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“I saw the RIDO saddle on a friend’s bike whilst cycling from London to Paris. He said that this was the best saddle he had ever had (his bike is a top end Trek) I bought the saddle on his recommendation and have not looked back since, having tried all sorts of saddles in the past”
M.Q, Belfast, Northern Ireland

“This (below) is my Dahon Curve D3 with new upgrades. The upper part of the bike is pretty much all new parts. My ‘foldie’ now sports a Pazzaz carbon seat post, Rido Glow-in-the-dark saddle, Radius VRO handle post, Syntace VRO clamps, AL carbon handle bar, and Ergon R2M magnesium grips. Behold, my Dahon Curve D3 ‘Z’!! (‘Z’ is for Zhnged, hahaha!)
“wow..the saddle looks really cool…”
Mr Brown-com, Singapore

“My husband uses it for leisure riding with our two young sons and finds it great in terms of comfort now that he is used to the ‘different’ feeling of it!”
J.P.C, Sidcup, Kent, UK

“Unfortunately since my saddle arrived either the weather has been crap or I’ve been out of the country – (I live and work near Cognac, France) – so a decent ride has been difficult. But on the relatively short distances I have been able to cover, the saddle certainly seems to work for me!
The reason I bought it was I was getting fed up with ‘numb willy syndrome’ and that seems to have been beaten completely!
It has certainly created a bit if a stir with other cyclists around us who have seen it! Look forward to seeing the Rido 2.”
J.C, South Chailey, East Sussex, UK

“The Rido’s great! Very happy with it.
Use it for over an hour commuting every day. It makes a big difference.”
O.L, Hove, East Sussex, UK

“As long as I am able to ride it will only be on a Rido saddle!”

“Greetings and salutations from across the pond. My son was recently in London and I asked him to contact you to tell you in person how much the Rido Saddles I purchased from you have changed my riding habits for the better since installing them. I would like to sincerely thank you for your outstanding commitment to excellence! May you become wildly successful beyond your grandest dreams. As long as I am able to ride it will only be on a Rido saddle!
With deepest grattitude and heartfelt thanks I salute you and your fine company.”
P.F, Tucson, Arizona, USA

“They’re (2 x RIDO saddles) great and we are really enjoying them!”
J.C, North West University, Potchfestroom, South Africa

“Saddle has been great. Real value for the money. The comfort is great!”
C.B, Southport, Merseyside, UK

“It is a great saddle! I have put several miles on my bike with it. I love the way it cradles my sit bones. I’m riding a 2008 Cervelo R3 (the new white one), so I was disappointed to have to go with the blue saddle, but I really wanted to try it!”
G.S, Ooltewah, Tennessee, USA

“The saddle arrived promptly following my placing the order online.
I have fitted the saddle to a road bike and I clock up 450 miles per month on average leisure/fitness. Daily rides are of 35 to 40 mile duration at this time of year.
It’s a great saddle, especially for the price. I am really very happy with it.
Keep up with the good work and good luck for the future!”
D.H, Sleaford, Lincolnshire, UK

Yes is has been a great relief to be able to cycle again in a comfortable position rather than not being able to sit down at all!”
D.B, Farnham, Surrey, UK

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“The RIDO saddle is amazing, and does everything it claims and more.”
M.D, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

“Sorry to sound like an advert but it is really very good, well made and excellent value.”

“I will admit to being skeptical of the claims for your saddle, but it lives up to all its claims!
I use my bike for commuting to work and leisure, my wife runs and I use the bike to keep her company, as running is not my thing. I have tried all sorts off saddles over forty odd years of bike riding, I have about four in the shed at the present time, and have always suffered with numb bits, I haven’t had any problems since fitting my new saddle. I am looking forward to trying a long ride when the weather gets a bit better.
Sorry to sound like an advert but it is really very good, well made and excellent value.”
…. R2 sounds intriguing!
S.E, Pevensey, East Sussex, UK

“Saddle is superb and I can’t wait for the new lightweight version!”
P.F, Leonie Hill, Singapore

“I love the ‘feel’ of it!!”

“This is my second Rido saddle. I was waiting for the racing version to come out but in the end using my other saddles was not a serious option, especially given the good value of the Rido saddle. I use the saddles on my commuting bike and on my racing bike, which I use to race as I have a racing license with British Cycling.
I think initially the saddle felt strange but now I love the ‘feel’ of it!!
Looking forward to seeing what the ‘racing’ version is like, hopefully just as comfortable, and then I’ll get another for my track bike.”
K.B, Forest Hill, London, UK

“On my old saddle pain in the groin area would start after only a couple of miles but no such pain with the Rido and no numbness either.”

“I have used the Rido saddle now on my road bike over the last few weekends, not having done any long trips ,the most being around 30 miles but it has certainly improved my comfort and enjoyment of cycling!
On my old saddle pain in the groin area would start after only a couple of miles but no such pain with the Rido and no numbness either.
I am looking forward to the launch of the Rido 2, not because I am looking for improvement but I was wanting a black saddle. They were out of stock when I ordered.”
K.Mc, Dingwall. Ross-shire, UK

“It’s great – I have bought 2 already….
I use it with road bikes – not racing, but trying to ride fairly fast.”
O.W, Haifa, Israel

“(I have) A great machine off or on the road. I changed the stem for a higher rise and seat ( which is very hard) for a Rido seat and put on some race blades. The Schwalbe tyres puncture easily in the wet so I put on some Specialize armadillo 32’s which were much better for general purposes. I now have a very comfortable ride with a go anywhere advantage and which can also go at a very fast pace with good handling.”
‘disney’, Bikeradar

” My urologist suggested I stop riding or figure out a new seat. Got this one, and presto, it’s better!!”

“I know this sounds like I’m somehow part of some kind of conspiracy, but I actually bought one of these Rido seats. I received it about 10 days ago, and I’ve put it through it’s paces. The thing actually works. I have some prostate issues (mildly enlarged though I’m just under 40). Anyhow, my urologist suggested I stop riding or figure out a new seat.

Got this one, and presto, it’s better!!”
… your ‘stuff’ kind of sits in the space between and in front of the sit-bone humps, no matter how you ride. I’m finding when you’re in an aggressive position, you aren’t putting all of your weight on your stuff, and if you’re upright, you really have the same result. It’s the same principle as the Specialized Body Geometry, but it’s just a lot more pronounced. I can really tell that I’m not putting ANY pressure anyplace I shouldn’t, because my sit bones REALLY felt sore during the first three 30-mile rides (which was fine), and got no numbness or tenderness at all.

My urologist (who cycles) told me to go noseless, but I couldn’t bear it until I’d exhausted some other options. He told me to test my saddle by sitting on it and extending my legs away from the bike (so all my weight is only on the saddle) to see if my stuff was bearing any pressure. It doesn’t seem to do that with the Rido. It works for me, and I’m really glad I got it!”.
‘bikegummo’, Bike Forums

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