Our full product range is shown below. Choose from the ‘relaxed’ comfort R2 (black or PCF edition), the firm ‘performance’ comfort of the RLt (black, white or ‘Le Tour’ yellow) or the ultimate in featherweight ‘elite’ LtX.

During these difficult COVID-19 times there has been an inordinate increase in the popularity of cycling. With this our saddles have been in incredible demand as bicycle returnees find that they forgot just how uncomfortable cycling can be. Coupled with manufacturing restrictions at our factory, the result is that we are now running out of stock of our top sellers. For this we can only apologise: we really got caught out!
However, fear not. Models that are showing Out of Stock continue to be available here:  SJS Cycles / RIDO saddles (click on this link)

Meanwhile we are endeavouring to have our warehouse stock fully back up by the end of July.

For Singapore and neighbouring countries: try our local agent there, Joseph at Skye Ventures (MyBikeShop), tel: +65 8222 1288 / email:

Special note with regards to international shipping:
depending upon your country’s importation criteria, please be aware that there may be local customs charges levied upon delivery, although this is rare.

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