11 (R1)

” It (RIDO) has absolutely lived up to the claim that it removes the pain from the perineum and allows full unrestricted blood flow back to the genitals, so full marks!”
M.B, Killinchy, Newtonards, Co.Down, N. Ireland

“I can’t decide which is more comfortable, the saddle or my office chair!”

“I’ve been very pleased with my Rido saddle, and have been recommending it to all my friends! I’m a triathlete and currently have the saddle fitted to my training/commuting bike, so use it 4 days a week for 2 hours and I can’t decide which is more comfortable, the saddle or my office chair!
I used to have the Specialized Body Geometry Saddles fitted to all my bikes, but my Rido Saddle is much more comfortable! Having recently done a 100mile race on the Specialized saddle, the ‘nether regions’ were definitely feeling worse for wear, whereas no matter how long I sit on the Rido saddle there’s never any trouble with the ‘wedding vegetables’. And as an added bonus it glows in the dark!”
N.T, Consett, Co. Durham, UK

“I (have) only took up bike riding again recently , doing 35 mile day rides, but found my self visiting the doctor after finding it hard to pee. I changed to the RIDO saddle two weeks back and the problem has stopped immediately!”
D.M, Moseley, West Midlands, UK

“It looks like a lot of hype but I cannot really find anything obviously untrue.”

“It looks like a lot of hype but I cannot really find anything obviously untrue. The (RIDO) saddle does move the pressure to the sit bones and then spreads it away from the points of the sit bones by placing them in two little ‘hammocks’. The saddle is arranged so that the pressure on the perineum (and rectum) are much reduced – not zero but certainly not at all uncomfortable and no numbness. It is not perfect – on my bike I cannot get the saddle as far back as I would like – but it is good enough to forget about when I am riding. As an engineering solution it is really elegant and a real bargain.”
‘Dr. Steve’

“Love my saddle! I have a box of saddles, none of which satisfied me. Yours is by far the most comfortable. Waiting for the weather to clear so I can do a long ride,but you’re right: the longer I ride the more comfortable it gets. Thanks!
C.T, Coolville, Ohio, USA

“A quick note to say how much I like the Rido … I have this saddle on three folding bikes I use for commuting.
My comment is interest in a lighter weight Rido … something <200g. This model would cost more, but there is certainly a market and an opportunity. I just rode the Spyder for the first time and it’s indeed surprisingly comfortable for such a minimalist structure; but not half as comfortable as Rido!
Grumble, grumble, where is my light weight Rido (fluorescent of course)?”
K.F, unknown location

” Ideal for men wishing to preserve their prostates and urinary function!”

“I swapped the (Brooks) saddle on mine for the gel saddle from my old touring bike. That was fine for short rides, but would cause problems on a 200 mile tour we did in the summer. Combination of heat, sweat and friction – you know the story!
Now have a Rido saddle: not saying it’s for everybody, but it’s the best saddle I’ve used and ideal for men wishing to preserve their prostates and urinary function! After long rides I can walk, pee and look forward to getting back on.”
Malcolm B., USA, Forum Dahon

“I bought the Rido saddle to replace the original standard saddle supplied with a Brompton bike recently purchased. I did not find the Brompton standard saddle very comfortable.
The Rido saddle is much better than the original Brompton. The Rido does not feel as though it is going to be any better when I start on a ride but there is little or no discomfort en route and the biggest difference is that there is no remaining discomfort when the ride is finished. I also have an old Falcon all-terrain style bike and I may well get a Rido saddle for that too!”
P.M, Lymington, Hampshire, UK

“Just yesterday, I completed 17 miles light of 800 miles from St Malo to Bezier in 11 days. I felt it was a creditable performance from a 60 year-old!
I was amazed at the level of comfort from an unpadded saddle and am pleased with the purchase.”
D.R, Hereford, Herefordshire, UK

“Even though it’s hard plastic, it’s very comfortable and shifts the pressure to the correct part of the body for sitting.”

“I have a Ridgeback Meteor model from late 2007 which is a decent hybrid bike. It’s expensive enough to be robust and have quality components, but not expensive enough to be the first bike in the rack targetted by thieves.

“I have made a couple of modifications to the standard kit. I replaced the riser handlebars with butterfly bars as I feel they are the most comfortable thing for sustained journeys, offering a number of different hand positions to switch between. These weren’t all that expensive, maybe £30 including the bar tape.

“I found the kit saddle extremely uncomfortable. The padded insert became less and less firm over time, offering little protection for an important part of the body! I replaced it with a Rido saddle. Even though it’s hard plastic, it’s very comfortable and shifts the pressure to the correct part of the body for sitting. This saddle is the original model, and Rido have since brought out a fancier R2 model.
Informatics Sussex University, UK

“Rido delivered what it promised – a painless, smooth, working saddle. Thanks!!!”

“Very impressed by your saddle. A four hour cycle yesterday from West to East London and back through heavy traffic. Found it very comfortable with absolutely no ill effects today.
I will be purchasing another very soon. Well done and congratulations on your excellent product.”
M.D. Thames Ditton, Surrey, UK

“Please send me an R2 saddle as soon as they’re available.
I really like the original on my road bike.”
W.M, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

“Also, I added the Rido ergonomic saddle which is the most comfy saddle I have ridden and I bought 3 just in case I can never buy another when I get a new bike!”
‘Losizung’, A-Bike Central

“Pacific Reach (Road) fitted with rack, rear mudguard, RIDO saddle and Carradice ‘SQR Slim’ seat post bag.”

“I have put a Rido saddle on my Pacific Reach. It is both very comfortable and very cheap. According to their website there is a new version – the R2 – coming out soon – lets hope it is a little easier on the eye.”
karlqw, Bike Forums

“VERY comfy”

“I have them on both my road bikes. Love them very much. I got the black ones, although they still have a little yellow stripe on the bottom which I’m not real fond of. But hey, when you’re on the bike no one sees it anyway. VERY comfy – but saddles are so different for everyone, you just have to try it out and see if it works for you. The nice thing about Rido is that they are cheap compared to most any other performance saddle. You really can’t go wrong if you end up not liking it.
lokerola, Bike Forums

The saddle is great, thanks. I’ll write some more when I get the chance! Meanwhile, when are you getting black saddles back in stock?”
R.M, Bristol, Avon, UK

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“I jumped back on the bike with the Rido and the pain has stayed away.”

Well, I’m happy to inform that I’m very satisfied with my new saddle. It is everything you promised. I use my bike for long distance touring and running errands around town. I’ve put close to 80 miles on the saddle, including a 40 mile one day tour and I haven’t had any pains in my crotch area. As a matter of fact I had stopped riding for a few weeks to allow pain to go away. The pain went away but I didn’t dare get on the bike until my Rido saddle arrived. I know my old saddle would’ve killed me with pain. I jumped back on the bike with the Rido and the pain has stayed away. I’m confident enough of the comfort that I’m planning tours to San Diego and San Francisco from the L.A area – something I would’ve never dared with the old saddles.
I had tried adjusting my old saddle every way but it kept being painful. I tried a nose-less saddle but that was a terrible experience – how can people pedal with those things? Rido delivered what it promised – a painless, smooth, working saddle. Thanks!!!”
R.M, Van Nuys, California, USA

“Thank you. I am happy to report that the saddle is performing as expected and I am very satisfied with the purchase. The saddle will be used for commuting on a city bike, with a moderately upright riding posture. The only points I have on improving the saddle would be to make a wider version as well (I have quite wide sit bones and the saddle is a little narrow) and also the weight could be lower, though at this price and level of comfort it will be very hard to improve!I hope the R2 lands soon as I am eager to try it out.”
H.B, Oslo, Norway

“Oh, the pleasure of getting off the bike and being able to walk away with no pain!!”

“I was somehow expecting something far more technical and elaborate looking. However, when I tried it (RIDO), I was very pleased! It was far more solid than the first impression and my posterior loved it! Oh, the pleasure of getting off the bike and being able to walk away with no pain!! I am 60 years old and I only got the bike because I’m awaiting a hip operation & was told cycling is a good non load bearing exercise, but I was about to give up because of the pain in my butt, which was even worse than my hip joint. Well done!”
R.S, Ramsgate, Kent, UK

Rido: big on Dahon!”
MrBrown, Singapore


“It’s THE ONLY SADDLE that FULLY relieves perineal disomfort.”

“Can’t wait to try the RIDO 2 – when willl it be available? From the press release, it seems like you have addressed the few rough spots in the original design, but there is no doubt that the design works as advertised. It’s THE ONLY SADDLE that FULLY relieves perineal disomfort.”
J.M, New York, USA

“Half-Ironman: I’m pleased to report that the saddle was great and the only things that hurt (still hurt!) are my legs, not my nether regions.”

“I’ve got a racing style Specialized ‘Body Geometry’ saddle on my triathlon race bike and I’ve been having a few painful posterior problems in a few of my longer recent races. I have been using one of your Rido saddles on my commuting bike for months now and so yesterday when I was competing in a Half-Ironman triathlon I decided to put the Rido saddle on my race bike.
I’m not entirely convinced that a glow-in-the-dark saddle looked entirely ‘right’ sat in the transition area, and I was worried that the saddle wouldn’t really work in the more aggressive riding position. However I’m pleased to report that the saddle was great and the only things that hurt (still hurt!) are my legs, not my nether regions, hence my request for an R2! You also might be interested to hear that I spotted another Rido saddle on a bike racked in the transition at the race, so Rido is definitely getting known!”
N.T, Riding Mill, Northumberland, UK

“Please reserve one R2 saddle for me.
My present Rido has been an absolute marvel, and I look forward to trying the new one.”
S.E, Pevensey, East Sussex, UK

“Put me down for one of the new R2 saddles.
I have just returned from 16 days of misery in Scotland: I didn’t change to a Rido for the trip…… I paid the price!”
D.P, Southampton, Hampshire, UK

“After buying five of the MkI saddles I was interested to read about the MkII version.
I am very happy with the comfort of the MkI, so will be interested to try the MkII. My first impression of the appearance is that it has gone ‘up market’!”
Dr A.S, Tamworth, Staffordshire, UK

“I will reserve an R2 please.
I have enjoyed my cycling more after the purchase of the first saddle and now getting decent mileages again!”
C.C, Aberlour, Moray, Scotland, UK

“Rido saddles rule. I own two of them, the blue one for my Dahon MU P24 and a glow in the dark one for my Dahon Curve. Excellent comfort.”
M.B, Singapore

“More than 30,000km of triathlons, races and training on the same ‘original’ Rido saddle, bought in 2004!”
“Je voudrai acheter une R2. Comment faire?
Je roule avec ma vielle rido 1er generation encore en attendant sportivements.
Pour info plus de 30000km avec (Rido) dont 1 tour de corse, 1 raid provence extreme (700km non stop), 2 triathlon d’embrun, 2 triathlon de nice, 4 defis des fondus de l’ubaye (7 cols 400km)….”
S.C, Mt. Ventoux, Provence, France

“I’d like to reserve one of the new R2s for ordering in August. Thanks very much! I love my RIDO!”
J.L, Bucknell University, Lewisburg, Pennsylvania, USA

“I’ve got the blue one on my Brompton”

J.V, Helmond, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands  (Jos)

“My Rido doesn’t give me any complaints.”

“I bought the glow in the dark Rido for my volpe. I’ve used it for longer rides 50 – 75 miles and I’ve found it comfortable. It was a definite comfort upgrade from the velo saddle that come with the bike. Leopard print to almost anything else would have been an aethetic downgrade, but glow in the dark might be just as cool as leopard print. Anyway I’ll be using the Rido for touring, and I won’t wish I ever had a Brooks saddle, because my Rido doesn’t give me any complaints.”
MDM, Bike Forums

“I’m (the) happy owner of two rido saddle for my road bikes.No crotch numbness.Throw to trash all Sell Itallias, Arione, Turbomatics, Prolinks, etc.
ruly62, Bike Forums

“I have not yet had a chance to try out my RIDO R2 saddle, but the RIDO saddles I bought from you a couple of years ago are really good. I have never suffered badly from saddle soreness, but can say that after 50/60 miles the RIDO saddle remains perfectly comfortable, and no soreness whatsoever. (I am aged 72).”
G.Mc, Ealing, West London, UK

“Numbness, pain, or any type of urological problems are gone.”

“I wanted to feedback my satisfaction with your Rido “original”. Due to a prostatectomy and related radiation therapy 4 years ago, I have had trouble with bladder control following any type of riding on a “normal” type of saddle.  This has been very frustrating to me, particularly since I have long been an active cyclist on long rides, centuries, and time trials (age 69).
My experience with your Rido saddle has been a breath of fresh air, allowing rides that are comfortable and non problematic. Numbness, pain, or any type of urological problems are gone. Not only that, but this saddle is COMFORTABLE! I have not yet tried a really long ride, since my lack of stamina requires more training; but I have no doubt that it will be trouble free.
Thanks for a wonderful design!”
K.G, Arkansas, USA

“An R2 for me please! But the original model is still perfect.”
J.McG, Tottenham, London, UK

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