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The cycling fitness ‘guru’

“I believe in cycling products that ‘solve problems’. In the case of the Rido R2 saddle design I know it can help cyclists that ride for comfort, commuting, distance, centuries, multi-day pack tours and riders with perineum pain. Here’s my exclusive interview with Rido creator John Kenney, and how the Rido R2 is the saddle that could ‘save your butt’ on your favourite rides.”
Graeme Street, Cyclo-core, Cyclo-club and Everyday Cyclist, USA.

The fitness specialist and triathlete

“I have recently purchased a second R2, for my hybrid, which I use for hauling a trailer full of training equipment around the North Norfolk coastline, as I am a full time fitness trainer and coach. This followed on from my purchase, last year, of my first R2 for my road bike. As a 90kg triathlete, who actually prefers strength and conditioning to the obvious disciplines, my self inflicted imposing bulk, apart from being less than aerodynamic, made rides of over an hour a guarantee for numbness. I have tried an expensive list of saddles over the last ten years, with every conceivable type of cut-out and padding, all to no avail.
“Finally a quick web search brought me to the world of RIDO and the R2. Despite the previous amount I had laid out for much more pricey saddles, I thought I would risk the add on cost of another saddle, by way of a much more affordable R2.

“The first ride out was due to be a quick 10 miles just to check the position and comfort. 25 miles later I romped home completely converted. I am not one to pound the roads for over three hours and do not profess to be a great rider, but the pain free time on the bike now is a joy. Previously I would dread an hour of dutiful training, but now a couple of hours out can actually be challenging training and enjoyable scenery, rather than just an anticipation of discomfort. I also couldn’t ride on a turbo trainer at all, as numbness would creep in even earlier. Now I have just purchased a set of rollers to improve my pedalling and balance, as I no longer dread getting on the bike.

“I recommend the R2 to all my clients who ride and will continue to do so. A brilliant design that is easy to adapt to using and as I tell all my athletes, why not be comfortable and generate power, rather than placing an un-aerodynamic pelvis on a razor blade!”

… and more latterly the new ‘RLt’……

“After a couple of years enjoying an R2 on both my trusty race bike and work hybrid I was excited to hear of the RLt’s launch. I am a quad-/tri-athlete who has always regarded cycling as the hard discipline, primarily because long endurance work has always come second to a propensity for strength and conditioning. As a solid built athlete (95kg, 182cm) a race bike has always seemed part razor blade to me and anything I can do to make it go faster is at the forefront of my thoughts.

“First impressions were that the RLt was very much a traditional looking race saddle and I was concerned that the cushioning would be too light, having got so used to the luxury of the R2. After a number of rides I am getting the hang of the new beast. The RLt is much more a bike racers saddle, as I found I could adjust my position over a longer ride, yet without having to put pressure anywhere delicate. The RLt is an ingenious shape as it naturally encourages you back onto your sitting bones and I feel that I am generating more effort down through the cranks. It feels a solid riding position, although I have shortened my handle bar stem to adopt an optimum aero position, while feeling that better power generation, without any position shifting.

“On a few local regular local rides I’ve noticed a consistent increased average speed, despite maintaining my usual cadence on those routes. I feel I am wasting less energy and that is giving me an almost consistent 1mph improvement on regular rides. The lower profile of the RLt means no chance of rubbing and the cushioning is deceptively good considering the lack of bulk. It is for this reason I opted to get a second RLt for my hybrid, despite being perfectly happy with my R2. Clever design, improved riding performance and affordability make the RLt my personal choice and I will continue to recommend RIDO saddles to those I coach and race with.”
Dave Green, Fitness Specialist (Dip FTST Dip IIHHT), Brancaster Staithe, Norfolk, UK (

The club cyclist

“I find the Rido saddle very comfortable and easily adjusted. I can position myself on my sit bones much more easily and the scoop in the nose makes riding much more comfortable…… no numbness!! I am currently a member of the San Diego Bicycle Club and typically ride 3-4 times a week on the trainer, 1 to 1-1/2 hours each session, and 50-125 miles on the roads at weekends.”
A.G, San Diego, California, USA

The female triathlete

“This saddle has been my saviour! I am a triathlete based in Colchester and I have had countless problems achieving a comfortable saddle (due to the pressure underneath) which has effected my ability to race and train to my full potential.
“After seeing the advert for the Rido Saddle in the Cycling Weekly magazine (April 2004), I thought I’d give it a try. I couldn’t believe the difference it has made. I am able to train much further and concentrate on pushing the pedals rather then fidgeting trying to get comfortable on the saddle. I have knocked over 2 mins off my PB for 10 miles (27.02 achieved on a sporting course) and have increased my training speed average to 19.3 mph for 25 miles.
“I am now confidently looking forward to my first Olympic Distance Triathlon in Cambridge knowing my saddle wont rub, especially as you have to get on the bike with a soaking wet tri-suit on! I have already ordered another saddle for my winter training bike. I would like to thank Rido for making cycling more enjoyable!”
M.v.L, (Triathlete – female), Wivenhoe, Essex, UK

The club cyclist and endurance rider

“Having initially bought two RIDO saddles somewhat sceptically I have been amazed by the result, so much so that I have now replaced all my bicycle saddles with ‘RIDO’s’.
“As someone who has at times long distance time-trialled (2 x 24hrs, 12hrs, 100’s and 50’s) I have suffered with numbness in the groin area, commonly known as ‘penile numbness’. With the ‘RIDO’ saddle the body’s weight really is distributed onto the bottom cheeks and away from the perineum from where damage is caused. It’s incredible (how) it works. For me (it’s) a revelation”.
J.B, De Laune Cycling Club, London, UK

Professional performance coach

“I have been riding the RLt on my road bike and it has been a favourable experience. In the time I have had the saddle on the road bike I have done long and short rides, climbing and intervals ranging from 10sec to 10min.
I am going to try and swap saddle on my TT bike next. I have some reservations doing so. My TT bike has an ISM and the fit is dialled in for the OEM saddle and I am not able to cut the ISM. So it may not work out on the TT bike.
I have noticed that while the nose of the RLt isn’t as wide or as padded as my OEM Oval TT saddle it has not been uncomfortable to ride the nose of the RLt on the road bike.
I have not (been) able to confirm the improvement in power or force while climbing as my power numbers are about the same since changing to the RLt.
I may want to make one more fit change to the saddle. I have it basically level and in the same position as my previous saddle. With the RLt level I actually find that it feel like the saddle is nose up rather than neutral. I will check level to make sure.”
Coach Rob (@rgrissom), Waddy, Kentucky, USA (

The competition cyclist

“I love it… it’s an R2. Currently I only train on it. My rehab coach purchased it for me about 7 weeks after I was suffering from numbness etc. – all much improved.”
J.S, Team Leader, Premier Calendar and Elite Circuit Series, UK

The time trialler

“Bought the RIDO saddle for my time trialling bike because I’d got pretty numb on 100’s and 12 hours. I’d switched to using my road racing bike for longer time trials last season because it absorbs road shock a lot better but I still found that I was suffering from numbness. Furthermore, 50 miles of staying on the tri-bars was distinctly unpleasant. This year I’ve ridden two 100’s on my time trial bike fitted with the RIDO – both PB’s! No numbness and able to stay on the tri-bars all the time. So I’m very pleased with the saddle and as a result I’m going to ride my time trial bike in tomorrow’s 12-hour. Mind you I’ve also recorded my first sub-hour 25 on the RIDO so it’s not hurting my short distance performance either!”
N.Q, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, UK

The karate instructor turned cycling enthusiast and author

“Loads of people have done the legwork for me (pun intended), so I’ll not bore you with a potted history of how and why this saddle came into existence. What attracted me to its design was that reviewers all raved about how comfortable it was, while the low weight (230g) and attractive design are a bonus.

Still, once bitten, twice shy. I felt I couldn’t commit to another two years of donkey-like denial that I’d made the wrong choice, so before buying I asked Rido for a tester saddle to try out on a sportive. For the meagre sum of £4 plus postage I was granted a week’s use of said item. I had some reservations about this not being enough time to make up my mind – but my scepticism was ill-founded. Right from the first pedal push the RLt was a rather novel experience. I found all the pressure of my not-so-svelte frame was being directed through my sit bones and not to the narrow, more scarred areas towards my, ahem, centre of gravity. The Rido Rlt saddle has two areas of grippy covering under the pressure areas to keep you anchored in the best place to apply constant force to the pedals – no slipping about means no adjustment to your pedaling (or something like that).

An hour or so later I’d cycled and made adjustments and experienced a funny lack of pain or discomfort. Could this be the answer? Next day I took the saddle to Wycombe for a hilly three-hour sportive to test the manufacturers’ claim that the design improves your climbing. Once again, I was impressed and pain-free after two hours, soaked to the skin and still impressed after three. The key aspect of the RLt is that the rear of the saddle, rather than being flat like most designs, features two raised mounds designed to cushion your sit bones and reduce pressure on the perineal area. The Rido website explains the science – for me, all the proof I needed was those first couple of test rides.

So, I’d found my (bum’s) true love and decided to purchase one permanently. I think Rido might be missing a trick in not offering a partial discount on saddles purchased following a trial, or at the very least, free postage when you buy one having tested it first. That said, there are very few places you can buy Rido saddles from at the moment, and there’s always a lot to be said for buying direct from the manufacturer. In summary, the Rido RLt is a mighty fine saddle (for me) and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a relatively lightweight and racy seat, without feeling like they’re washing with wire wool and Harpic in the shower afterwards.”

A. Lulham / full article:

The rugby player

“I’ve been very pleased with both my original and now the new R2. I cycle to keep me fit for Rugby and was suffering from severe pain down below. I tried quite a few saddles but none resolved the problem, although I found the ones with the gap up the middle did help a little. One saddle was particularly bad and left me numb for 2 days afterwards, which was very worrying. “Basically, the Rido saddles are the main reason that my Sunday rides have lengthened from 30 miles to 70+ miles because any more than 30 was absolute torture. If it weren’t for the Rido saddles I wouldn’t be contemplating taking part in a couple of Sportives after the Rugby season finishes next year.
“As cyclists go I’m at the bigger end of the scale principally because I’m a rugby prop forward, 6ft tall and 16.5 stone. I ride a Focus Cayo racing cycle and the R2 complements it very nicely. I also like the idea of such a great product having been invented in the UK. Many thanks for a great product.”
N.A, Harlow, Essex

The ‘fixed gear maniac’

“I had the opportunity to try the new Rido Saddle. Rido is a British made saddle that is popular in the U.K. It looks different from your traditional saddle in that it’s almost Y shaped. It looks kinda like a stealth bomber. I decided the best way to try it would be to put it on my daily commuter. I’ll have to admit I was a little skeptical at first. I installed it perfectly horizontal, but found I tended to slip off to the front. After communicating with the manufacturer they told me this saddle needs to be installed with a slight upward tilt. This solved the problem. The saddle is quite unique and I found it to be very comfortable! Another thing which is pretty cool is since there is so little contact on the saddle you can relieve any pressure by staying seated and locking one leg out which slightly raises you off the saddle. The design looks like it’s well made and will hold up to daily abuse. This saddle makes a great commuter saddle and would probably make a great touring saddle. Any of you out there having trouble finding a comfortable saddle may want to give this a shot. If you would like to learn more about this saddle check them out.”
R.F, Miami, Florida, USA – Fixed Gear Maniacs, USA

The long distance leisure riders

“Thank you so much for sending the other saddle. We have now completed the Lands End to John O Groats tandem cycle in 12 days, a total of 982 miles. I have to say a huge thank you to the inventors / suppliers of the RIDO saddle. Neither my husband or myself suffered any saddle soreness or any other discomfort cycling these 982 miles! Quite an achievement! We love RIDO!! Please forward my thanks to everyone involved with the RIDO saddle.”
S.B & M.B, Mark, Somerset, UK

The cycling entrepreneur

“I am very impressed with the saddle (RLt). I have been using it for a week now and I have not once felt uncomfortable on it. I find the saddle holds me in position. I do not move around like I would on other saddles. Initially I commuted just 5 miles each way to work and back. It felt good from the outset and has continued to feel really comfortable. On my longer training ride last week I found that my sit bones were getting a little tender towards the end of two and a half hour ride. I expected to feel it the next morning on my commute, however there was no bruising that I have had with almost all other saddles. As for the power improvement I could definitely feel that my hips are in a positive position to deliver efficient power to the pedals.”
L.H, Velobrands, Exeter, Devon, UK

The endurance event cyclist

“I’ve just completed Styrkeprøven endurance race in Norway (a hilly 540km from Trondheim to Oslo) on a RIDO saddle. I was in the saddle virtually non stop for just under 23 hours. At the end the race, the only pain I suffered was in my feet (from pedaling) – incredible to have no back or shoulder pain and no numbness over this distance.
“RIDO is not immediately comfortable to sit on, but it gradually ‘dissapears’ as the ride progresses, in contrast to normal saddles which get more noticable over time. BTW (TV), the camera crew which followed our attempt, also took an interest in my unconventional saddle so you may soon be briefly featured on Danish TV!
“The price and delivery time are also fantastic – keep up the high standards!”
C.P, Solred Strand, Denmark

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