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“The R2 was comfy from day one and I just kept on using it”

“Hi there, I have used the R2 for years on different bikes. I found it after not having a comfy saddle for long roadbike rides. I’m far from an elite rider and infrequent rides meant my lower bits were never really toughened up enough.

The R2 was comfy from day one and I just kept on using it. I now have them on three bikes, a road bike, a 29er hard tail for light off-roading and an ebike for commuting (50 mile daily round trip) .

Having the same perch on all my bikes means that there is no re-adjustment or re-acclimatisation for my not so skinny arse when I go from one bike to another.
Kind regards, Eddy”
E.S, Weybridge, Surrey, UK

“I now can ride for extended times without ill effects.”

“Hi John,
I am taking some time to write to you because I am completely pleased with my Rido saddle. It is probably the 5th saddle that I have tried.

I am 69 years old and ride a hybrid bike mostly on the quiet roads in Massachusetts and on some bike trails. The reason for my previous discomfort was a tailbone inflammation that was always aggravated by rides greater than 1/2 hour. So the Rido saddle with the back v-shaped cutout made a world of difference for dealing with this issue. The nose being a bit lower than the main body of the saddle is also a plus for comfort. I now can ride for extended times without ill effects.

I had a gel seat cover that I was using on a previous saddle. I put it on the Rido saddle. It stays in place because it is tightened underneath, but it is not a form fit. The seat cover makes the seat even a little more comfortable from a little less firmness point of view. So my only suggestion for you is that you might find a
market in your new products program for a tailor made gel seat cover to be used in conjunction with your Rido saddle.

For you viewing pleasure, I have attached 2 pictures: one is a picture of my “steed” and the other picture is the real one of me riding on a beach in Florida.
Regards, Larry”
L.C, Burlington, Massachusetts, USA

“They work for me.”

“This is my third saddle in three years. They work for me. The first broke – one of the metal rods snapped whilst riding. The second had a kind of squeak as I cycled moving from one side to the other. Metal against plastic. It was annoying so bought another. Same squeak but much quieter. I commute 5 days a week, 10miles a day on a BMC Alpine Challenge. So my opinion? Great design, works for me, and have recommended to others, but the build could be better. But then I guess that‘s why it’s only £45!
W.A, Queens Park, London, UK

“I am only a leisure cyclist but it has always been a great pleasure”

“Hi, this is my experience (with the R2 saddle): I had a lot of pain in my perineum and lower abdomen that restricted my cycling to occasional rides. After each ride my pain would be worse. I had abdominal scans and a cat scan looking for a hernia, finding nothing unusual.

Then, after about 2 years, I read an article about ‘cyclists syndrome’ and realized that I had damaged my pudental nerve. I also realized that this was caused in the gym and not on my bike.
I started to look for a solution and came across your product on the internet and a very useful video on youtube. I bought one of your saddles for my road bike and riding my bike does not now have any detrimental effect.

I have recently, bought another saddle for my mountain bike.
I am only a leisure cyclist but it has always been a great pleasure, in life, to ride my bike.

Keep up the good work.
Regards John”
J.C, Saltburn, Cleveland, UK

“Your saddle has made a huge improvement to my situation so I thank you for making them!”

“Hi John,
The reason I bought one of your saddles was because I suffer with coccyx pain and have done since having my second child.
Cycling was painful and I couldn’t do long distances due to the pain; hence I looked for a saddle that was ‘cut out’ at the back.
Your saddle has made a huge improvement to my situation so I thank you for making them!
Best wishes
M.A, Scarcroft, Leeds, UK

“These cycle seats have allowed me to cycle where I have a physical condition preventing me from sitting : sacral Tarlov cysts”
C.R, Bridge, Canterbury, UK

“The Rido saddle was great during my most needed time”

I was a spinning instructor at my local cycling club (and) during 1 spinning class the instructor seat hat been changed to a ladies seat with a big bulb in the front.
This lead to not being able to urinate the day after. Went trough a lot of medical examination without the doctors finding anything. Finally i received help from a physical therapist. This solved most of my problem within 6 months. Ordered a lot of bicycle saddles to keep on cycling but avoided spinning, still do to this date.

The Rido saddle was great during my most needed time (as) it put all the weight on my sit bones. (The big Rido saddle)
Have also bought the more sportive saddle which i will try. But unfortunately i have not tried it yet, will give you an update when i have.
Best regards, Frode”
F.M, Strusshamn, Norway

“My perineum still thanks you!”

“I am delighted to share my experiences with you. Following semi-retirement in 2016 I started to ride most days – even if only for an hour. I very quickly (even on my treasured Brooks Colt which I had ridden since the late 1980s) developed a very numb perineum.

After a little research I decided to try your R2 saddle. My perineum was delighted. After a month I bought another for my winter bike. Both are as good as new after 4 years and the summer one has done at least 15,000km underneath approximately 100kg.

Last summer I bought a Rido Lt for a new bike on which I rode from London to Rome in the second half of October. That saddle did 6,000km between July and the end of November including the 2,000km two week ride to Rome. I wasn’t expecting it from such a light and ’normal’ looking saddle but it was a comfortable as the R2.

My perineum still thanks you!
Regards, Paul B.”
P.B, Linthwaite, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, UK

“You’ve earned a lifetime customer that will keep coming back”

“I’m happy to say your saddle has really changed my rides. I completely forgot about any pain I used to had, just riding and enjoying it.
I used to do triathlons (IM) but now I’m purely on my gravel bike doing both pure road rides and allot of offroad. I recommended the saddle to so many people in hope it will improve their riding. I really like everything about it, I can even fit a tube underneath it 🙂
So kudos to you guys for making my bike fun again!!
You’ve earned a lifetime customer that will keep coming back. Cheers, H”
H.D, CERN, Switzerland

” I have used the saddle both on road and for some fairly hectic offroading in the forest and so far so very good”

“In short I am a very active 65 year old with a humungous prostate and was advised by the medics that my cycling an 82k round trip a couple or more times a week was likely to aggravate the gland.

As I said, I am very active and as well as undertaking walks going into 1000s of kilometres at a time I like cycling on and off road. So I was not willing to stop, especially as I had just invested £4000 in a new bike.

So after some online research I found you and subsequently made my purchase. Typically circumstances have meant that I have not since ridden as much as I had hoped but only due to a lack of time.

But, I have used the saddle both on road and for some fairly hectic offroading in the forest and so far so very good. Once I became used to the new saddle style I found it great with no discomfort at all.

I am hoping that next year I might get to ride approximately 1100k in Belgium on my road bike so will either use the saddle already bought or buy another from you.

Suffice it to say that I am confident that your product will allow me to undertake this journey. I only hope that time constraints don’t prevent it.

I only have a photo of a part of my ‘steed’ (attached).
P.P, Dresden, Germany & Aldershot, Hampshire, UK

“I bought another one to put on a hire bike on a French cycling trip”

“Hey Rido people, I had Rido saddle for a number of years and did Lands End to John O’Groats on it a few years ago – it’s still going strong!

I do a bit of road biking – duration, length etc vary from year to year and last summer I bought another one to put on a hire bike on a French cycling trip. That new one has now gone on my (new) Wattbike!
Keep up the good work!

R.E, Chichester, West Sussex, UK

“I have no idea where the RIDO R2 saddle on my current bicycle was purchased, but I like it well enough that I want to mount one on my Life Fitness bicycle in my exercise room. Also a friend rode my bicycle for a while and loved the saddle. He too would like to purchase one.”
P. Anger, USA

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“I would recommend the saddle highly”

“Hello, I have found the saddle excellent and ride every day around my home town on it. The only adverse comment I have is that the surface texture of the “nose” of the saddle
is such that it tends to bind against most trousers I wear in a slightly annoying way. The surface is I think wearing off and the situation getting better but this has taken a good while. In all other respects I would recommend the saddle highly.
R.C, Norwich, Norfolk, UK

“A review of another saddle had a comment from a user who said he preferred his Rido saddle”

“Hi guys,  Have always struggled to find a great saddle for my mtb. A review of another saddle had a comment from a user who said he preferred his Rido saddle, so I did a bit of research and decided to give it a go. I’m maybe 90% happy with it….. it took a few rides to get used to it. Lets say I’ve decided to keep it on my hard tail.

Main reservation is I find my trousers grip the saddle too well, it makes it harder to move around on the saddle. Tried dropping the nose a bit, but not so good for the sit bones then. Tried spraying with silicon, which helps a bit. Be honest on my new bike I plan to fit the WTB volt that I took off the old bike to fit the Rido, mainly ‘cos its almost new, and I like it about the same as the Rido.
Hope this helps. Cheers”
N.W, Warlingham, Surrey, UK

“I bought this saddle after experiencing bad coccyx pain”

“Hi, I bought this saddle after experiencing bad coccyx pain whilst mountain biking. It was an ongoing problem (thank you childbirth), but mountain biking seem to make it worse. I didn’t seem to get it when using the road bike, but I don’t do very many miles.

Perhaps the terrain was exacerbating the problem, but your saddle seems to have almost solved it. I can still be a little bit uncomfortable later in the day or the day after, but the saddle makes it possible to cycle and enjoy it, rather than
being tortured. I also think that tight fabric across my backside makes the problem worse, a lycra-based short seems to be better.
Thanks, Sarah”
S.H, Charcott, Tonbridge, Kent, UK

“I’d be happy to share my thoughts about your saddles, it is the least I can do in appreciation of what your product has meant for me”

“Hi there! Just a few days ago I put up a facebook post extolling the virtues of my Rido saddle to all my friends (including a link to your website). I’d be happy to share my thoughts about your saddles, it is the least I can do in appreciation of what your product has meant for me.

I am 63 years old and cycling has been a huge part of my life since childhood. I still cycle just about every day. I am fortunate to live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, which has possibly one the best
urban multi-use park trail systems anywhere and is meticulous about keeping them reasonably cleared all year-round to ensure people keep active throughout the winter. With studded tires and proper outerwear (no exposed flesh!) I am able to ride even in temperatures nearing -30C, and rarely miss a day.

Last summer I had major prostate surgery. I was devastated to think that I wouldn’t be able to ride for a long time, or perhaps ever. I had been using a Phorm saddle which wasn’t bad but clearly would no longer do following my surgery. I started to look at options; the first being a noseless saddle, however it was soon apparent that I would never find one that I could try out, and even if I did I was pretty sure a noseless saddle would not give me the control I need for the nearly five months of the year that I am riding on ice and snow.

I was pretty desperate last Fall when I finally typed the keywords that got me to your site (probably something having to do with “prostate” and “saddle”). I ordered the saddle right away and was very pleased with the cost (way less than I would have paid for a noseless) and the shipping. It arrived so quickly it honestly took me by surprise.

The quality was great, it was reasonably light and it took me very little time and experimentation to find a height and position that worked. Now that I have a few winter months under my belt I can say that it is a total success. I am very thankful – getting out on a beautiful ride in the morning gives me such great pleasure and enhances the quality of my life so much.

Thanks so much for creating this great product, I don’t know what I would do without it.
L.S, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

“The Rido eradicated the numbness I was experiencing completely”

“I purchased one of your standard Rido saddles after experiencing acute numbness in the nether regions when riding my Wattbike Atom (smart trainer), I do tend to suffer more than most I think in this respect.

Although I had experienced similar problems on my road and mountain bikes it was never as severe as when riding the Atom. The reason, obviously (to me anyway), is because when riding the Atom your weight is on the saddle pretty much all of the time whilst on a road bike you are moving around including getting out of the saddle.

On the standard Wattbike saddle I would typically run in to trouble within 10 minutes, really bad by 20 minutes and impossible to cope with after 30 minutes. The result would be extensive numbness almost up to my navel (quite alarming actually).

I had to do something so I tried a Rido saddle. It did initially take some setting up, and a few rides, to find the “sweet spot” but the Rido eradicated the numbness I was experiencing completely although I wasn’t necessarily comfortable in general. The difference I found relative to a normal saddle was that I felt I was falling forwards with more weight on my arms (this was after trying the saddle in all sorts of positions to improve, settling on almost level position).

I have had the Atom for over 2 years and have used the Rido for most of that time without any numbness and learned to deal with the different feel relative to comfort. I use the Atom year round with maybe 2 to 3 rides per week, sometimes up to 6 days a week when doing a training program.

I also purchased a second Rido saddle for use on my road bike and, again, this completely eradicated any numbness and I learned to live with the tilting forward sensation as I have with the Atom.

A colleague was impressed to the point that he too purchased a standard Rido saddle and, after initially struggling with it, he now rides exclusively on the Rido saddle and intends to purchase another for his other bike.

In recent times I have experienced severe soreness on my sit bones when on the Atom with the Rido which is difficult to understand given the time I have been using it without such problems (although it may be due to increased muscle development perhaps changing the contact points). Since the time this became a problem I borrowed and tried another manufacturer’s saddle (Women’s specific curiously) with typical centre cut out and this has suited me for a little while as an alternative. However, this alternative isn’t quite 100%, with a little numbness after about an hour, so I will probably go back to the Rido at some point when things have settled down.

My wife did try the Rido but she couldn’t get away with it due to the feeling of her pelvis rolling forward and wasn’t interested in persevering with it as she had no numbness issue with a conventional saddle.

I think to improve on the Rido, for me, it would be to try and have a little more contact area for sit bones and try and eliminate the tendency to roll forward. I think with the Rido the sitting point is more critical than a standard saddle and has less options for moving back and forth so an improvement in that area would be welcome.

In summary, the Rido saddle has allowed me to stay on my bikes, including the smart trainer, for as long as required without experiencing any numbness and this allows me to totally focus on the demands of riding the bikes.

Hope the comments are helpful,….. and not too long.
Best regards
R.E, Marske-by-the-Sea, Redcar, North Yorkshire, UK

“I will never be able to use any other type of saddle again. No numbness and as comfortable as my couch at home”

“I saw an advertisement in a local cycling magazine a few years ago and decided to buy a Rido saddle because I used to suffer from numbness quite a lot when I cycled longer distances. I do mountain biking and where I live we have a lot of gravel farm roads and jeep tracks. Not very technical but lots of time on a saddle.

I bought my first saddle from a place in Johannesburg. My first Rido lasted about 4 years and then the metal rail broke. I had to order my second saddle from the UK as I could not find an agent in South Africa. I must say that the price I paid (including courier and import tax) was still good value for money. I bought the second saddle about 2 years ago and it is still going. I weigh 105 kg and I Ride a Silverback dual Sus 29er.

Purists might find the saddle bulky and a bit heavy but who cares. I will be 58 next month and I cycle to stay fit and to build a network of friends.

I will never be able to use any other type of saddle again. No numbness and as comfortable as my couch at home.

Thanks for the great product you saved my cycling life.
Regards from a sunny South Africa.

By the way, my son in law stays in Ashford in Kent and he saw the Rido on my cycle and got himself a Rido for his spinning cycle. Says it is the best thing since sliced bread.
A.M, Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa

“I’ve lived/ridden with terrible tailbone pain for years, trying saddle after saddle looking for even the most minor relief. The RIDO does it.”

“Hi John! I am extremely pleased with the comfort of my RIDO saddle. I’ve lived/ridden with terrible tailbone pain for years, trying saddle after saddle looking for even the most minor relief. The RIDO does it. I do have to pay close attention to my sitbone placement to achieve the full measure of comfort but that’s a small price to pay for the relief.

I do have one complaint: the covering material on the nose of the saddle is ‘grippy’ and my shorts cling to it when getting on. I’ve probably accidentally mooned a few poor motorists when getting back on after a stop light. I wish it was a bit more slippery.”
R.L, Hutton, Texas, USA

Ed’s reply:
Hi Randy,

So glad to read that our saddle has helped with your cycling enjoyment.
To remedy the slightly ‘grippy’ nature of the nose’s surface, put a spot of silicon spray (like Back-to-Black bumper shine, tyre shine or marble surface spray polish) on a cloth and apply. Leave for 10-15 minutes and then polish off. Should be OK for you then.
Happy cycling!

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