far forward as the rail marking allow. But it WORKS! I went on a 50 mile ride with a friend on Saturday. About 25 miles into it I noticed he had to stand every few miles to give his nether region a break, and I noticed that I DIDN’T! Which only means that blood is flowing the way it should in that high pressure, very sensitive area. Thanks again!”
S.T, Gilbert, Arizona,USA

“For tailbone issues the Rido R2 saddle is the best of the many we have bought or borrowed”

“I became aware of the Rido saddle through a cycling acquaintance. He had some prostrate issues and thought that it might help with a tail bone issue that my wife had when we purchased a tandem. My wife had a tail bone injury many years ago and we’ve constantly looked for a saddle that would at least minimize the pressure put on the tail bone area.

So in June of 2010 we purchased one of the Rido 2 saddles. Both my wife and I tried it and to be honest could not get use to the shape. We shelved it for a month or two and tried other saddles. No other ones that we used helped so we went back the the Rido 2 and spent a lot of time adjusting and experimenting with saddle position. After much trial and error my wife gave it the green light as the best saddle to use for her particular tail bone problem. Unfortunately for me I had a tailbone injury in January of this year and went through the same adjusting and experimenting with saddle position and tilt angle and have come to the same conclusion as my wife. For tailbone issues the Rido 2 saddle is the best of the many that we have bought or borrowed.

“As for riding type, my wife is relitively new to cycling. She has been doing long tours with me for the last 4 years. So our riding is based on touring and day trips for exercise. I’ve been riding for 40 years and in that time I’ve done at least a small multi-day tour every year. Again I’m a tourist and club rider with some errands thrown in as well.

My wife’s distance cycled this year will be about 2,000 km with our longest trip a tour of the Danube which was just over 1,600 km. My distance stands at 4,700 km which included the 1,600 km Danube trip and a trip of the southern US which was just under 700 km. My wife has a Bike Friday “Crusoe”. I have a Bike Friday “Crusoe”, a Devinci “Caribou”, and a single speed city bike and we both share a Bike Friday “XL Tandem”. Currently all but one of these bikes is equiped with the Rido 2 saddle.

We’ve both found that the saddle is most comfortable when the nose (angle) of the saddle is somewhat higher than a normal saddle. This position looks like it might cause crotch problems but it doesn’t since the sit pads still keep that area clear of contact. I’m attaching a picture of our bikes. This was taken just east of Vienna, on the Danube trail this past June.”
K.P, Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada

“I would just like to say I am more than pleased with my purchase. I purchased one of your saddles in the hope that yet this was the one!….. and I can honestly say it is!
It has taken me 11 years to find a saddle which feels instantly comfortable and feel zero pain of any kind after my first ride with a new saddle. For me, this saddle does the job it is supposed to do and looks retro as well. I have had a week off the bike waiting for this saddle to arrive and to rest from the soreness I have been putting up with over the years and to be honest it has been well worth it. I was expecting to be sore after my commute to work and back and I wasn’t…..It feels good, looks good and now all I want to do is get back on my bike.”
L.L, Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK

“Can I say that I have one of your saddles on each of my bikes and they are brilliant. I ride with the Suffolk CTC group.”
Ms. J.H, CTC Suffolk, UK

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“The big grin was instant”

“A thorough endorsement from a lady. This one in particular was sufferring almost unrideable lady problems on a previous saddle. I put the R2 on for her, straight after a ride when things were at their worst, and the big grin was instant. Did 7 hours the day after with no ill effects. Winner!”
S.M, Cardiff, Wales, UK – Link


“After a few miles my ass was so happy I could not believe it”

“I was reduced to riding, maintaining, carrying a plastic bags for the rain using a LEATHER Brooks seat for years. Absolutely gave up trying anything else. Until I bought a folding bicycle in Singapore and the shop had these RIDO saddles) in stock.

Being a plastic guy, loving the simplicity of design and knowing ALL cushioned gel/ foam seats SUCK I was interested enough to have the shop swap out the more expensive saddle on the bike I knew wouldn’t work for one of these. After a few miles my ass was so happy I could not believe it. Bought another before leaving Singapore for another bike back in Phnom Penh.”

“Later ordered the new R2 model. Also a winner!”

“I’ve ridden this one a lot also but for the last year it’s on the folding bike hanging on the porch with a bag over it and I’m riding the old model. Don’t ask me why? They are both the best I’ve ever sat on. But you know me. I’m such a sucker for SIMPLICITY!!!
The 1st one I bought is finally showing signs of failure after many years of daily use. Absolutely no complaints. I’m still using it. Being an ex-manufacture of boats I would want to see how my products eventually failed no matter how badly they were abused. As in way beyond any reasonable expectation of level / life of service. Being 125 Kilos I am amazed the seat lasted as long as it did. Also, while I do try and keep the saddle out of the sun. This is Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Heat and UV are tough on plastics.
The $120 Brooks Saddle’s leather failed in a little over a year?? As in totally busted.”

“The original saddle is no longer manufactured but is still in stock. I’m thinking of ordering a few more of the original. Not because I think they are any better. Maybe they are not?? It’s an emotional thing more then anything else. That silly affection for things simple. At 65, not sure how long I’ll be riding bicycles and damn sure I don’t want to run out of Rido bicycle seats in my life time.”

“Everyone may as well go for the new model from the RIDO factory. It may be a bit more comfortable for cruising with friends where you tend to have more weight on your butt than legs. Most my riding is series of 5 to 10 mile sprints around Phnom Penh. I might put the new one on a bicycle I was setting up for a few weeks touring where I’d be in the saddle for a few hours at a time. 4 to 6 hours a day.”
T.S, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

“Very pleased with our saddles – but how do you pronounce the name? As in read, eye, or rid ?
J.G, Welshpool, Wales, UK

“Then I came across this product and have tested it to my great satisfaction.”

“I’m delighted that someone takes the theme. For me, it is also an issue for years because I’ve never really found a saddle, where I was completely satisfied. But probably there will always be a bit of pressure on it eventually weigh 90 kg net drained weight. For me, at any rate the way of the Internet research and experiment in self-test proven as the only way. Since most “normal” saddles for me all looked the same, and not completely satisfied, I’ve been looking for something other alternatives and some of it also tested. Problem area was with me always the perineal area or pubic area, between the legs (but not the genitals’m male, note). Then I came across this product and have tested it to my great satisfaction and at some 100km rides this year:
At this saddle you sit at the points on which to sit, a direct impact on the two seat bones and the cushions! In between there is nothing which could depress!”

“Freut mich, dass sich jemand des Themas annimmt. Für mich ist es seit Jahren auch ein Thema, weil ich eigentlich nie einen Sattel gefunden habe, bei dem ich restlos zufrieden war. Aber wahrscheinlich wird es immer ein bisschen Druck geben, schließlich lasten 90 kg Abtropfgewicht drauf. Für mich hat sich jedenfalls der Weg der Internetrecherche und des Experiments im Selbstversuch als einzige Möglichkeit erwiesen. Da die meisten “normalen” Sättel für mich alle gleich aussahen, und nicht restlos befriedigten, habe ich mich nach etwas anderen Alternativen umgesehen und einiges davon auch getestet. Problembereich war bei mir immer der Dammbereich, oder Schambereich, direkt zwischen den Beinen (jedoch nicht die Genitalien, bin männlich, Anm). Dann bin ich auf dieses Produkt gestossen, und habe es zu meiner grossen Zufriedenheit auch auf einigen 100km Ausritten dieses Jahr getestet:
Auf diesem Sattel sitzt man an den Stellen, auf denen man Sitzen soll, nämlich direkt auf den beiden Sitzknochen und deren Polstern! Dazwischen ist nichts, was drücken könnte!”
ARGUS: Die Radlobby

“R2. Thirty quid. All problems solved Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.”

“Actually still no contact with the perineum – this while hammering along with hands on the drops. The photo is misleading. The pads – firm but surprisingly shock absorbent – set you up quite a way above the nose whose only use is as a “guide” for the thighs. I have the nose tilted up a fair way too to avoiding sliding forward. Interestingly, I noticed afterwards on the website that they say that for time trialling the best position is to tilt the nose up.

I had terrible problems with saddles before trying the R2. Two years on and I have never missed a ride due to saddle soreness of any kind. I consider it on a par with Campagnolo Record hubs. There really isn’t anything better to put on a bike. Fit and forget. Yes, it’s 200 grams more than most racing saddles but this pales into insignificance besides the extra (and hugely more comfortable) time I can put in on the bike. Result – a huge improvement in my riding ability.

“Interestingly other club members have taken different routes to save the perineum. Two on Selle SMP’s another on an Adamo – and these are damn good riders. Looking at the designs I don’t think either has as good shock absorbing qualities for the sit bones as the Rido R2; but this is purely my opinion. They’re also about five times the price!

“The problem at base is that the starting point for the design of a bicycle saddle was the saddle for a horse – quite different demands. What I like about the Rido is that the design wasn’t contrained by this pre-conceived idea of what a saddle should look like. The two criteria appear to have been 1, No contact with the perineum and 2, Comfort for the sit bones. For me the R2 does both magnificently. The more bling-orientated members of the club with flashy-looking razors underneath their behinds don’t usually get close enough to laugh. Even if they do, they’re usually in too much pain (ego as well as lungs and legs) to muster so much as a giggle.”
‘Flamme Rouge’, France / Bikeradar Forum

“Happy with the RIDO saddle, certainly made ride less painful”

“Mission accomplished, Markesan, Wisconsin to Bar Harbor, Maine, 29 days, 1776 miles. A ride that defies description, but will say: varied, beautiful, tough, challenging, incredible, hilly, hot, perfect weather most of time etc.etc.
Happy with the RIDO saddle, certainly made ride less painful, and no bladder infection after ride like I had experienced on some previous stages. Did 4 stages in the last 4 years to sucessfully complete my quest to ‘Ride Across America’. I use the RIDO on my road bike and mountain bike also. I like the way you can vary your position on the saddle, forward and backward to keep the blood flowing in that area.
Completely satisfied with this saddle.
I’ve attached a couple of photos showing the RIDO on my touring bike.”
T.H, USA  – Link

“Absolutely wonderful saddle. I have two of them, one on my expensive road bike, and one on my expensive mountain bike. Now that I am spoiled, I would never use another saddle. The best ever. Not to mention that the price is right. Better than my old $200 saddle at less than 1/3 of the price.Recommend to a friend?: Yes”

By Bob – 9th October 2011 (USA)

“I have done at least 35,000km on them with no discomfort or saddle sores whatsoever!”

“I have used both earlier models and loved them. I have done at least 35,000km on them with no discomfort or saddle sores whatsoever.
The new race saddle looks great and I even have a few of my friends now interested because of how it looks. I have placed a pre-order for one of them.”
G.G, Bowral, New South Wales, Australia

“I have been using the RIDO saddle for about 8 months now. I am very satisfied with it. I bike for leisure, once or twice a week. It is the only saddle I have found comfortable enough to use on a regular basis.
No more pain. Thank you!”
A.K, Nicosia, Cyprus

“I have 4 bikes with the R2’s on and I just couldn’t consider anything else. Previously had lots of rear end bother of the perineal abscess variety – wont go into details!”
M.L, Kilmarnock, East Ayreshire, UK

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