The original model

‘RIDO’ – name origin: ‘RIDEAU’ / (rė`dō´) /
our brand pronunciation (rī`dō) as in ‘Ride-o’

n. A slightly elevated piece of ground or a small ridge or mound of earth.
Sources: 1. The Free ; 2. McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Geology & Minerology ; 3. Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Featured photo opposite:
The original RIDO design concept model (in yellow), the R1 in blue/yellow and the R1 ‘X-Ray’ (never mass-produced).

Converts to the unique comfort benefits of the patented RIDO design principle have grown in their thousands around the world since the original saddle’s inception.

Refusing to believe that saddle discomfort was an unavoidable fact of life, they sought out and discovered the ‘RIDO solution’, whether it be via the countless internet cycling blogs and forums or by word-of-mouth recommendation.

Designed to be affordable to everyone (this was a key parameter in the R&D process), even the most wary of cycling sceptics have been able to give RIDO a try, finding, much to their amazement, that it does precisely what it promises to deliver – (see Customer Feedback / R1).

There’s always room for improvement, however, and RIDO has since moved on, still doing everything the original model did, only even better!

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