15 (R2)

“My doctor sent me to hospital for the usual prostate/nuts check/blood test and all the stress that went with it – all came down to the previous saddle – RIDO R2 solved it.”

“Hi at Rido, No need for me to add to the lots of accolades for the saddle but I must say a massive thank you for the relief I’ve had – it solved my ‘in-between’ pain problem completely — thank you for the excellent design. My doctor sent me to hospital for the usual prostate/nuts check/blood test and all the stress that went with it – all came down to the previous saddle – RIDO R2 solved it.
Thank you – w:-)
A.M, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, UK

“Thought I’d let you know that I was asked by one of our venerable club members – a past winner of cyclosportives in the over 60’s category – to order an R2 for him. I did so last week, so hopefully this will arrive soon. Who knows? The whole club might be equipped with your saddles soon.
I attach another photo. It’s my shopping bike. Loaded with 25kgs it makes for an excellent training device; equipped of course with an R2.”
Ed S., St Jeanette, Cote d’Azur, France

… liked the R2 so much it’s now available as standard kit!
Outdoor Vairbike UK

“No soreness the next morning even after a 50 Km ride”

“Hello, I am Ram and I am writing to you from Chennai, India. I purchased your Rido R2 saddle recently and would like to report that I am very pleased with it. I weigh 125 Kgs and have always had problems with numbness and soreness in the wrong places. I was very pleased to see that your saddle works as advertised. With the R2 , I do not feel the need to constantly adjust myself on the saddle. Yes it is a hard saddle , but it does not cause any discomfort. It took me a few Kilometers to get used to, but after that it was very comfortable. No soreness the next morning even after a 50 Km ride. I would recommend it to many of my friends. It would be nice if you had a distributor in India. Please look into that.
Regards, Ram”
Ramchandran Subrmanian, Chennai, India

“I have prostate problems and cannot recommend these seats enough, not the best looker but relieve the pressure and in the right area also … often its presumed that a cut away under the scrotum is best but that’s not where the real damaging pressure is ……
I make my living from health and safety but I am far from healthy and very unsafe!!!!!”


The saddle is great, very comfortable and none of the pressure. I’ll be putting it on the mtb next and seeing how it goes off road. I suspect an RLt would be better but want to try before I buy if possible. Thanks Ian.”
I.B, Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire, UK

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Couldn’t believe it….. I am one very happy fella and feel alive again!”

“I’ve been suffering with prostrate problems for about 3 years and have struggled doing much on my bike. Up until I had this condition I have spent all my life since the age of 7 in competitive cycling, mainly road racing. My family is a cycling family.

As you can imagine not been able to ride my bike has been a real blow to me and effected my life in a big way. I have tried many different saddles over the past couple of years and every time the pressure has stopped me riding as the prostate flared up again, meaning weeks off the bike again.

I came across your website by accident after trawling the internet and seeing somebody mentioning a prostate problem and using a RIDO saddle on a thread in a cycling forum. After looking at your site I decided to put in an order especially as the prices were good and I had nothing to loose.

I must admit when I received the saddle it did look a little odd! I fitted it straight away and after some small adjustments couldn’t believe it when I went out. I did a 20 mile ride without any discomfort and enjoyed every minute of it. During that evening I had no discomfort and was able to ride again the following day no problems. Since then I am back into my training and have been doing regular triathlons and looking forward to road racing next year. I am one very happy fella and feel alive again!!

I would like to say thank you to your company especially the designers of the RIDO! I am highly recommending your company to everybody I know. I would be more than happy to give any references in the future.
A happy cyclist.
Kind Regards”
R.E, Grantham, Lincolnshire, UK

“It is clearly however keeping the pressure off the perineum area”

“I am recovering from a prostate operation and since cycling was my form of exercise was advised to get a prostate friendly saddle by the physio. After some research I opted for your R2 saddle.
As its early days after the operation I am using the saddle on my exercise bike before graduating to my road bike. It is a very different ride and I am getting used to it. I am still finding most comfortable position for me. It is clearly however keeping the pressure off the perineum area which is important for me. I am therefore happy to be using the RIDO R2 saddle. Thanks and Best wishes.”
J.D, Rainham, Essex, UK

“Your seat is wonderful”

“I have quite a collection of bike seats as the conventional ones make riding my Mt bike almost unbearable, a real pain in the butt for sure. Your seat works very well for me. I noted the horn is slightly recessed below the seat part. If I were to make any suggestions for possible improvement I would lower the horn a few mm more or even consider making that user adjustable. That said, your seat is wonderful. I have bike seats without the horn and they are very comfortable too but I think keeping the horn helps with balance. If you develop another model seat with a slightly lower horn let me know.”
B.F, Asheville, North Carolina, USA

Saddle has proved an excellent buy. It certainly relieves pressure on the ” front bits” and is at least ( in fact I would say more ) comfortable than the factory fitted unit.
I would certainly recommend it to anyone seeking a pressure relieving saddle.
Pics of the bike with saddle are attached.”
G.N, Thornton-Cleveleys, Lancashire, UK

“I have two bicycles now, and two Rido (R2) saddles. The first was a German pedalec, which I started my come-back on after a 50 year break. The second is a Boardman hybrid and now I’m up to speed.
Maybe this ought to be an RLT but stick when you’re ahead, I say.
Thanks, John.”
J.M, Watford Village, Northamptonshire, UK

“I’ve been using a Rido R2 saddle exclusively on my bikes since 2010, after having gone through a number of saddles, all causing me problems. The Rido R2 is amazingly comfortable, and I’ve done days with 10+ hours of offroad riding for a week with no saddle problems. I will never give up the Rido R2 saddle.”
Peter Nylund, ‘Turku, Finland (www.yetirides.com)


“I am very pleased with the saddle. It took a few rides to get used to it and find the optimum comfort position, but once that had been achieved there was no problem. I live in Spain. I am 65 years old and use an off road bike. I ride a mixture of on & off road routes, the off road being very challenging trails here in southern Spain. I encounter a lot of hill work, most of it being over very rough terrain. My average total distance per week is around 140Km. I am currently receiving treatment for prostate cancer, so the need for a comfortable and “safe” saddle is very important. The treatment does not preclude cycling as I am not yet experiencing any adverse affects. If I do develope problems, I will suspend my cycling until I can return to it later. I have been assured that I will be able continue as normal.

I have and will continue to discuss and recommend your saddle to others. I do not know of anyone yet who has purchased one, but it is a subject of discussion whenever someone sees it for the first time.
I hope the above has been useful feedback for you.
Many thanks.”
J.B, Mojacar, Almeria, Spain

“Very impressed”

“R2 owner. Bought the saddle to allow me to carry on cycling following Prostate Cancer treatment; it’s very good – no breaking in period at all and comfortable for 3 + hours riding. Very impressed.
A.I.B, Crewe, Cheshire, UK

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