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Reviewed by: Mike Stretch

I have to admit I was a bit sceptical. 50 miles and beyond was a trial, but no longer.I bought the saddle for a 5 day 350 mile charity ride with the longest day being 83 miles and I had no bottom issues at all. My only criticism is that the build quality could be a tad better, but still great value and a fantastic edition to any bike.
I’m about to order 2 more for my other bikes

Reviewed by: Mike – Northants
I’m middle aged, overweight commute 10 miles a day and always felt like I needed surgery to remove my old padded saddle. However the R2 is a perfect fit with no after effects and definitley takes pressure off the perineum.
It wasn’t an instant success and took a few days of fine adjustments before I found my optimal position, lowering the stem, moving the saddle backwards, keeping the nose level and trying different underwear to remove the seams from new contact points

Reviewed by: Chris Gutowski
I recently completed John O’ Groats to Lands End in 8 days using the Rido R2 saddle (www.chrisgutowski.blogspot.com). No sores, no chaffing, no broken skin, no pain and therefore no pain relief cream required. In fact the saddle and and my bottom were never an issue- testimony indeed over almost 900 miles – thank you!

“Good feedback about the saddle!”

(Part 1) “Hello! Recently we had small in trip , in Piha! We can give already somes good feedback about the saddle!
– is comfortable; – the frame seems very solid!; – my girlfriend doesn’t have any problems on sweating on her parts anymore!; – in the uphill you don’t feel any pain because your parts doesn’t touch any parts.
We are waiting the new frames to put your saddle on touring bike 😉
When our review on our website will be ready, i’m gonna send it 😉
Best regards”
Naoki Goffi (@funonwheelsnaoki  https://naokigoffiproduction.wordpress.com/)


(Part 2) “Hello again! How are you ? I’v been using the R2 so long and I’m really satisfied with it! I want to give you some feedback after 3000 km of paved and unpaved road!

Sori (my girlfriend), she didn’t report any problem, the condition of the saddle are similar to new ! In the uphill she don’t use to push so much so all the places where is write RIDO are still on it 😉

For me the saddle is good too,
I feel a sort of suspension in every bumps (thank also to the flexibility of the structure)”
My saddle unfortunately doesn’t have the rido saddle sticker anymore, and rear parts where is write rido saddle.com are disappear. If possible could I get a new sticker? We wanted to make the saddle more visible do you think is possible to make one blue and another orange?

Recently i made this video: CLICK 1
and i was in this tv program: CLICK 2

Best regards, Naoki Goffi !

“I posted on social media and had positive responses from all over the world.”

“Hi, Just a quick email to say that I’ve been riding mainly indoors this winter using Zwift and a couple of months ago I had a raised PSA test. I’ve had all the tests and go back in August and have been told not to ride my bike for 2 weeks before the blood test as my results may be affected.

I posted on social media and had positive responses from all over the world and as a result bought a Rido 2 for the turbo bike, Cannondale 6 Carbon. I’ve got on with the saddle but wanted a sportier look so I bought a R-Lt which I fitted this morning. Without any changes to the settings I tested the saddle on the Zwift Central Park loop course and knocked 8 minutes off my best time. As nothing else has changed it can only be the saddle.
I’m going for a bike fit tomorrow which is why the saddle change so it will be interesting to see what effect that has.
Many thanks, John”
Prof. J.A, Cardiff, UK

Photo: Peter Provaznik

“No more tailbone pain”

“Reduced pressure, reduce tailbone pain, longer rides with less pain.
I’ve recently been riding my bike more often for my morning workout, but by mid ride was feeling intense pressure on my sit bones and pain around my tailbone, irritating an old injury there.

“I decided to try the Rido R2, to see if it would help, and I’m honestly blown away. The seat arrived quickly (shipping to the US), and after my first ride I knew I’d love this seat. Went for a 13 mile ride over the weekend, after multiple 6 mile rides during the week on this seat, and still, no pain, no achiness, no “oof” when you get off the bike. I LOVE THIS SADDLE.”
Heather S.

Good saddle”

“My second Rido saddle – I have sat on the first one for a number of years and found the Y shape is much more comfortable to ride. More cycling during lockdown so fitted second one in place of my Brooks on the ATB – it is better.”

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“It‘s been fantastic”

“I wanted to give a little follow-up. Last year I purchased both an R2 and Lt saddle to try on my touring bike. I ended up using the R2 first and it’s been fantastic… went over the Rocky Mountains on it.

Following your advice I mounted the Lt on my Warbird and fitted it “nose horizontal” to the ground and the difference is drastic. I only pedaled it around the street briefly without cycling shorts but I can feel a difference here that I was truly hoping for. A world of difference compared to the Enduro saddle. It’ll take some further tweaking, but this is a much better saddle for road rides. There’s no long re-adjustments when I stand up in the pedals and sit back down. The pressure is just on the sit bones. Initial trial is ‘I like it’. I’ll find the perfect angle as I go, but yeah, this is SO much better. It’ll make the summer a lot faster.

I also took the opportunity to tweak the R2 on my touring bike. I had it set up wrong, as I leveled it from front to back and not JUST the nose. Oops. So now it’s properly leveled. It’s a lot more comfortable now, and it’ll be fun to ride it over the summer on my weekender tours.
Thank you VERY much again.”
R.R, Waukesha, Wisconsin, USA

“Just writing to say that your saddle is great. I would recommend to anyone in a similar situation”

“Just writing to say that your saddle is great! I had my prostate whipped out by a robot and was nervous about cycling again as my consultant said it was the last thing to do after the operation. I waited three months and have recently started riding my Brompton with your saddle.

I found it much more comfortable than I had expected. The only pressure is on the right places and I have no pain whatsoever. I rather like the way it looks too. I would recommend (it) to anyone in a similar situation. I probably won’t be doing any huge rides until later in the year but I am sure I will get many comfortable years riding out of it.”
M.B.S, Stroud, Gloucestershire, UK

“Good afternoon, Thank you for the response (regarding delivery). I actually received the saddle yesterday afternoon, in time for a training ride today. It helped me ride longer and farther! Great product!
Thanks again,
J.F, Cherry Hill, New Jersey, USA

“I now have two Brompton’s, each equipped with an excellent Rido R2.”

I was hoping that you might be able to post a replacement yellow badge to me. As you can see from the attached photo, my older bike has lost its badge.
I just received delivery of my second R2 a couple of weeks ago. Thanks so much.”
S.C, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

“Hello Steve,There’s a couple of replacement badges going in the post to you tomorrow.”
RIDO cycling

“Using them for more than 6 or 7 years now, I am still very happy with them!”

“You will find some photos showing a part of my fleet happily equipped with Rido R2 saddles 🙂 Using them for more than 6 or 7 years now, I am still very happy with them! Please, feel free, to use the photos.

After my R2 has already accompanied me to Cuba twice, South East Asia also, now I am recently planning a trip from Austria (maybe with some transfers to save time) to Iran and further on to the Pamir Highway.
Of course, having a comfortable seat on a Rido R2 🙂
Thanks, best regards, Peter Provaznik”
Drahtesel – Das Osterreichische Fahrradmagazin

“I am very happy with the saddle, it does what it was developed for.”

“Hi, I have not answered to say I received saddle. I am sorry it took so long, it has given me time to use it. I am very happy with the saddle, it does what it was developed for.
Thank you very much, John.”
J.K, Yeppoon, Queensland, Australia.

“Someone loves their new RIDO saddle!”
Monica M., Colva, South Goa, India

“Saddle sore no more”

“Having tried many saddles over the years the width and comfort of this saddle I found to be just right .This is the only saddle that has allowed me to start cycling again. I used to ride between 10 to 12k a year for over 25 years until acute prostatitis set in thanks to a brooks b17. Even sitting on a bike saddle let alone riding would induce a bout of prostate pain which would last for days and days ! Not so the Rido saddle well done.”
Tullyard, United Kingdom (Via Amazon)

“Life changing – it worked great the first ride.”

“Life changing, before this saddle I had tried the default one that came with my bike, the Specialized Power Expert, Specialized Expedition and the ISM PR 1.0, plus others, all of them gave me persistant problems. When I received this saddle however, it worked great the first ride, I did a 56 mile ride the first time I got it and had no pain. It feels very different but do persist, make sure you read the Rido guide on how to set it up and sit on in and other information about it.”
Peter L. United Kingdom (via Amazon UK)

“Improved comfort in the saddle”

“Having suffered from increasing saddle soreness with a variety of other saddles I decided to give a Rido saddle a go. It has definitely made my longer rides more comfortable.”
Brian Edwards

“(I) was at the point of giving up because of pain to my tailbone….. Rido was my last chance”

“Greetings from New Zealand.
After attempting to return to cycling after several years I collected several saddles that claimed to be designed to minimise discomfort and was at the point of giving up because of pain to my tailbone.
Rido was my last chance. I’m pleased to report I have just completed a 150km 4 day trail bike ride with absolutely no soreness. A physiotherapist I met along the way was impressed with the design and a young woman at a cycle hire firm took my bike for a spin and was amazed at how the saddle felt. She too had been unable to return to cycling.
Regards, Pam”
Pam O’Hara, Greymouth New Zealand

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