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“I feel I’m back cycling again, so thank you!”

“Great news! Just wanted to let you know that I completed a 2 day, 140 mile off (in total, 91miles yesterday) road canal ride from Northampton to London over some of the bumpiest ground ever, and all on the Rido R2 saddle! No numbness, nothing wrong at all with the front of the nose area and the only thing experienced was soreness around the cut of the leg – but simply due to the 30 degree temperature and terrain I would imagine.
The saddle got a few comments from the other 12 people I was with, but one may be ordering from you too! So glad I found your website and I feel I’m back cycling again, so thank you!”
Stephanie.R, West Hunsbury, Northampton, UK

“I’ve learned a lot about coccyx pain and injuries over the last few years and am absolutely confident that it would provide complete pain relief for the vast majority of sufferers”

“I’m so glad I bought my RIDO R2! Finally, after a long period of being completely unable to do so due to coccyx pain, I’ve found something that enables me to get back out in the fresh air again. I had missed cycling desperately but every saddle I tried caused so much pain that it became a pointless exercise. Now I’m cycling all over Bristol, my home city, and into the countryside beyond. When I first got the saddle I thought it wouldn’t work but after an email exchange with you I was able to make minute adjustments that allowed me to cycle without pain.

My coccyx problem is highly unusual and as a result I’m not 100% free of pain when cycling but I’m about as free as I’m likely to get. I’ve learned a lot about coccyx pain and injuries over the last few years and am absolutely confident that it would provide complete pain relief for the vast majority of sufferers. I am definitely a medical anomaly ! So, huge thanks to the RIDO. I think even if I didn’t have a pain problem I’d use this saddle – it just makes so much more sense to sit on your tail bones rather than all the tissues and organs between them. Please can you design a RIDO for horses?! I’m still searching for a solution…!

Thanks so much for helping me fit my RIDO and giving me back my life on two wheels.”
Rosie W, Montpelier, BRISTOL, Avon, UK

“RIDO saddles: anything else now feels like agony”

“I have these on all my bikes, hybrid, and MTB’s. Absolutely brilliant, no discomfort at all even when doing long distances. Anything else now feels like agony. However the LT series was a bit narrow for me. R2 is perfect!”
“Recommend to a friend: Yes
Pros: everything mainly comfort
Cons: None
How much you love it: 5/5
Ease of use: 5/5
Value for money: 5/5
Functionality: 5/5″
By Jo Baber – 23rd May 2015 (ordered through SJS Cycles, Bridgwater, Someret)

“Cycling is just so enjoyable now, I will never go back to my old saddles….. never!”

“I bought the Rido R2 from you. I find it absolutely brilliant! I have a GIANT road bike which I bought last year, I had constant saddle discomfort/pain on the saddle which came with the bike. I then changed to the Selle Italia Damas saddle. I still had the same discomfort/pain. The pain I had was all coming from my sit bones after about 50km into the cycle. No amount of re-adjusting seemed to help me.

Then I changed to the Rido R2 – I had no sit bone pain at all. I got it in the post on the Monday, went for a quick cycle on the Tuesday (30km), it felt a little weird at first but you get used to it after 5 minutes. Then on the Saturday I did 170km (Ring of Kerry Charity cycle in Ireland), it was so comfortable and I had no pain at all. It was probably crazy to change saddles so close to the 170km cycle but I felt I had nothing to lose, I’d have been in discomfort/pain after 50km anyways. I am recommending this to all my friends, male and female. Cycling is just so enjoyable now, I will never go back to my old saddles….. never!”
Caroline B., Killorglin, Kerry, Ireland

“Comfort at last!”

“Hi, A friend lent me her Rido R2 to try out last week when we were on holiday on our tandem trike and I mentioned to her that I was suffering from saddle soreness.

I was most impressed. It took precisely three miles to get used to, was wonderfully comfortable and I ordered one for my solo on my return home on Monday. Received it today – excellent delivery, thank you.
Just been for a 24 mile test ride with the R2 saddle on my solo bike which included a serious hill. I hoped I would find the R2 as comfortable as I had on the tandem trike.

After the first mile or two I did not give the saddle another thought, which to me is always the proof of how good an item is! Comfort at last! Will be ordering again – possibly two more (one for the tandem and one for the tandem trike).
My question is: Is the touring saddle available in any colour apart from black in the UK? The brown and cream one looks smart. (I notice that the sportier saddles are available here in black, white and yellow! Not sure my ample female backside would be compatible with the sporty model though.)
Looking forward to your reply.
Liz B.”
L.B, Thame, Oxfordshire, UK

“I ride a road bike an average of 5,000 miles per year. This year was my first time trial; usually I just ride around with various groups for fun.
This was my second RIDO seat, at least the R2. My first one was damaged when I forgot to strap my bike on the car rack (bike OK!).
I went through 4 or 5 seats being miserable, then found the RIDO and now my behind rarely gets sore. I even tried the RLt and it was better than the others, but not as pain-free as the R2.
Thank you!!!!!
D.O’D (Ms), Covington, Louisianna, USA

“I recommend it to anyone who says (they) can’t find a comfortable saddle.”

“I am a middle aged woman, overweight and very poor cycle rider. But this saddle overcame all of that and lets me have an enjoyable ride. I recommend it to anyone who says (they) can’t find a comfortable saddle.”
M.R (Mrs), Bedford, UK

“I have just completed the “End-to-End” (Land’s End to John O’Groats) ride alone, unaided and used a Rido saddle for the entire journey. I was very impressed and at the end of the day did not feel that I had been on the bike because of the saddle I was using. I did 974 mls in 21 days.”
J.C(Ms), Norwich, Norfolk, UK

“The big grin was instant”

“A thorough endorsement from a lady. This one in particular was sufferring almost unridable lady problems on a previous saddle. I put the R2 on for her, straight after a ride when things were at their worst, and the big grin was instant. Did 7 hours the day after with no ill effects. Winner!”
S.M (Mrs), Cardiff, Wales, UK ( 1000milesofsmiles )

“I’m pain free. Thanks!!”

“Hi! I’ve been training for my first Ironman triathlon but have had issues with tailbone pain. I tried numerous saddles to no avail and then stumbled upon the RIDO saddle while reading an internet blog. I have been using it for over a month now and I’m pain free. Thanks!!!”
(Ms) S.W, Dearborn, Michigan, USA

“For tailbone issues the Rido R2 saddle is the best of the many we have bought or borrowed”

“I became aware of the Rido saddle through a cycling acquaintance. He had some prostrate issues and thought that it might help with a tail bone issue that my wife had when we purchased a tandem. My wife had a tail bone injury many years ago and we’ve constantly looked for a saddle that would at least minimize the pressure put on the tail bone area.

So in June of 2010 we purchased one of the Rido 2 saddles. Both my wife and I tried it and to be honest could not get use to the shape. We shelved it for a month or two and tried other saddles. No other ones that we used helped so we went back the the Rido 2 and spent a lot of time adjusting and experimenting with saddle position. After much trial and error my wife gave it the green light as the best saddle to use for her particular tail bone problem.

Unfortunately for me I had a tailbone injury in January of this year and went through the same adjusting and experimenting with saddle position and tilt angle and have come to the same conclusion as my wife. For tailbone issues the Rido 2 saddle is the best of the many that we have bought or borrowed. As for riding type, my wife is relitively new to cycling. She has been doing long tours with me for the last 4 years. So our riding is based around touring and day trips for exercise. I’ve been riding for 40 years and in that time I’ve done at least a small multi-day tour every year. Again I’m a tourist and club rider with some errands thrown in as well.

My wife’s distance cycled this year will be about 2,000 km with our longest trip a tour of the Danube which was just over 1,600 km. My distance stands at 4,700 km which included the 1,600 km Danube trip and a trip of the southern US which was just under 700 km.

My wife has a Bike Friday ‘Crusoe’. I have a Bike Friday ‘Crusoe’, a Devinci ‘Caribou’, and a single speed city bike. Plus wee both share a Bike Friday ‘XL Tandem’. Currently all but one of these bikes are equipped with the Rido 2 saddle.”
K.P, Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada

“It (Rido) is the most comfortable saddle I have tried!”

” A massive improvement and I just need to get over the firmness. I feel it will work brilliantly for me. Many Many thanks”
Mrs P.M, Huntingdon, Cambs, UK

“Ridin’ on RIDO…. trust me, it will change your cycling experience”

“Leisure cyclists especially will agree on how this snazzy invention promises a more comfortable long-distance ride – trust me, it will change your cycling experience like it changed mine.
In short, it’s genius! Even Matt (my husband) has been so impressed by the absence of my complaining and I think that every cyclist, especially leisure cyclists, should get a RIDO. I totally and rather shamelessly endorse it for your physical safety and most importantly, your comfort.”
(Read more on Andrea’s blog)
Andrea Tay , Singapore

“The RIDO has stopped the saddle soreness completely and it was hard on the buttocks at first but my muscles seemed to adjust to that so it no longer hurts, although I have only pootled around town a couple of times.
Sadly being a larger lady I am struggling with wear and tear on my jeans. The RIDO being narrower than my ‘Plush’ saddle has helped but jeans still develop holes pretty quickly. I am trying to work with leather patches but I need to take a leather patch to a dry cleaners to see if they will go through the machine ok, then I could have several pairs of jeans with leather patches sown in that are dry cleaned each month. If they can’t be dry cleaned then my cycling days are over.
I am feeling a bit despondent really but the RIDO has stopped the saddle soreness I was experiencing.”
L.J (Ms), Taunton, Somerset, UK

“Not riding any bike without @RIDOcycling

(1) “Maori rock carvings en route to Duntroon. At this point Ricard was chanting “my poor bum”. Mine OK @RIDOcyclesaddle”

(2) “Bum problems bicycle saddles. So glad I took @RIDOcycling when I went on Remote Outback Tour. Not riding any bike without @RIDOcycling”

(3) “One of the owners Remote Outback Cycle Tour borrowed my bike for few hrs & said it was most comfortable saddle she’d ever tried.”
@MaryGarden (Twitter), Beerwah, Queensland, Australia

“I love, love, love their saddles…..”

“We told you this afternoon that our daughter cycles Abingdon to Oxford (or most of the way) and told us about Rido. I have just emailed her to say we met with you this afternoon (in Marseillan, France). She has replied: ‘Weird meeting the RIDO people! How did that come about?! I love, love, love their saddles and don’t think I could cycle to work without it.'” Tim & Mary H, Glastonbury, Somerset, UK
“I have purchased 2 Rido saddles, one for my road bike and mtb. Best thing I ever did. Went from pain threshold 9 out of 10, to 2 out of 10. Look forward to going out biking where as before i did not.”
Sharon W., Chepstow, Monmouthshire, UK

“Not only is the weight distribution more comfortable, the narrow nose eliminates friction on my inner thighs”

“I got my Rido saddle after a cycling accident in which I broke the inferior pubic ramus bones on both sides. (I also had a break in the iliac and in the superior pubic ramus on the right.) Anyway, when I was able to return to riding 5 weeks later, my old saddle put too much pressure on the lower breaks. So, the design of the Rido with its very narrow nose changed the weight bearing and was just what I needed.

“I originally figured I’d go back to my old softer saddle when I could. WRONG! I have found the Rido to be extremely comfortable and have no intention of going back. Not only is the weight distribution more comfortable, the narrow nose eliminates friction on my inner thighs. The saddle has been looked at with curiosity by many cyclists in my riding club, but I would not be surprised if some of them become customers.”
(Ms)B.E, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

“Easily the most comfortable saddle I’ve ever ridden.”

“Q: I’ve recently taking up biking. Lovin’ it– only thing I dislike is all the pressure on my groin area. Can you guys recommend some good seats?”

“A: I’m a big fan of the Rido R2 (and their sportier RLt). Basically, it’s designed so that your sit bones rest up on a little shelf which drops off to give your bits (lady bit or man bits) room to breathe.
I’ve put over 6000 miles on mine (including two tours from Houston to New Orleans), and I can say that it’s easily the most comfortable saddle I’ve ever ridden.”
Nerdlinger: A cooler bike than yours.

“Someone loves their new RIDO saddle!”
Monica M., Colva, South Goa, India

“Can ride for a long time now and no coccyx pain”

“Hi, Love it!  Bought the saddle after intense investigation on the internet. Loads of good reviews. Really made a difference. Can ride for a long time now and no coccyx pain. Well worth the money and would totally recommend!
Regards, Liz”
L.B, Geffen, Netherlands

“What motivated me to try and buy it is that I do not like the usual female saddles”

“Hi, I discovered the RIDO saddle about 10 years ago. When it broke last year – (I had installed it at the rear end of the rails – my frame does not have the optimal size – I have steep hills to climb, so the pressure was extreme in one point of the rail, so no surprise at all that it broke) – I did not hesitate a second and got a new one. I find your saddle extremely comfortable, especially on long rides. Normally I cycle to work 16 km round trip a day and from time to time I go on longer excursions on week-ends.
What motivated me to try and buy it is that I do not like the usual female saddles.
Many thanks for the invention !
Best regards, Myriam”

“Hi, Just tried it (R2) first time – bought because of coccyx injury. It was mostly great. No pain while riding but some pain next day.
As women’s seat could it have more scooping out for female anatomy in the middle of the saddle.
C.G, Rhinebeck, New York, USA

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“I went back to my old saddle and then boy did I realise just how much better your saddles were!”

“I cycle to work (approx 8 miles each way) and was suffering with the usual sore bottom syndrome. My colleague Sam leant me her RIDO saddle which I tried for a week. I was not sure how much of a difference it was making until I went back to my old saddle and then boy did I realise just how much better your saddles were!

I have since recommended your site to my cycling friends and told them of my experiences: in fact since using my black Rido saddle I have not suffered with my troubles at all. I have told them that if there is ever any doubt about your saddles, they just need to resort back to their old one and they will fully appreciate the ergonimics of your design.
Keep up the good work!!!!”
L.N (Ms), Addlestone, Surrey, UK

“I am able to train much further and concentrate on pushing the pedals rather than fidgeting trying to get comfortable on the saddle”

“This saddle has been my saviour! I am a triathlete based in Colchester and I have had countless problems achieving a comfortable saddle (due to the pressure underneath) which has effected my ability to race and train to my full potential.

After seeing the advert for the Rido Saddle in the Cycling Weekly magazine I thought I’d give it a try. I couldn’t believe the difference it has made. I am able to train much further and concentrate on pushing the pedals rather than fidgeting trying to get comfortable on the saddle. I have knocked over 2 mins off my PB for 10 miles (27.02 achieved on a sporting course) and have increased my training speed average to 19.3 mph for 25 miles.
I am now confidently looking forward to my first Olympic Distance Triathlon in Cambridge knowing my saddle wont rub, especially as you have to get on the bike with a soaking wet tri-suit on! I have already ordered another saddle for my winter training bike.

I would like to thank Rido for making cycling more enjoyable!”
M.v.L, (Triathlete – female), Wivenhoe, Essex

“I purchased the (Rido) saddle for my wife. She is a “casual” cyclist, but she is very happy with the saddle.”
J.G, Macedon, Victoria, Australia, UK

“Have two Rido R2’s on our tandem and so far have done 2-300 hundred miles on them. Captain very happy with experience – all the shortcomings of the original Rido have been addressed with great success. Stoker trying it out for the first time – I hated the original Rido (my husband used the original Ridos with a gel pad), but the Rido R2, so far, seems good. It is certainly relieving the centre pressure although my sit bones feel it rather hard (despite suspension seat post). I am sure I will adapt, although you could also consider an additional layer of gel on the pad for the wimps like me! (I would be your first customer and more than willing to road test!)
My husband also has 2 Rido R2’s on his solo bikes and likes them there too!”
Mrs L.B, Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset, UK

“A lifesaver!”

“We’ve just finished our final day in Paris on the 350 mile ride. The saddle was great and I’ve bigged it up to many people!! I … want to applaud the makers of the Rido saddle from the bottom of my heart and the heart of my bottom; a lifesaver!!”
H.D (Ms), Help for Heroes, Downton, Wiltshire, UK

“I am a female cyclist…… I have not had a minute’s discomfort on the (RIDO) saddle”

“I am a female cyclist who commutes 40km per day to work and also goes cycle touring once or twice a year for a month at a time. It is difficult to find a comfortable saddle and this is compounded by a medical condition I have which is aggravated by any friction in this area. I have tried my fare share of so-called “female specific saddles” and have found them unremarkable. The only saddle that I have found comfortable is a Hamock Saddle, a South African designed and manufactured female-specific saddle which looks a little like a uni-cycle saddle. As these aren’t made any longer I was trying to “make it last” but it had started to fall apart and I had to start looking for a replacement – breaking a saddle cycling to work is one thing, but when cycle touring it’s a deal breaker!”

“I spotted the Rido while trawling through pages of saddles on the SJS Website and it immediately made sense. The price is excellent – it encourages you to take the chance as it is affordable. Also, the write ups and reviews were great. I have not had a minute’s discomfort on the saddle and I’ve been riding up to 270km per week. I have ordered a second for an upcoming cycle tour to New Zealand in November and can’t wait to tour on it.
Thanks for an excellent product!”


“I ordered a second Rido saddle for cycle touring and wanted to make it a priority to send you some feedback. We spent 3 weeks cycling in New Zealand, much of that time on gravel surfaces of varying quality. In total we cycled approximately 900km and I did not have one moment of discomfort on my new Rido saddle. The length of our days varied from 50-100km, with bikes fully loaded.
At the very least one would usually get some sort of pressure pain, however I did not experience anything of the sort which I had come to expect on other saddles I’ve toured on.
I am so happy to have found the perfect saddle! I think that when with all the variables in bicycle equipment the saddle makes the most difference and Rido offers a brilliant, high quality and affordable option. I recommend it to other cyclists – people would ride more if they were more comfortable. Thanks!”
J.S (Ms), Perth, Western Australia

“As soon as I took my first ride on the new saddle, I could feel the difference in terms of pressure shifting. I have since stopped wearing padded shorts.”

“Thank you so much for designing such a marvellous saddle – I am absolutely delighted with my Rido R2 and would not hesitate to recommend it to others who are struggling with seat comfort.
Previous to buying my Rido, I had had several years of tedious discomfort, and had tried out numerous saddles, none of which turned out to be satisfactory. I was becoming quite disillusioned with the seat problems.
Then, in desperation I did a google search for comfortable bike saddles, and came across your web site. I read the reviews and decided to order one. I thought the price was reasonable, and the saddle arrived by post the following day. I bravely followed the advice to try it straightaway on a longer run, and was immediately pleased with it. Since then I have not looked back. As soon as I took my first ride on the new saddle, I could feel the difference in terms of pressure shifting. I have since stopped wearing padded shorts.

“I am a leisure cyclist based in Suffolk, cycling up to 50 miles per day, on my Raleigh Royal touring bike. Thank you again, the saddle really is an excellent product.”
C.M (Ms), Stowmarket, Suffolk, UK

“Very happy to recommend and will put it on Facebook”

“I am delighted with my R2 saddle.. I am new to biking and mid-life crisis, time to get outside comfort zone , help others saw me sign up for The David Livingstone Bi Centenary Bike Ride in Malawi run by EMMS charity for Mulanje Mission Hospital. Challenge is 250 miles over hilly terrain over 5 days in May2013.

“I honestly tried a few saddles and thought I was in trouble until trying the R2 which I honestly found just browsing the internet. Very happy to recommend and will put on Facebook. It will be travelling with me needless to say. A long way to go with winter training and fundraising but hopefully we will make a difference to the people of Malawi.”
J.W (Mrs), Belfast, UK

“I don’t think any bicycle saddle will ever feel like a comfy old sofa but the Rido 2 is by far the most comfortable”

“I have had this saddle for nearly three years, having been in despair thinking I would never find anything comfortable. I have a box full of barely used rejects in my garage. I had promised my husband that I would accompany him on his John O’Groats to Land’s End ride in 2010 and saddle comfort was the one issue which would have scuppered the project. I don’t think any bicycle saddle will ever feel like a comfy old sofa but the Rido 2 is by far the most comfortable.”
J.H, Warwickshire (female!), UK

“My wife loved the saddle and got her going (cycling) again!”
K.S, Stoke Newington, London, UK

“My wife has recently had our first baby and finds the saddle excellent! She could get out much sooner on the Rido”

“My wife has recently had our first baby and finds the saddle excellent! She could get out much sooner on the Rido than she would have been able to otherwise. She has been going out for short rides (between feeds!) since about six weeks after the birth, which was about as soon as she felt like trying. A quick test on her old saddle was not so enjoyable!”
A.B, Clitheroe, Lancashire, UK

“So pretty, thank you!”
Joanne C, Benfleet, Essex, UK

“I’d highly recommend it. My partner’s got one and he’s happy too! Brilliant!!”
Rido R2 Saddle With Cro-Mo Rails
By Ginny – 15th July 2011

“What a relief! I’m a 41 year old woman and hadn’t cycled for a few years. Decided to get fit and bought a bike….the saddle that came on it became soooo uncomfortable after two 15 mile excursions that I felt like I’d had a sex change with the bruising I experienced (maybe too much info but no exaggeration!) We Googled ‘comfiest saddle in the world’ and the RIDO came up….and it was a miracle….even with my previous wounds this was such a comfortable ride, (and) still is! I’d highly recommend it. My partner’s got one and he’s happy too! Brilliant!!”

Recommend to a friend: Yes
Pros: Blissful relief!
Cons: Haven’t found any yet…..

“I don’t get that awful pain in my coccyx”
Rido R2 Saddle (Female)
By Elaine Nottingham – 16th May 2011

“Bought this as I suffer from coccyx pain that greatly increases whilst cycling. Felt weird at first…felt I was tipping forward. You have to experiment to find the best seating position but once found I don’t get that awful pain in my coccyx!! Bit sore in the new pressure places when you get on the saddle the next day but soon goes..and no discomfort really after ride.. definitely takes time to get used to it but well worth persisting.

I rode on a standard saddle the other day and was surprised that I found that one strange now!! I thought I would have to give up cycling…but not now!!! My husband has an arthritic hip and is a big cyclist. .this has made a lot of difference to him.. much less pain and no numbness anymore..he is liking it the more he uses it!”

Recommend to a friend:Yes
Pros: No coccyx pain!
Cons: getting used to it

“Ordinary saddles give me one heck of a pain in the proverbial, so far this saddle has made that pain a thing of the past.”
Rido R2 Saddle Review
By Emma Gee – 27th April 2011

Recommend to a friend: Yes
Pros: No Pain!
Cons: None yet

“I have never wanted to go back!”

“I am a woman and have been using a Rido for two years. A bike crash left me with straddle fractures and a conventional saddle was impossible when I first returned to riding. My thoughts were to get a Rido, which was not too expensive to experiment with, and use it until I was healed enough to be comfortable on a regular saddle. But I have never wanted to go back! I never have any of even the pre-injury issues with the Rido. It doesn’t look sleek and streamlined so a lot of people will dismiss it, but they are making a mistake.”
“Metoga’, RoadBikeReview member
( forums.roadbikereview)

“Can I say that I have one of your saddles on each of my bikes and they are brilliant. I ride with the Suffolk CTC group.”
Ms. J.H, CTC Suffolk, UK

“A big improvement on the saddles we replaced”

We are using the two saddles bought on CTC Club Leisure Rides twice a week and we are very happy to report that they are very comfortable and a big improvement on the saddles we replaced. They are also attracting attention from other club members. Two very satisfied customers.!”
G & D.M (Mr & Mrs), Brixham, Devon, UK

“Good feedback about the saddle!”

“Hello! Recently we had small in trip , in Piha! We can give already some good feedback about the saddle!
– is comfortable; – the frame seems very solid!; – my girlfriend doesn’t have any problems on sweating on her parts anymore!; – in the uphill you don’t feel any pain because your parts doesn’t touch any parts.
We are waiting the new frames to put your saddle on touring bike 😉
When our review on our website will be ready, i’m gonna send it 😉
Best regards”
Naoki Goffi (@funonwheelsnaoki – Site link

“Your saddle has made a huge improvement to my situation so I thank you for making them!”

“Hi John,
The reason I bought one of your saddles was because I suffer with coccyx pain and have done since having my second child.
Cycling was painful and I couldn’t do long distances due to the pain; hence I looked for a saddle that was ‘cut out’ at the back.
Your saddle has made a huge improvement to my situation so I thank you for making them!
Best wishes
M.A, Scarcroft, Leeds, UK

Your saddle saved me…… Thank you so much!”

Hi! I never write like this but this time I had to! Your saddle saved me.

I suffered from bad tailbone pain and I was worried I may not be able to cycle without pain at all anymore. I was a bit sceptical when I ordered your saddle but it was a miracle really. I ride a Bakfiets cargo bike and I share it with my husband and he has been satisfied with your saddle as well so no need to switch saddles back and forth. Thank you so much!
Eliisa R, Helsinki, Finland

“I love cycling now”

“Hi there. I love my Rido seat. I was getting coccyx pain on the seat that came on my bike and it was awful. Honestly it’s the best !
It took a few days but I now can ride for ages without pain and really comfortable. I feel like I am doing in the correct position. I have gone from not having been on a bike in 20 years to riding at least 2 or 3 times a week, weather permitting. It’s an e bike, but I love cycling now .
Kind regards, Lesley”
L.T, Egremont, Cumbria, UK

“It’s weird at first as it feels so hard but it does way better for my specific pain point than your average saddle or my squishy gel one which didn’t help this issue”

Hi, I’m a weekend pleasure rider age 55 and not in great shape and carrying a few extra pounds (ok more than a few). My rides are typically 10-30 km at the moment as I am just returning to the sport.
(In younger days I was a full time bike commuter and most vacations were bike tours of 60-100 km per day for days or weeks).

In returning to the saddle I found that a 25 km ride would cause me several days of significant tailbone pain for which I’d have to take painkillers. That’s why I sought a solution and found RIDO. I’ve only been out on a few of those rides since I received the saddle but I have noticed a significant reduction in that pain so I am so far, pleased.

It’s weird at first as it feels so hard but it does way better for my specific pain point than your average saddle or my squishy gel one which didn’t help this issue.

So far so good!

Thx, Sarah
S.M, Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada

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