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“‘Slip disc condition’: I don’t feel any soreness in my lower back anymore”

“Dear Sir/Madam, Let me start off by saying, thank you for an excellent product. I have purchased your R2 for my MTB as I have a slip disc condition, and it is the best decision I have made. The ride is comfortable & smooth and I don’t feel any soreness In my lower back anymore.
I would just like to enquire, as I have another road bike, and would love to mount another R2 on my road bike, is this recommended? As I know that the R2 is setup for more up right riding, will I be uncomfortable on the R2 at a 45 degree position? Thank you for your time & patience.
Best Rgds”
Daran – Sent from mah cell

“I feel I’m back cycling again, so thank you!”

“Hi John,
Great news! Just wanted to let you know that I completed a 2 day, 140 mile off (in total, 91miles yesterday) road canal ride from Northampton to London over some of the bumpiest ground ever, and all on the Rido R2 saddle! No numbness, nothing wrong at all with the front of the nose area and the only thing experienced was soreness around the cut of the leg – but simply due to the 30 degree temperature and terrain I would imagine.

The saddle got a few comments from the other 12 people I was with, but one may be ordering from you too! So glad I found your website and I feel I’m back cycling again, so thank you!”
Stephanie.R, West Hunsbury, Northampton, UK

“…. you do not find that you’re on a bike”

Re: Generalna tema o sjedalima
Postao/la Hoskins dana 22. 05. 2013. (14:27)

“Ja imam ovaj sedlo je odlican, onako dok se ne naviknes precudan je ali nakon nekog vremena se pokaze jako dobar. Najludje je sta kad sjednes na njega izgleda neobicno ali sta je duza voznja to je udobniji, ni ne primjetis da si na bikeu – bar dok noge ne proplacuB-)”

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“The pain I was suffering (from my previous saddle) has now gone and I am extremely satisfied with the saddle.”

“Hi John, I considered dropping the saddle, however after fitting the R2 I sat on the bike and it felt OK with the pedal at the bottom of the chainset, so I left it where it was. I have moved the saddle back a small amount and raised the nose slightly, I rode this morning for 23 miles and this is much better, I may push the saddle back a few more mil, but I will keep in mind the seat post height.
The pain I was suffering (from my previous saddle) has now gone and I am extremely satisfied with the saddle, I look forward to getting some miles in now! Best regards,”
M.G.W, Littleport, Cambridgeshire, UK

“Hello John, I needed to find a saddle which would allow me to continue cycling after having surgery through my perineum in March last year. I bought the R2 from yourself and also a Moonsaddle in order to evaluate them for equipping the bikes I have.

In the end I went for the Moonsaddle as I remained concerned about dropping on to the horn of the R2 when riding on uneven surfaces. On the other hand, having the horn was reassuring in terms of the balance and control of the bike using the inside of one’s thighs.

A friend of mine, who has not had surgery, bought the R2 from me and is very pleased indeed with it, having used it when we did the Walney to Wear Sustrans route recently.
We are essentially utility/ commuter/touring/ leisure cyclists. Best wishes”
P.F, Upper Poppleton, York, UK

Excellent saddle for me & very happy with it. Have the R2 fitted on my mountain bike & another on my road bike. I am 66 years young this month & ride mainly for a bit of fitness & health reasons. After trying about five different saddles I have found the Rido to be firm but very comfortable on my 30 to 50klm rides around Cairns North Queensland, mainly on sealed roads & bike ways.
My reason for selecting the Rido was to take pressure off my sensitive parts after an issue with a recent urine test report. The Rido has certainly does all that is claimed, & my first test ride of 30klm was done with only minor adjustments. Have clocked around 800klm on the R2 now & look forward to using it for years to come.”
A.J, Bentley Park, Queensland, Australia

“Please can I buy the (R2) saddle that has been sent out on loan to me. Although it is much firmer to sit on than my old saddle, it is much more comfortable.”

I ride a dutch bike which I have set in a very upright position to keep weight off my shoulders and am aware I look like a strange Victorian. (Which bothers my children a lot more than it does me). The saddle I took off was massive and padded and looked infinitely more comfortable than the Rido, but this was not the case.
It would appear that the saddle that was sent to me was new, so presumably I can just pay the extra to cover the cost. If you let me know if this is ok I will get it organised.
Many thanks,
Ms. S.E, Dereham, Norfolk, UK

“I think you have a convert for as long as I keep cycling”

“Thanks. The instructions about the height changes needed were spot on, but I had to fiddle with  the front-back distance for several rides before I was balancing correctly on the raised areas of the saddle, most of the time. Now that I have the seat in the correct position, I find it comfortable and a lot less likely to produce nerve compression on rides over 3 hours than the 3-4 makes of conventional saddle I tried before finding your company.
I think you have a convert for as long as I keep cycling. Your customer service is superb. Well done.”
G.F, Winchester, Hampshire, UK

“If you ever have comfort or numbness problems down below, I can’t recommend these enough. Most comfy saddle ever.”


“I am very pleased with my RIDO saddle. For various reasons I had become disenchanted with my Brooks, which I had been using for a few years now, and based on some good feedback on the CTC forum decided to give the RIDO a go. I am in my 60s now and ride purely for leisure some 10 to 15 miles most days. Initially the RIDO seemed odd to sit on, although it never caused any pain or discomfort, but after a couple of weeks I became used to it and now just get on and ride. I generally do not bother with cycling specific clothing and have no problems with the RIDO.”
A.P, Watford, Hertfordshire, UK

I can report that I am very happy with the R2 saddle. My cycling at present is mostly cycling a couple of miles to the shops and back on a hybrid road bike. My previous saddle caused discomfort, particularly in the cold weather and I think it could have been a factor in my developing prostatitis last winter. This stopped me cycling for several months and I was very pleased to find that the Rido saddle allowed me to start again. It does indeed take the pressure off that area, as your advertising claimed. So, many thanks, I think it is a good design. I don’t have a problem with its look and it’s great that you have made it at an affordable price.”
J.C, Shottisham, Suffolk, UK

“Let me suggest the RIDO ‘R2’: a uniquely comfortable sports bicycle saddle. As somebody with a sizable rear-end I’ve really come to appreciate this saddle. I’ve got it on a Thudbuster LT on my Moonlander and it’s fantastic! No more discomfort on long rides!”
Fatsinglespeeder, MTBr Forums

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“The saddle is absolutely fantastic”

“Dear Sir/ Madam,
My name is Michael O’Connor. I am a student at Durham University and recently purchased one of your R2 saddles.

I am just writing to say that the saddle is absolutely fantastic. I got back a week ago from a 900 mile unsupported bike tour which I did with four friends, riding from A Coruna in Spain to near Perpignan in France. We completed it in 10 days so averaged 90 miles per day, but that included two 55 mile days in the Pyrenees, so actually had several 100+ mile days, including a 120 mile day. Due to the terrain and winds we spent probably 6/7 hours per day actually in the saddle and throughout the tour I experienced no numbness at all. I had done a similar tour last year with a standard saddle and had numbness and tingling for a week or so after we finished, and I know that I suffer from it even on exercise bikes in gyms etc.

I must mention for a fair representation that I did have quite bad pressure sores/ rubbing sores from where the pads on the saddle end, but doing that long each day is going to produces aches and pains whatever saddle is used. You can ignore pains like that (temporary pains) but you can’t ignore numbness as it is a bit more worrying when you consider long term effects!!
In short, your saddle did exactly what you said it would do and I am extremely pleased with it. Reasonable price as well, even for a student!! Yours faithfully”
M.O’C, Durham, UK

PS: I might also mention that I was skeptical that it would work for me as I am 6’5 and 105 kilos so thought that if it works for smaller women it probably wouldn’t work for me, but I was wrong!
The bike is a Trek 7.2 fx though so a hybrid, mostly road-like though but with straight handlebars.

“I am a big fan of Rido saddles. I bought a touring one (the R2) because I didn’t have time to wear in a Brooks. It was comfortable as soon as I got on, and stayed that way.
More recently I bought their new “racing” model (the LT) which is more minimalist, and have been running it on my mountain bike.
Essentially they have elevated sections at the back of the seat for your “sit bones”, which relieves pressure at the front of the seat – especially good for men.
The LT has much less padding then the R2, and therefore is probably more efficient – and while it feels hard when you first get on, it keeps me pain-free all day. I may even go with the LT on my next tour.”
Movinonnow, Lonely Planet

“Honestly, I now can’t imagine riding on anything else”

“I’m a commuter cyclist in Exeter. Only five miles each way, but hilly. Just got back into this after a couple of years off due to knee surgery.
All I can say is that I and my manhood thank you for your invention. Took a little while to get used to it (and I still have to properly adjust the bar height) but it’s so much less uncomfortable (no more numb whatnots).
What would I change? Hmm. Maybe make the rear seating part a little wider and pad those parts a little more (or produce a specialist seat cover, that only pads those parts and not the middle bit).
Honestly, I now can’t imagine riding on anything else.”
P.C, Exminster, Devon, UK

“I went through 4 or 5 seats being miserable, then found the RIDO”

“I ride a road bike an average of 5,000 miles per year. This year was my first time trial; usually I just ride around with various groups for fun.
This was my second RIDO seat, at least the R2. My first one was damaged when I forgot to strap my bike on the car rack (bike OK!).
I went through 4 or 5 seats being miserable, then found the RIDO and now my behind rarely gets sore. I even tried the RLt and it was better than the others, but not as pain-free as the R2.
Thank you!!!!!
D.O’D (Ms), Covington, Louisianna, USA

@RIDOcycling  …. very impressed with your service guys. Ordered Sunday evening and arrived Tuesday morning! Great stuff. Thanks!
Mark Holmes / @Badger_One

“You folks should be really proud of your product”

“Dear RIDO,

I am a colon cancer survivor who has been through 10 major and 5 minor surgeries over the past 6 years. Twice I almost did not make it through.

I have had a colostomy for over a year. Last January I spent 28 days in Providence Portland Medical Center (Portland, OR.) and had 2 major surgeries and 9 additional operating room procedures, including the removal of my rectum. They also took my gracillus muscle from my right leg and re-directed it up into my abdomen to try to stop a recurring abscess that would not heal due to my radiation treatment 6 years ago.

My friends tell me that my bike riding and my skiing are what have gotten me through these difficult times. Bicycling in particular has been my route back to good health after each surgery. I have skied for 45 years and spent 12 years on the National Ski Patrol. I love long distance riding and used to participate in the annual MS150 ride out here. As an employee of Providence Health & Services, I know how important it is to support those in need and facing critical health issues. I now realize that more than ever.

In February I told my lead surgeon that I had signed up to race in the Pacific Crest Olympic Distance Triathlon in Sun River, OR. on June 30th. He told me it was not a realistic goal and that I should rethink it. In May he changed his mind and gave me his approval. I finished the race! 29 miles on the road bike and 6.2 miles running! Attached is a picture of me crossing the finish line. I am going to do more of those, that’s for sure! It was a blast!

I did a ton of research to figure out how I could get back on my bike given the January surgeries. The last thing I needed was more complications or another surgery. You can imagine why my surgery in particular was screaming for your saddle. I found it by searching for bicycle seats designed for prostate cancer patients. I ended up purchasing your saddle and a Selle. I returned the Selle and bought a second Rido! I can honestly say that I would NOT have even been riding the bike on June 30th, much less completing the 29 mile bike portion of the race in 1 hr 50 min without a Rido saddle. It was nothing short of amazing. I say thank you to Rido every single day. And I mean that sincerely. I also share your website, because it has a wealth of useful information, with friends, coworkers, acquaintances, anyone I know or meet who rides a bike. Everyone can benefit from a Rido.

By the way – I am thinking about getting the Providence Cancer Center to be a sponsor of some of my exploits going forward. Definitely some more duathlons, and I am thinking of organizing a fundraising bike ride for the Cancer Center that would be a Portland (we are a big bike town!) to Mt. Hood (Government Camp or Timberline Lodge) ride, perhaps in September. August is out because I need more ride time and I have a best friend racing in Iron Man Canada at the end of August. I am on her support team.

So don’t be surprised if I come asking if you would be one of my sponsors. I am not talking professional athlete sponsorship, maybe a cycling jersey with RIDO on it, some way to talk about my journey, cancer and what it means to all of us, and about the role RIDO played in getting me back into the race. Of course I believe so strongly in your product I will be talking about it anyway.

I was featured in my company newsletter twice during my fight with cancer complications, with a distribution to 17,000 employees in Oregon. Of course if there were any interest I am happy to share those articles, my resume, references, etc. as I know the importance of character. I can send the articles anyway (pdf), perhaps they would be of interest. If you would just like to use me as a customer testimonial, that is perfectly fine too.

Your loyal customer, Dan”
D.K, Portland, Oregon, USA

Follow up email received:
“I’ve also attached a picture of two of my bikes with their Rido saddles. The red one is my racing bike. It is a Scattante Carbon Fiber. You folks should be really proud of your product, and your efforts are definitely worthwhile! It is so much more than a “product.” It provides people like me with hope, and with the ability to continue doing the things we really love. Last weekend I did two rides totaling 80 miles, and usually ride 3 or 4 evenings after work. I am getting out there a lot now, thanks to Rido!”

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