5 (R2)

“Your saddle is so far doing exactly what I hoped it would”

“So far very impressed with your product! I used to cycle 12 miles a day to work for 10 years however I began suffering from prostatitis which gradually worsened and I was advised by the hospital that cycling was the probable cause ( I had worked it out for myself at that point!).
I had always hoped one day to get back in the saddle in a small way and when my young son started pestering to go on rides with my wife and I it gave me the spur to search the web and find your product. I haven’t done more than a couple of miles at a time so far and to be honest I am not expecting to do very much more but your saddle is so far doing exactly what I hoped it would.”
All the best.”
J.H, Wymondham, Norfolk, UK

“The Rido saddle is fine! Recommended it to half a dozen cyclist friends. Thanks.”
T.T, Rhodes, Greece.

“Your saddle is fantastic!”

“Your saddle is fantastic! I am a 57 yr old leisure cyclist living in Cornwall and go out cycling to keep fit and to enjoy the countryside, but I progressively developed chronic pelvic pain which made cycling very unpleasant and painful.
I found your saddle on the internet, researched it, and bought it through your website. It looks strange, and although it took seconds to fit, it took longer to adapt to using it. As soon as I realised that you have to sit right at the back of the saddle, I immediately I noticed the difference and since buying the saddle at the end of May this year I have not had any pain at all. I can now ride on cycle trails, tracks and roads for hours on end without any problems or discomfort at all. Thanks very much indeed.”
T.G, Falmouth, Cornwall, UK

“It’s much lighter than my previous saddle and 10 times more comfortable”

“I just completed my second week using my new saddle and I couldn’t be happier with it! No more sore butt syndrome or sore tailbone.
I would recommend this saddle to any cyclist who is having SBS problems. It’s much lighter than my previous saddle and 10 times more comfortable.Thanks again!!
L.A, Houston, Texas, USA

“John, Thank you very much! I finished my first century yesterday and I’m sure I could not have finished it if it wasn’t for the Rido saddle. It definitely lives up to it’s claims!
After trying many different saddles I’ve never found any that compare. Thanks again!”
D.C, Elvaston, Illinois, USA

“More comfortable than any previous saddle I have owned”

“…. so my recommendation for a comfortable saddle is – The Rido.
A look on the customer letters page is staggering. People who had given up riding – now back in the saddle due to the Rido, etc., etc., And I too, have found it to be more comfortable than any previous saddle I have owned.
The RIDO bicycle saddle – get comfortable at long last!”
‘Danny K’, South West counties, UK (pedelecs.co.uk)

“Absolutely the perfect saddle. 1426 miles on mine in 6 weeks. Fantastic saddle and a great price and worth every penny. Takes about one week to get used to on your bones but since have had no discomfort whatsoever. Bloody Fantastic !!!”
‘RichLarry’, Warlingham, Surrey, UK (pedelecs.co.uk)

“I’ve done about 350 miles on my Rido R2 so far. Very comfortable for long distance rides.”
‘Fecn’, Orpington, Kent, UK (pedelecs.co.uk)

“Great saddle! Found out through buying a Rido Mk1 following a web search ages ago. I do mostly audax long distance and MTB xc riding.
I love the Rido, it’s brilliant.”
S.P, Doncaster, S. Yorkshire, UK

Since suffering from prostatits over a year ago, this saddle has given me back my freedom and enjoyment of the bike.”

“After several months use now – mainly regular journeys of around 6 miles on mixed town/country roads and assorted other daily trips – I am still delighted with my purchase. Having been very restricted in my cycling since suffering from prostatits over a year ago, this saddle has given me back my freedom and enjoyment of the bike.
I am still considering buying a sprung seat post to make the ride more comfortable on our terrible road surfaces (I would be interested to know if anyone else has experience of these and if investing in one would be worthwhile) but can honestly say that your saddle is everything it is claimed to be and is also excellent value for money.”
I.G, Chester, Cheshire, UK

All the testimonials are true!”

“I couldn’t be happier with my R2 saddle. I use it on my commuter-fixed gear bike and its super comfy. It’s the real deal!
Your website sold me with all of the great reviews and with the price, I figured it was worth a try.
Shipping in the US was a lot faster than I anticipated and all the testimonials are true! Thank you!”
Q.N, Stockton, California, USA


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“This clever design has transformed my life in many ways… the comfort is astounding”

“The simple ideas always seem to work best……thats not to say that you arrived at your final design without blood, sweat and tears, far from it John!…….This clever design has transformed my life in many ways and I tell so many people about it…….my Missis says you should put me on a commission for everyone I convert…….Just a cracking idea, design and marketing plan……lets hope it continues for you!”

“What makes me smile is the thought that there are scores of other guys with ‘spiffin yarns’ of biking again.

“I am so old it makes my grandkids laugh…….I’ve always used bikes through my life. But as a busy Antique dealer I didn’t always have the time or commitment……..so at seventy years old, when I finally did have the inclination the aged body didn’t want to do it! Youv’e got to keep in mind I sort of fell into cycle racing when I was a fit young student Git….became super efficient at it, and reached Cat 2 and was going to live and ride in La Belle France……halcyon days….when one’s young body was fit and ones arse…..hard as a bag of Nails. In those far off days I rode a Brooks which had been specially altered or ‘butchered'(as the old purists would say) with big flat copper rivets which were deemed cache’ and Pro-looking.

But I remember being heart-broken at having to retire from a four day event, with quite long stages (100+ miles) on only the second day ‘cos I went down with the dreaded “Red Arse” but worse followed…… the indignity of Nurses spraying ones raw parts with Gentian Violet and having to walk like Billy the Kid, let alone sit on me racin’ machine……and pedal? Over the years I tried all sorts of saddles,naturally, looking for comfort of course (no more Gentian Violence for me)…….it was always the peritoneum bit that took most damage……. till our American friend told me of your innovative design the R2.

It works John and I wouldn’t know how to convince people that it does…..No no no…….I refuse point- blank to publish photo’s of my naked, unblemished ‘Batty’ on the internet, to further the rapid rise of your Commercial Empire……. perish the very thought!! Suffice to say, I use the bike every day, an average 8 to 15 miles. This, in the major part is because the comfort is astounding……and that problem having been solved for the “Old Git”….as the club boys call me……I can concentrate on staying upright…..at least till I gain my destination!!
Eternally grateful. Yours on the bike again.”
G.G, Winslow, Buckinghamshire, UK

“I originally figured I’d go back to my old softer saddle when I could. WRONG! I have found the Rido to be extremely comfortable and have no intention of going back.”

“I got my Rido saddle after a cycling accident in which I broke the inferior pubic ramus bones on both sides. (I also had a break in the iliac and in the superior pubic ramus on the right.) Anyway, when I was able to return to riding 5 weeks later, my old saddle put too much pressure on the lower breaks. So, the design of the Rido with its very narrow nose changed the weight bearing and was just what I needed.
I originally figured I’d go back to my old softer saddle when I could. WRONG! I have found the Rido to be extremely comfortable and have no intention of going back. Not only is the weight distribution more comfortable, the narrow nose eliminates friction on my inner thighs. The saddle has been looked at with curiosity by many cyclists in my riding club, but I would not be surprised if some of them become customers.”
(Ms)B.E, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

“Hi there, I am a serious Cyclist and Bike Fitter, I am always looking for a new saddle to try for my clients. You boasted quite a bit on your web site and I thought I would give it a try.
Fitting it was a snap, 150 k first ride in the rain and wind. I was a bit impressed. Race across Florida was scheduled for Nov 8 – 260 k time trial basically. I was ready to try the seat out for this. Race got cancelled but I was trained up and drove the 21 hours straight to ride the course and pretend it was a race. I had no tech support so I pulled a trailer with all my needs in it… about 25kilos.
Did the route Thursday- turned around and came back Friday- cool down Saturday. 700k in 3 days on a brand new Rido R2…… pulliing a trailer in 30 degree sunshine……. didn’t think about my butt once……… Great job on a great saddle!”
S.D, London, Ontario, Canada

“Dear Rido. The R2 is great. I had coccyx pain for a year and had been avoiding cycling altogether as it made it much worse.
I am only a casual cyclist but I can now ride several hours with no residual pain. The saddle even looks great and the price is very good for the quality.
I’ll be ordering one for my wife.”
S.J, Middle Cove, New South Wales, Australia

John Dubuya changes some kit and the colour scheme of his Canondale in readiness for the cycling season.
He already has a RIDO R2 in tan fitted, and he now fits tyres and handlebar wraps to match.

“I can sit on the Rido (R)2 for hours without standing and have no discomfort or numbness what so ever.”

“This saddle is fantastic! I ride about 2500-3000 miles per year, including several centuries each year. I have tried numerous saddles, some with and some without cut-outs. I have never had a saddle in which I can remain seated for longer than 20 minutes without beginning to feel numbness. I can sit on the Rido (R)2 for hours without standing and have no discomfort or numbness what so ever.
This saddle has made bike riding enjoyable again!”
S.H, Portage, Michigan, USA

“Thank you so much. I love it. My previous bike with a Rido saddle was stolen. I ordered another of your saddles even before purchasing a replacement bike.
F.S, Rochester, New York, USA

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