22 (R2)

Reviewed by: Mike Stretch

I have to admit I was a bit sceptical. 50 miles and beyond was a trial, but no longer.I bought the saddle for a 5 day 350 mile charity ride with the longest day being 83 miles and I had no bottom issues at all. My only criticism is that the build quality could be a tad better, but still great value and a fantastic edition to any bike.
I’m about to order 2 more for my other bikes

Reviewed by: Mike – Northants
I’m middle aged, overweight commute 10 miles a day and always felt like I needed surgery to remove my old padded saddle. However the R2 is a perfect fit with no after effects and definitley takes pressure off the perineum.
It wasn’t an instant success and took a few days of fine adjustments before I found my optimal position, lowering the stem, moving the saddle backwards, keeping the nose level and trying different underwear to remove the seams from new contact points

Reviewed by: Chris Gutowski
I recently completed John O’ Groats to Lands End in 8 days using the Rido R2 saddle (www.chrisgutowski.blogspot.com). No sores, no chaffing, no broken skin, no pain and therefore no pain relief cream required. In fact the saddle and and my bottom were never an issue- testimony indeed over almost 900 miles – thank you!

“Good feedback about the saddle!”

“Hello! Recently we had small in trip , in Piha! We can give already somes good feedback about the saddle!
– is comfortable; – the frame seems very solid!; – my girlfriend doesn’t have any problems on sweating on her parts anymore!; – in the uphill you don’t feel any pain because your parts doesn’t touch any parts.
We are waiting the new frames to put your saddle on touring bike 😉
When our review on our website will be ready, i’m gonna send it 😉
Best regards”
Naoki Goffi (@funonwheelsnaoki – https://naokigoffiproduction.wordpress.com/)

“Good afternoon,
Thank you for the response (regarding delivery). I actually received the saddle yesterday afternoon, in time for a training ride today. It helped me ride longer and farther! Great product!
Thanks again,
J.F, Cherry Hill, New Jersey, USA

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“It’s been fantastic”

“I wanted to give a little followup. Last year I purchased both an R2 and Lt saddle to try on my touring bike. I ended up using the R2 first and it’s been fantastic… went over the Rocky Mountains on it.
Following your advice I mounted the Lt on my Warbird and fitted it “nose horizontal” to the ground and the difference is drastic. I only pedaled it around the street briefly without cycling shorts but I can feel a difference here that I was truly hoping for. A world of difference compared to the Enduro saddle. It’ll take some further tweaking, but this is a much better saddle for road rides. There’s no long re-adjustments when I stand up in the pedals and sit back down. The pressure is just on the sit bones. Initial trial is ‘I like it’. I’ll find the perfect angle as I go, but yeah, this is SO much better. It’ll make the summer a lot faster.
I also took the opportunity to tweak the R2 on my touring bike. I had it set up wrong, as I leveled it from front to back and not JUST the nose. Oops. So now it’s properly leveled. It’s a lot more comfortable now, and it’ll be fun to ride it over the summer on my weekender tours.
Thank you VERY much again.”
R.R, Waukesha, Wisconsin, USA

“Just writing to say that your saddle is great. I would recommend to anyone in a similar situation”

“Just writing to say that your saddle is great! I had my prostate whipped out by a robot and was nervous about cycling again as my consultant said it was the last thing to do after the operation. I waited three months and have recently started riding my Brompton with your saddle. I found it much more comfortable than I had expected. The only pressure is on the right places and I have no pain whatsoever. I rather like the way it looks too. I would recommend (it) to anyone in a similar situation. I probably won’t be doing any huge rides until later in the year but I am sure I will get many comfortable years riding out of it.”
M.B.S, Stroud, Gloucestershire, UK

“I now have two Brompton’s, each equipped with an excellent Rido R2.”

I was hoping that you might be able to post a replacement yellow badge to me. As you can see from the attached photo, my older bike has lost its badge.
I just received delivery of my second R2 a couple of weeks ago. Thanks so much.”
S.C, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

“Hello Steve,There’s a couple of replacement badges going in the post to you tomorrow.”
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