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“Whoever perfected the design should receive a medal!”

“These saddles are absolutely fantastic! I had not realised just how good until I did about 1200 kilometres in France – including 400km in two days will no ill effects. This is the only saddle I have ever had that has not left me sore after such long rides. Whoever perfected the design should receive a medal!”
S.G, Brough, East Yorkshire

“A dream!”

“I did it!….. all 338 miles (540km) of the Styrkeproven 2005 race. I was one of just five Brits. It took me 21h43, well inside my target of 24 hours but more than twice the time I had ever spent in the saddle on any one ride before. Probably the toughest physical thing I’ve ever done.
Glad to report, however, that the saddle was not a problem (whereas my old gel saddle would have been killing me after a couple of hours). I was riding with Joe, an American who was complaining badly about his “ass” around halfway, but later the numbness dulled his pain. Through the cold and semi-darkness the latter part of the race was something of a blur to me, but having arrived at the finish and crashed out on the concrete floor, one crystal clear memory on waking up was of a German guy stumbling around in his underpants with a grotesque wheal the size of a 10 euro note gracing his saddle contact zone!
Now I can’t say my hindquarters felt exactly the same as on rising from a feather duvet, but there were no ill effects at all. The Rido performed, in what must be the toughest test I will ever set it.
Two weeks later I was on the Polaris Challenge mountain biking event, by this time more than confident in swapping my Rido on to the ATB for 12 hours of riding. A dream!”
H.L, Cossington, Leicester, UK

“Used your Rido on the tandem so far. The other is on a winter training bike I’m in the process of building up. So far very comfortable. Have also ridden a friend’s MTB with one fitted. It was this experience that persuaded me to buy the saddle in the first place!
Dr A.T, Bodfari, Denbighshire, UK

” I tell everyone about your saddles!”

“I am one of your best salesmen: I tell everyone about your saddles!
I have an ongoing tender prostrate problem so I have to be very careful. I’ve recently been on a seven day tour across the outer Hebrides and west of Scotland, averaging 60 miles a day with fully loaded rear panniers on an Audax/touring bike and no problems at all! I’ve now got a Rido saddle on my racing bike as well.
I could never have thought about doing all this before I had changed to your saddles. I used to be permanently uncomfortable on any of my collection of five different saddles and was starting to despair! Keep up the good work!”
J.C, Southport Cycling Club, Lancashire, UK

“You can certainly count me among the very satisfied RIDO customers! I love the saddle!
Actually, I don’t think about it very much which is high praise indeed. I used to spend a lot of time thinking about my saddles (I’ve tried several) and how much pain and numbness they were causing me. But not since switching to the RIDO saddle. I am very happy with it and have recommended it to several people already.”
T.D, Osaka, Japan

“I just wanted to send a note saying how pleased I am with my Rido saddle. I commute 14 miles each way to work. On a traditional saddle I would experience pain and numbness within 5 or 6 miles. I no longer have numbness issues and find the saddle totally comfortable. Thanks for such a great product!”
S.B, Portage, Michigan, USA

“… being saddle sore is definitely a thing of the past”

“The RIDO seat is a revolution!! – it really does distribute the weight making riding much more comfortable – being saddle sore is definitely a thing of the past and I have no hesitation in recommending the seat to my friends. Well done for marketing a great product!
I use the seat for about 2 hours twice a week on the road and have ridden for once a week for four hours x-country – the riding is for leisure but demanding and a key part of the struggle to keep fit. I have owned the seat for about a month.”
A.B, Radcliffe-on-Trent, Nottingham, UK

“I find the saddle very good. I have recently had a prostate operation and have now gone back to riding my bicycles.
I ride to work each day (5 miles in and 5 miles out) and I also do distance riding on a very regular basis. A conventional saddle causes discomfort of my prostate but your saddle removes that. Very pleased with it and recommending it to friends! Many thanks.”
Professor P.H, Bournemouth, Dorset, UK

“Just to update you on my progress with the Rido Saddle, I completed a two day 130 mile in the English/Scottish Borders last weeked. Miserable weather and grinding hills. Day Two, 72 miles covered, seven hours in the saddle including two stops where the saddles was exposed to soaking rain.
Arrived home in comfort – bum still usable! I have to confess that such a ride on my usual – and very expensive saddle – would have killed me.”
D.P, Wollaton, Notts, UK

“I’ve been very impressed with the Rido saddle since I bought it in April. I must have spent close to £400 on saddles in the past, and have never found one which doesn’t cause any numbness – until now! I mainly do leisure cycling with occasional mountain biking and road riding.”
Dr S.D, Norcote, Gloucestershire, UK

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“No perineum pressure at all, no numbness, no pain.”

“In the Holy Grail search for the perfect saddle, I recently tried a Rido saddle made in GB and sold through the web. For my posterior the results were terrific. No perineum pressure at all, no numbness, no pain. You can immediately feel the weight being deflected to your glutes and ischial bones. Unlike the specialized BG you do not feel like all your weight is on your pelvic bones which was very uncomfortable IMHO.
The design is definitely unconventional, no leather, no gel, no cut outs. The shape and internal structure deflect the force. The price is certainly right even with the lousy exchange rate, and the saddle arrived faster than items shipped from Nashbar or Performance (in USA).”

“Multiple short training rides, not even a hint of soreness or numbness. Yesterday, a 65 mile charity ride in the hills of Northern Westchester County. No numbness, pain, shrinkage etc.. The product really does what it claims. Its a keeper. Maybe titanium rails for next years models?”
‘Retinadoc’, USA

“I got a Rido on retinadoc’s rec and rode it on a 50 mile ride today. It’s very good. I’ll leave it on the bike for some longer distance rides and longer term assessment.
‘Jaldridge’, USA

“I have just completed the “End-to-End” (Land’s End to John O’Groats) ride alone,unaided, and used a Rido saddle for the entire journey. I was very impressed and at the end of the day did not feel that I had been on the bike because of the saddle I was using. I did 974 mls in 21 days.”
J.C(Ms), Norwich, Norfolk, UK

“This is my second Rido purchase – after using the saddle on my road bike I went back to a ‘normal’ saddle on my mountain bike and just couldn’t live with it! Thanks for a great product!”
P.J, Ilkley, West Yorkshire, UK

“We have just got back from a trip to France, where we put two Rido saddles on our tandem out there and had a very successful holiday. As we have left them there, it means I’m going to have to order another two saddles for our English tandem (that will be a total of five!) My brother-in-law has also bought one on my recommendation and I have also (this afternoon) recommended them to a friend.
Satisfied customer!”
C.C, Halesworth, Suffolk, UK

“Have used the saddle for long touring hours in the saddle of my loaded Birdy folding bicycle (the long rails are particularly useful in finding the correct fore and aft position on this bike, which is notorious for having a well cast back seat post). Comfort has been excellent!”
C.C, Lewisham, S.E London, UK

“We are using the two saddles bought on CTC Club Leisure Rides twice a week and we are very happy to report that they are very comfortable and a big improvement on the saddles we replaced. They are also attracting attention from other club members.
Two very satisfied customers.!”
G & D.M, Brixham, Devon, UK

“I love the saddle! The price was just right and was exactly what I was looking for….. something comfortable on longer rides.
Man, do I get some funny looks when out biking or around other cyclists, haha! I just explain it’s an imported saddle from GB (sounds professional). Great product!”
J.H, Kirkland, Washington, USA

“Extremely comfortable to me and many others and no break-in period!”

(1) “I heard of them (Rido) on roadbikerider.com, bought one and I love it! Apparently I’m not alone. I highly recommend this saddle!”
(2)”Rido… check it out! Extremely comfortable to me and many others and no break-in period! Got an award from Cycling Plus (excellent UK cycle mag that puts all U.S. mags to shame).
Thomas D, USA –  BikeForums t-113136 and t-118809

“This product is amazing!!”

“This product is amazing!! Have only had it three days and the difference is incredible, particularly in combination with an RSE Alien suspension seat post.
My hard tail road bike had been causing me a significant amount of numbness and occasionally even pain in the perineum area (over road bumps etc.) after only around 15-20 minutes riding.
My first outing on the RIDO was a couple of laps around Richmond Park, and even after an hour in the saddle……….. not a thing!! No pain or discomfort whatsoever – even managed to set a new PB on my second lap!
I can’t really believe this product is this good, for so little money – and you can quote me on that!
Great product – will be buying some more for my other bikes!
Thank you, and good luck – this product really deserves to succeed.”
M.P, East Sheen, London, UK

“Rarely is a product as good as it appears but this is, the real deal.”

“I now never ride any of my bikes without the Rido saddle, it’s that good! Rarely is a product as good as it appears but this is, the real deal. Thanks a million; I almost stopped riding due to saddle discomfort or should I say numb everything and aching nuts, but not any more! Thanks again (ps, great price).”
D.T, Cambourne, Cornwall, UK


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